Duckies and a Turtle

Today’s SoCS prompt is “-amble,” and the first thing I thought of is ambling. And ambulances. Hopefully an ambulance wouldn’t merely amble to the hospital! Sometimes I take a digital amble through some old photos on my computer and look back wistfully at the memories. Sometimes I don’t miss the past too much but look back with amusement. Here is a photo of ducks and ducklings from when I lived on campus during my time at college. The particularly amusing thing is the title I gave to the picture: “It’s Mom and Dad!”

I like that turtle on the rock, too. I have always loved ducks and ducklings, apparently.

That was a bit of a ramble,
Quite a lengthy preamble
To a mediocre poem —
But my brain’s not in a shambles.
Although posting this is a gamble…


I’ll share a better poem or perhaps a 6-sentence story later today. 🙂

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