Summer, Indoors

This week’s sijo is inspired by summer. I also thought about Fandango’s word for today, “scorch.” I could probably write something better, but I’m decently happy with this, and at least it’s something. 🙂 Pretty true to my summer experience.

As temperatures outside climb past 90, become scorching,
Intensity of my family’s love of air-conditioning,
Makes this one of the coldest seasons, when experienced.

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image

Edit: I just wrote a second sijo.

“Summer Produces”

Strawberries ripening, almost more quickly than we can eat,
Peaches colored like sunrise, days starting early due to much light,
And memories, of other reasons to love this season.

For example, swimming, or in my case, playing in the water. I don’t do that anymore.

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