Sweetness is buried beneath this,

Overwhelming waves a salty, deadly kiss,

Reviving fears, and mirroring tears

Rolling down my cheeks, as if

Off a cliff, when I’m feeling

Weak — sweetness is buried beneath this, oh

Say Lazarus, Lazarus! Lazarus!


Linked to DVerse’s OLN 204. I am actually not sure what this poem is about, exactly. 


Free Like Birds

Flying unconstrained like birds, whether bald eagle or blithe sparrow,

Running through sunny and flowering fields or down fancy boulevards, paths not narrow,

Entering exciting newness, mind expanding beyond what was previously known, and being

Enabled to do what is right, even standing alone.

This week’s quadrille Monday at DVerse was to write a poem of 44 words that used some form of the word “free.” I decided to try an acrostic quadrille, combining two fun forms of poetry.


Library Life

At DVerse, Frank is challenging us to write acrostic poems. I really enjoy acrostic poems and write them fairly often, but it was hard for me to write one that I felt like posting. This one was inspired by a library (again), because I volunteered at my city’s library today.

Let me linger amid these

Incredible stories, poems, testimonies of

Being human, living — fiction or

Reality, all reveal a piece of

Authentic truth, and in

Reading, I give wisdom to my

Young and sponge-like mind.


In honor of today’s feast of the Ascension….


All peoples shall come to you, O God,

Save all who call upon your name,

Choirs of angels your majesty applaud,

Enjoying peace and love eternally.

Now we small humans may enjoy the same,

Setting us and every captive free

In Christ, both victim and high priest,

Our savior and love, who takes away all shame:

Nearness to you makes greatness from the least.


Yesterday’s daily prompt was to write about control, so I made this acrostic poem. I’m learning that always trying to be in control makes me become out of control, and clinging to the illusion that I can control everything becomes an obsession. I am learning to let go and experience life as it is, without trying to change what is not in my power to change.

Centering on control

Overturns any semblance of

Niceness; it

Turns traitorous,

Rancid, raucous, as


Leaves chaos in its wake.

viaDaily Prompt: Control


Today’s one-word prompt was “Transformation,” and I started thinking about all the ways that I’ve changed for the better recently, over the last 6 months to a year. Even though I still struggle with self-image and emotional difficulties, life is so much better than it used to be, and I have more hope for the future now than I’ve had in years. I’m becoming a person I actually like now and am also learning how to be assertive and kind of more courageous, too.

Timidity turns, slowly;

Revealing a new me,

Anxiety becomes excitement,

Not stopping until I

See the goodness ahead of me:

Freedom and faithful hope, doors

Opening to being

Real, receptive to

Miraculous change.

NaPoWriMo day 21

I decided not to do the official prompt today (maybe I can try it another day). I’ve been thinking a lot about destiny and what I was put on this planet to do, the reason for my existence and how to fulfill that calling, so I wrote an acrostic poem for the word Destiny.

Doors I only need to walk through,

Even now open if I choose to

Step into the unknown, bathed in

Trepidation, but cleaned by believing

In the hope of a high calling.

Now is the time to follow that voice which says

You were made for this purpose.