Let Stillness Come

I was able to go on a wonderful retreat in the mountains over the weekend and was inspired to write a lot of poetry about the beauty of creation and the beauty of knowing Christ. This is one that I wrote this morning, reflecting on the weekend.

Let stillness come, bring peace.

Let every lie — cease.

Let help arrive, release,

All burdens to the care of God.


Among cacophony,

Among anxiety,

Lift up on bended knee,

All burdens to the care of God.


Open all eyes to hope.

Open all hearts to home.

Open to hold the rope:

All burdens to the care of God.


viaDaily Prompt: Cacophony


I Believe You

Shared with DVerse’s latest Open Link Night. Also for Wednesday poetry prompts

You say life is better

in recovery and

i believe you,


But i believe these



and that fat

is still a



You say these thoughts

in my mind

are lying,

are planted

by a diet-obsessed

Society and I

do, I do believe you

But i believe in



Step counting



i’m burning in an

artificial hell

Why am I not counting

the times i’ve made

myself small,

the time I’ve spent

Trying to get

Happiness back again?

My mind is renewed.

Mental health

Counts too.

You say life is better

in recovery and


Believe you.


Fall Nights

At DVerse, we are writing about a specific aspect of fall. I was really unsure about what to write, especially since it’s been a relatively warm autumn where I live. I ended up writing about the lengthening of the nights. Just for fun, each line has exactly 7 syllables.

In fall the nights grow longer,

The chill begins to set in,

I miss the sun and wonder

When longer days will return,

And how to find contentment

In the dark, in the meantime.

Is it truly dark, finding

The moon becoming my friend?


You Are Water

This week at DVerse, we are writing haibun about water. I’m excited about this prompt because there is so much potential in it. In fact, I will probably write a few different haibun using this theme. This is my first attempt.


(Image from Google)

Looking at molecules of water under a microscope, scientists have found that the appearance can differ, depending on the words that are spoken in the surroundings. Words have an energy, to which the water responds. The crystals look beautiful when exposed to kindness.

The human body is 70% water.

May you see springtime

In your spirit, energy 

As flowers in bloom. 

Fall Foliage

This is written for Frank’s haikai challenge #3.  We are writing about fall foliage (hence the title of this post) and can either use those words or reference the image. I wrote a tanka based on one of my experiences several autumns ago, compared with today.

A sad September:

Broken heart, falling leaves, these

Barren trees aren’t dead,

This was years ago, and now,

I know beauty’s in the cold.