Dispelling Fears

A new year comes near, yet how much will change?
Much courage needed for continuance 
When difficulties come, when life feels strange.
One need not go on with exuberance, 
Just give another try, another chance.
May higher hopes the lower fears dispel,
To save a growing soul from stagnant hell. 

For FOWC: Dispel. Although the last word of this Chaucerian stanza is “hell,” I think I’ve succeeded in writing a new poem that is not too much of a downer. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dispelling Fears

  1. I hope the New Year goes well for you Jenna . I know that some of us go into it with fears as well as hopes, but I pray that your deepest hopes will be realised. With much love God bless you Jenna. ❤️


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