Prompt Responses

Author’s note: this is a rant and probably TMI, but I do not care. Read at your own peril.

Obviously, this is my just-for-fun (and holding on to whatever shreds of sanity I have left) blog, and I am not obliged to post every day, but I wanted to respond to the one-word challenges. I am using plenty of commas, since that is the word for MVB today, and MVB stands for “My Vivid Blog,” by the way. 🙂

Some people spell the word “coma” with two ms, which is confusing. Being stuck in a coma is bad, but being stuck in a comma would be even worse, as you would never even finish your sentence.

Also, is it just me, or do most people suck at being friends? I hope I’m not among that number, although I probably am, especially on really-depressed days (like yesterday, today, etc.). They’re not obliged to respond to my texts or anything, but really, I was so distraught yesterday and no one was responding to me. Thank God for the new emergency number, LOL.

As always, as long as I am breathing, I am writing; today I have finished 2 poems, am in the middle of 2 others, and have space — at least my muse is hopeful — for 3 more.

Well, whether this post was amusing or a bore, I’ll end it here. Thank you for anyone who read the whole thing, whether you would agree with some of the things I’m saying or would argue that I shouldn’t post this stuff. 🙂 See, I fulfilled another challenge! 😀

3 thoughts on “Prompt Responses

  1. I understand how you feel…there are dark and difficult days when nothing, especially the pain, makes any sense. You’re certainly free to post anything you wish on your blog–don’t worry about readers. Since you mention “commas”–I wonder if you’d mind me sharing a link to a fabulous message I heard today by Pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church. It’s powerful, and blessed me greatly–and speaks to what you’ve shared here. I’ll come back with it later–unless you shout NO! Blessings to you💙

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