What Really Matters

For DVerse Poetics this week, we are using quotations about justice, peace, or human rights to compose a “golden shovel” poem, using the words from the quotation in order in the body of the poem. It took me a very long time to come up with any ideas whatsoever, so I am glad to have something to share!

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

This world is not mine, it is ours.
I could lead many lives
And not begin to live
Until love opens like a flower
And I choose to let fear end.
The day will come when each of us
Will be no more, we will become
Ghosts of what could have been.
Our voices will be silent.
So let us speak now,
About things that matter.


Love: A Trianglet

Thanks to Linda Luna for posting a form called a trianglet. Her poem was the first time that I had encountered this form, and I decided to try writing my own. Trianglets are 10-line poems with a syllable count of 1/2/3/4/5/5/4/3/2/1, and their rhyme scheme is AbcxddxcbA.



Safe, always

Taking a risk,

Be vulnerable.

Jump into the whole

Experience —

Nights and days




It’s Monday, which means a new quadrille for DVerse! this week we are writing 44-word poems that contain some form of the word “bounce.”

When I was a child
I collected bouncy balls,
Loving how, dropping them down,
They would rise up even higher.

I loved all the colors,
Had quite a collection,
And I still have much life
Ahead of me,
Which, having fallen,
Will rise higher.

Finding Freedom

This is for Frank J. Tassone’s haikai challenge, for which we are writing about freedom this week, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. I wrote about the changing of the seasons and the freedom to let go.


photo by the author

Trees let go of leaves,
Clouds are allowed to cover
Sun and bring in snow:
Make room for freedom, welcome
Life in each varied season.

Poem to My Piano

This is my contribution to this week’s Forgiving Fridays. I wrote a poem to my piano, which I do not play enough, despite liking to play it. If I want to change anything, it is possible to start again today. I’ll definitely play some songs this evening.

Piano, forgive me,
For not gliding my fingers
Across your ivory and ebony keys.
You wish to sing.
As do I.
Let me not leave you behind,
Let our dreams be satisfied,
I love to sing,
But life is not complete
Without you, and forgiveness,
Sitting next to me.


This is a collaboration with Sarah for Jilly’s January challenge. Her words are in bold, and mine are in blue. Shared with DVerse’s latest¬†open link night.

It seemed like we were always dancing,
though the music was sometimes too fast,
and sometimes a little too slow,
and sometimes we hardly heard it at all

Or maybe the music was perfect,
It was just not what I’d expected,
You heard the future that was to be born,
The future whose magic still calls.