A Mirror into My Brain

For today’s blog update, I have 2 poems that I wrote today. One of them, the cherita, was inspired partly by a prior FOWC (yesterday’s, which was the word “prior.” 🙂 ). The second poem is a mirror cinquain. Some of these things I just have to get out….

"Not in Remission"

"Some people have got real problems."

Sometimes stuff happens which makes
Everything prior seem inconsequential.

Anxiety came, depression deepened, perfectionism
Metastatized and I even after everything
Still feel that cancer crawling in my bones.

So much
Going on day to day,
Feeling like Atlas, what weight to

Hold it
For a moment, many moments,
So much awareness of 

The people who see me at church usually think I’m vivacious and extroverted; someone recently called me “a delight to be around,” and a coworker became one of the roughly 30 people who have declared me “adorable.” That’s really funny because it’s not like I’m lying about who I really am, yet spend a couple of hours in my brain on more or less ANY day, and you’ll see how wrong that perception is! It’s paradoxical.

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