Apathy in 40 Words

Nothing sounds fun. 
Music, reading, even writing
Fill me with apathy:

So much nothing
It has a weight
In my chest and belly,
On my shoulders --

Yet still I live,
Getting older, 
Getting through drudgery,
Until life smiles on me. 

This depressing poem is brought to you by 3 prompts: FOWC: Drudgery, MVB: Fun, and Sammi Scribbles’ weekend writing prompt. One thing I’m grateful for: even though nothing sounds fun, I still can write stuff. I also sat down at the piano for 5 or 10 minutes earlier this morning. 


3 thoughts on “Apathy in 40 Words

  1. Your poem reminded me:

    “Too much of nothin’ can make a man feel ill at ease
    One man’s temper might rise, while the other man’s temper might freeze
    In the days of long confessions, we can not mock a soul
    When there’s too much of nothin’, no one has control.”

    (written by Bob Dylan)


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