The Happiness of a Sunflower

Her face turns, the petals stretch toward the sunlight,
She stands tall, and ready for the nascent day,
Already seeing that the possibilities are bright —
She teaches me by showing, as her silent words say,

Stand, bloom, let worries not destroy,
The true light on your face will impart joy.



I could not resist writing a poem about this sunflower that I saw in the garden this morning. Shared with the Tuesday Platform.

Water’s Messages

For the weekend prompt here, we are writing about water. The original post included the research of Masaru Emoto, who observed the effects of positivity and negativity on water molecules. I was inspired by that. 

Such pretty crystals

Form from

The word “Love” —


And the molecules


“You disgust me,”

Even look unhappy.


Water is necessary

For all of life,

And each living creature


To know love.



There is water which corresponds to your thirst.
There exists some food to satisfy your hunger.
There is some happiness to fill that glass
But it’s not found here.
There is a voice speaking to your subconscious,
Leading you to this place of fulfillment.

We are using our poetic voices for the DVerse quadrille this week.