This time, for the Friday Writings at Poets and Storytellers United, we are using the ordinary as inspiration. Today I really wanted to post a poem, so maybe this prompt will help.

Today was an ordinary day —
Except, we got my mom a coffee
For her birthday,
And I found that my online shopping
Order was on its way,
And I saw a beautiful bird
Briefly, before it flew away.

These are just ordinary words
And I, an ordinary person clacking
On the other side of the keyboard,
Hoping I would have done
Something extraordinary by now —
Wondering what is meant
By “ordinary” anyway.

6 thoughts on “Ordinary

  1. Jenna, sometimes your writing style reminds me of Clarice Lispector. I do suggest you give her a try, e.g. “The Passion According to G.H.” or “The hour of the star”.

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