In the Cold

For DVerse’s haibun Monday, we are writing about some aspect of waiting.

It was snowing before the flight back home. Anxious for takeoff, we waited while workers de-iced the plane. We knew it was to keep us safe, but it was hard to have patience. Soon enough, the plane began to fly.

So will I, even if encased in ice, learn to fly, despite needing to continue waiting.

Falling flakes of snow
Ground is white, and air is wide
Ere the dawning day


My offering for this week’s Forgiving Fridays.

Mercy  illuminates:
The reason for life is love,
And love means community
With others, forgiveness
With the faults one sees —

Maybe —

There is more than meets
The eye, and in each
Person there is richness.
Seeing the gleaming gold
Is real happiness.

Waste Not the Days

Inspired by this prompt from Real Toads and based on a true story. I was on vacation for Thanksgiving this past week and actually felt much happier with more limited internet access, but coming back to everyday life, it is hard not to fall back into spending too much time online. 

On vacation, sans the internet,

I spent the days exploring, playing games

With those I love, but coming back I set

Myself in front of my laptop, the same

As I had before done — a waste, a shame.

Morning Melody

For DVerse “meeting the bar” this week, where we are trying quintains. The rhyme scheme for an English quintain is ABABB. Also inspired by Fandango’s one-word challenge of the day, “Melody”.

Sweet birdsong on a winter morn

Is frail, and it is somehow bold:

It sings of a day yet unborn,

Hope of renewal for the old,

Hope of some warmth in snowy cold.