Hooray for Monday

An acrostic for Fandango’s Dog Days of August day 3. I do not mind Mondays on like the fact that so many writing prompts are released on Mondays.

Massive creativity influx:
Old week is gone, with
New prompts released.
Dreaming of limitless writing,
At daybreak I wake,
Yearning for more verse.

Waiting for the Sunrise

I wrote this acrostic this morning at about 5:55 a.m. It is also related, though unintentionally, to the picture I colored yesterday, which I am sharing with Linda’s Coloring Club.

Sweet birdsong
Understands the
Nearness of night’s end,
Revealing sun’s approach:
It is still a ways off and I don’t
See it – it seems delayed yet song
Extends the rays of hope.

Coloring 4_5
My orange marker was running out, but I kind of like the effect it had.

Soldier On

There were a few different prompts that I wanted to partake in this week, but I couldn’t write anything good in response to them yet. This poem, which I wrote a few days ago, is linked with DVerse OLN.

When troubles come, I must
Avail myself of help,
Ready to be my shield:
Refuge of gratitude, happiness
In the midst of an enemy army
On the march — I find purchase on this
Rocky path and soldier on.