Frank at DVerse is challenging us poets to try reverse poetry. Thankfully the entire poem does not have to repeat, but there should be some kind of a shift and repetition.

Everything seems to be going wrong,

Vicissitudes of capricious life;

Idle seem to be the people who can

Leave the world better.


Leave the world better:

Imbue hope with kindness

Vital for life —

Everyone is a person who can

Leave the world better.

Holy Places

For DVerse’s latest Poetics. We are to include our ideas about holy places in a poem. God can certainly be worshipped in a place, but the most important thing is to worship Him in your heart.

Holding God in a box is impossible,

Ornate temples cannot contain the divine,

Let the sacred into life and find:

You have a holy place inside.

Brief Candle

This week at DVerse, we are exploring brevity in poetry. The only constraint is to write a poem of five lines or fewer. 

Be mindful of the time,

Running, though it seems slow

In the moment, for of

Exceeding value is each life:

Fear only wasting this gift.


This week at DVerse we are, fittingly, writing quadrilles (44-word poems) containing the word “poem” or one of its derivatives. This is my first one for the week, but I may post more. I am grateful for everyone who reads my poetry, and I appreciate all of your comments. Join us here!

Soul —

Poured into words made of inspiration and ink,
Opening my heart, I hope for open eyes and minds,
Enter into the ecstatic experience of coming out of hiding — you are  also a poet,
Making us one despite our many differences — we write on.


Today at DVerse, we’re feeling groovy!

Get on your dancing shoes and

Rock from side to side,

Owned by the music, move your feet,

Open your heart to the beat.

Vary the steps, the soul knows:

Envelop yourself in the music’s flow.