Branches: A Continuation

Just for fun, I decided to share another poem inspired by the little clay guy and the plant in the previous post, so this is a little bit of a continuation. It might be junk, but I had wanted to write more than a cinquain in response to that photo, so here is a sestet. 🙂 Whether my poems are junk or not, I write a lot; today I wrote 9 poems, which is more than average.

The branches of that plant come out his head,
And he appears to have a thinking face
Or one surprised, ideas yet unsaid.
I’ll write them out with pen and not erase.
May branches of my poems reach out as well,
To write and write some more I am compelled.

As my obsession here is plain to see:
Pentameter iambic aplenty.

Pentameter iambic not quite right,
Perhaps this line is better in Bard’s sight.

Or perhaps I am torturing Shakespeare in his grave…


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