Standing Alone

For DVerse Poetics, we are rewriting an old poem from a year ago, or using a line or phrase for inspiration. Last September 12th, I wrote this poem, called “Free Like Birds,” the last line of which inspired the following poem.

Icarus had wings and was not free,

To scorching sun he approached too close,

Not able to escape the fate of humanity:

Death, the most ferocious of our foee


Each of us must one day leave this earth,

The light of this life only briefly shown,

But we might find this freedom of great worth:

The courage to do right, even standing alone.


For DVerse’s quadrille #64, our first Q word, quick.

Healing does not come quickly.
Sometimes there are scars
That never go away completely,
But everyone can still be happy:
We will never meet life’s quota
For love, for happiness,
But let us never quit looking —
We broken people could, possibly,
Heal each other.


In the Imaginary Garden, we are writing nonets. This form has 9 lines, beginning with 9 syllables, then 8, then 7, all the way down to one syllable in the last line.

How to explain personality?
Multifaceted, not able
To be succinctly defined,
Always a new surprise.
Taking countless words
To well describe
“Who am I” —
So I


For Real Toads. I’m not sure I fully understood the prompt, but the starlight could be one-dimensional, and the night sky is also a type of space.

Starlight shines brightly,

Away from the city,

Where streetlamps’ electricity

Cannot drown it out.


See the many swimming

Stars in the night sky,

Conscious awareness barely skimming

The full reality.


See the many pictures

Made from these countless stars,

Human imagination stirs,

Creating stories from afar.


Starlight shines brightly,

And the moon is happy

To see her dear friends

Before this peaceful night ends.





For the latest DVerse Poetics, which is themed “Frustration and Heartbreak.”

Storms break upon the rocks;

Hearts break on glass promises,

Even tall walls break in earthquakes

But the worst is when the world shakes

And hope seems broken.


But hope is like

The waves that break upon the rocks:

It can get battered for a near eternity

Yet never stop trying, battling;

Hope is the only shatter-proof glass.