This poem is linked to Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. I used 3 words that contain the letters “ght.” This post doesn’t look like a stream-of-consciousness, but I wrote this pretty quickly and did not edit it at all. 

Authenticity is a bright light

In a world littered with black and gray,

A beacon beckoning to those lost

In rolling seas, somewhere along the way,

A life-preserver for those drowning

In interminable lists of shoulds and oughts:

Authenticity is a once-sunken treasure

That can never be completely forgot.


red and black wooden chest on white sand
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To Change

This prompt from Real Toads, Just One Word: Burnished, was difficult today, but here is my attempt. It’s good to try something I’m not necessarily used to. 

Do not shrink from the friction or the fire,

To live unburnished is to lack a shine.

The fear is true, yet I am no liar,

It is worth the pain to metal refine,

And it’s the same with hearts and minds, listen —

The surfaces and inside will glisten

To change is hard but start — this is your sign.

The Adventure

Photo courtesy of, and poem prompted by, Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie

Life is an adventure,
And this is the mission:
To brave the dingy, haunted
Places, to walk into the
White fog, to brave the
Deserted highway in the rain,
Wearing an orange sweater
Amidst the pale and gray —

To pour some joy upon
Such a sad-seeming place.





Between Breaths

Let spaces of silence slide

Between breaths —

May the words I do say

Shed light, bring peace

Between breaths —

Keep breathing,

Count the inhale and the

Exhale, count the pause

Between breaths —

Let kind silence live, yet

Let no voice be silenced,

Between breaths.


A quadrille for DVerse including the word “keep”. This poem didn’t begin as a quadrille, but then I decided to see if it would work as one, and I liked the result.