Humpback Whale Songs

This was inspired by Linda Krusheke’s paint-chip poetry #2, and I also drew from my experience (link to JusJoJan day 16) learning about humpback whales at an aquarium when I was in Hawaii this summer.

Lost afloat in the ocean,
One hears the mournful
Humpbacks’ whale song —
Is the pod nearby?
The music reaches, bittersweet,
All the way to the salmon, sockeye,
Who sing the blues because
They can’t make their way home.


Land of Sweet Dreams

Linked to JusJoJan day 15, which is also one-liner Wednesday. However, this was inspired by Chevrefeuille’s prompt about sweet dreams and Poets and Storytellers United myth-placed. I hope it’s okay that I basically made up my own mythical place.

Candy tall as trees
A chocolate river flows
Sugar spun to clouds :
The substance of children’s dreams
A place with life always sweet


high angle view of multi colored marshmallows
Photo by Leah Kelley on

Words Sent Out

Prompt words today are publish and press

My words sent out into the world,
Previously had doubts around them curled,
Set free upon the blog’s platform,
My unique self begins to have a form.

A form that’s well-received by others,
Even if the outside world smothers,
Connecting by pressing Publish with the cursor,
I wish to touch souls, and writers spur.