Frank at DVerse is challenging us poets to try reverse poetry. Thankfully the entire poem does not have to repeat, but there should be some kind of a shift and repetition.

Everything seems to be going wrong,

Vicissitudes of capricious life;

Idle seem to be the people who can

Leave the world better.


Leave the world better:

Imbue hope with kindness

Vital for life —

Everyone is a person who can

Leave the world better.

Holy Places

For DVerse’s latest Poetics. We are to include our ideas about holy places in a poem. God can certainly be worshipped in a place, but the most important thing is to worship Him in your heart.

Holding God in a box is impossible,

Ornate temples cannot contain the divine,

Let the sacred into life and find:

You have a holy place inside.

Brief Candle

This week at DVerse, we are exploring brevity in poetry. The only constraint is to write a poem of five lines or fewer. 

Be mindful of the time,

Running, though it seems slow

In the moment, for of

Exceeding value is each life:

Fear only wasting this gift.


This week at DVerse we are, fittingly, writing quadrilles (44-word poems) containing the word “poem” or one of its derivatives. This is my first one for the week, but I may post more. I am grateful for everyone who reads my poetry, and I appreciate all of your comments. Join us here!

Soul —

Poured into words made of inspiration and ink,
Opening my heart, I hope for open eyes and minds,
Enter into the ecstatic experience of coming out of hiding — you are  also a poet,
Making us one despite our many differences — we write on.