Keep Things Fluid

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is about liquid. Below are the photos and a poem to go with them.

Such varieties of drinks,

And many cups that hold them,

Such varieties of shapes

That the liquids take,

The containers shape

Their very being,

Yet they are capable of change.


And same with people —

Remember, we are

Seventy percent water.



For Frank J. Tassone’s weekly haikai challenge. This week we are writing about spring or autumn rains. This was inspired by the weather last Sunday.

The clouds come, the rain

Stays under its gray blankets.

Three drops said hello.


At DVerse, we are using brand names in our poetry. Join in here! I used the list of perfumes for inspiration.


I just want to be


It takes a long time

To realize the allure

Is not worth the


The weight weight

Weight of my sin

Is much more than

Whatever fat I wish

To lift from my

White shoulders,

Negativity waits in

Ambush, as a

Midnight poison

Keeping me awake,

Keeping me in chains

As addictive as opium —

I just want to feel





This week’s haibun Monday is about compassion, but we are to write about it without explicitly stating it.

Many people suffered with me willingly, giving positivity, thoughts, prayers, being there for late-night phone calls and parked-car conversations. They modeled true friendship, which I can never forget. They saved my life in body, and even more in mind and spirit.

Winter’s frost is thawed.
Friends are the warm cup of tea,
Comfort like blankets.


This is a sonnetina quattro for the latest decastich challenge. This is a 10-line poem consisting of a sestet and a quatrain and is written in (roughly) iambic tetrameter.

We once had many trees and grass
Where this city currently stands,
Now if we have some luck we pass
A park, among asphalt islands.
Environment is made of glass,
Yet careless are most human hands.

There was a forest, with life filled,
Endangered by ambition’s plow,
How much of that life has been stilled,
And concrete is our forest now.

The Experience

The waterfall need not be
A precipitous, dangerous
Drop : Dance,
Underneath the flowing
Waterfall, and feel
The mist’s gentles kisses,
Drinking the experience.

Written for DVerse’s latest Poetics prompt, about what we are still learning. I am learning to enjoy every experience of life and to find good things, even in a less-than-ideal situation. Life doesn’t have to be easy to be good.