It’s June, and here’s some Joy

Here we are in June, whether we like it or not. One thing I always like at the beginning of a new month is the Last on the Card link-up! 🙃 My photo is what I brought home after work yesterday: 

I put strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate frozen custards with hot caramel sauce, Nilla Wafer crumbs, and Oreo crumbs.

As I have not posted a poem on here for a few days, I will share my Sijo for last week’s Sijo Challenge after all, since it is related to the photo. The week’s word was “excitement.”


Little children cannot wait, for their sweet and icy treat,
Which flavor of a dozen will they choose — and maybe custard too?
My heart also is filling up, witnessing their looks of joy.

My favorite thing about my job is when the kiddos come in. ❤ So cute!

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