Morning in the Evening

Today’s Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday prompt was “morning,” yet here it is very firmly evening and I am finally trying to respond. I often write poems about the morning-time, simply because I am a morning person and find it more inspiring. In fact, lately, after about 4 p.m. I have been wishing that the day could just end. Maybe that’s the depression talking. My friend thinks I’m becoming better because I have expressed interest in things like getting another job, but I don’t really think I’m getting better. That has nothing to do with the morning, but this is SoC so anything goes.

I have written a few short poems today but nothing having to do with the morning. Not even mourning. I did write one about growing (or lack thereof). It’s not good.

In the morning I get to go to Mass! We are celebrating Christ the King Sunday, and then next Sunday, the season of Advent begins!

Uggggghhhhh I really want to share a poem with you guys; that’s what this blog is supposed to be about.

The morning time is favorite time of day,
The afternoon I’ll often wish away
If I’m at home; sometimes I get to work,
My duties I try so hard not to shirk.
And I will get free ice cream anyway.

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