The key
To my heart:
It wants to be
Loved deeply, for itself, like anyone.

For Real Toads. A tetractys. This poem has a syllable count of 1-2-3-4-10.



Begins as a bud,

Pink petals quite tightly bound,

Large flowers open

Soon, attractive sweet nectar

Leads to medicinal seeds

This was difficult, since I do not have much personal experience with peonies. For this week’s haikai challenge.

Not A Burial

Burial is not the end:

Though there is no dramatic Lazarus

And Jesus is not the only one weeping,

The departed is not soon leaving.

Memories are not mirages,

And life is not deposed

From its long-standing throne.

For DVerse “meeting the bar,” Via Negativa.


This is nagame:

Long rain, long-overdue rain

Because of old pain


Let go, let this fall:

Heavy rain and driving rain

This is welcome rain


Weep with those who weep:

Friendly kisame follows

On the tree branches.

For IGWRT, where we are writing about rain today and exploring Japanese words for various types of rain. “Nagame” is long rain, and “kisame” is rain that drops from tree branches .

Little Bird’s Song

At DVerse, inspired by Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” we are “getting personal”. This was fun to write, as I really was not sure how it would turn out.

I am a little bird who always loved to sing,

Went into hiding at the first frost,

At the first sign of danger, hiding anger

At being silenced, yet eventually I agreed

With this false idea of me.


I am a little bird who always loved to sing,

And I’ve been coming out of hiding,

Touching clouds and tree branches and ground

And everything in between, flying, slowly,

Learning to love my own two wings.


I am a little bird who greets the dawn

And knows that the bright day is breaking,

Healing years of a hurting heart.

I search for another sparrow to go on

This journey with me; listen to me sing.

Choose Faith

For Ronovan Writes’s challenge to write a haiku using the words Choice and Faith or their synonyms, here. I wrote a tanka.

Faith in the unknown,

Based on what’s already known:

Choose to see the grace,

Grace has brought me safe thus far.

Travel bravely onward — home.

Cobbling Meaning

At DVerse, we areĀ “cobbling” together quadrilles! This word was a little difficult for me to include in a poem, but it is a fascinating word.

For too long I had lived a nihilistic life;

Then one day, grace led me to become

A living stone (emphasis on the living),

So, with all the sadness and illness

And yes, joys, sometimes small like cobbles,

I make a mosaic of meaning.