For Jilly’s November collaboration. She wrote the beginning of this poem, and I finished it. Her words are in bold, and my completion is in blue. 

It’s never about birds in poetry;

it is about our inadequate, 

marrow-filled bones that

weigh us down

reminding us of the immediacy 

of the dust. 


It’s never about stars in poetry; 

it is about our indefatigable, 

persistent, pertinent hope that 

lifts up our eyes, 

reminding us of the long journey

of the light. 


It has travelled a billion years

to find your eyes; it has flown

through so many solar systems, 

past so many galaxies, 

reminding you that though you are dust, 

it is Stardust.



For DVerse’s quadrille #44, a 44-word poem of any form that includes some form of the word kick.

I’m addicted to something called

Comparison —

“She looks like this”

“I want to be the best” —

But this addiction gives me

No rest,

When it’s employed

It steals my joy,

Yet I continue to

Return to it —

I’ve got to kick this bad habit.

You Delight in the Peace of Your Servant

For DVerse’s OLN #207.

When huge waves threaten to overwhelm,

When I think evil is something You’ve sent,

Help me remember that You are at the helm,

And You delight in the Peace of Your servant.


When I am assailed by distrust and fear,

Help me to give my assent,

For the glory will be worth every tear,

And You delight in the peace of Your servant.


I do not know what will soon he revealed,

And though I don’t know what every trial’s meant,

I am a girl brought to life and a woman healed,

For You delight in the peace of Your servant.

Voice in My Head

At DVerse we are writing about real-life monsters. I couldn’t think of anything more terrifying than mental illness, especially how persistent it can be.

You creep.

You crawl.

You catch

Me in your spider’s web,

I try to fly,

I am a fly,

You wrap me in


Silky threads.

I push.

I pull.

I persevere

In breaking free.

But you



Have a slimy hold on me.

Life-saving Kindness

Written for DVerse’s haibun Monday, for which we are reminiscing about kindness.


What constitutes kindness? A quick note, a smile, a song, words affirming worth. Even someone simply saying my name, telling me “I see you;” or someone placing a blanket gently over my body while I am nearly sleeping. Or someone calling me after a desperate text-message cry for help at 10:30 at night. I’m alive because of all these acts of care and kindness.


Winter chills my bones.

Keep me warm with your own coat,

My heart perseveres.