Landai for [name redacted]

When I think of you, this beating heart
Swells, like an ocean wave flowing toward the shoreline,

Without you I feel a bit adrift,
A little sail-boat unmoored, alone on the ocean

I love you like the waves love the sand,
Even if I know I'm made for depths and great journeys --

You will be there with me in each gale,
Yet staying means I'll never get to where I'm going.
Photo by Johannes Plenio on


A rather melancholy group of landai, inspired by FOWC: Swell. Sharing with Friday Writings.

7 thoughts on “Landai for [name redacted]

  1. Your poem speaks of longing and a deep dilemma in such beautiful imagery.
    Thank you for letting me know of this form. I can understand why it is use to address themes of love, grief and war.


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