Linda’s SoCS prompt today is “your favorite word.” I’m not yet sure of my favorite word, but one of my favorite phrases is “Free Coffee” (the other is “Perpetual Adoration,” but I think only other Catholics will even know what that is).

After thinking about it, I can’t tell which word is my favorite for its sound, but definitely one of my favorites as to its meaning is Hope. That’s why I wrote this acrostic, with a nod to Emily Dickinson.

Hope is a beautiful treasure,
Is worth more than most wondrous gifts:
The way people can keep going, the
Thing that keeps from despair’s pit;
With great love I hold mine, and see
Feathers like those on angels’ wings.

Note: According to Dickinson, hope has feathers. Also, ducks have feathers; geese have feathers. I don’t think that is a coincidence. 🙂


I was enchanted
By the wings of a butterfly,
By the whirring of a hummingbird,
Even today —
Summer hasn’t waved
Goodbye, just like I
Continue to try.

Yes, one might feel like a Colossal Failure, but there are still butterflies, right? *sarcasm* Happily, though, I did feel better after going to work for a few hours. The kids are sooo cute!

The Nest

This is a cinquain, but I decided to do 3-5-7-9-3 syllables. For Sadje’s WDYS. Maybe this isn’t very good, but it’s Sunday evening, so time’s a-ticking.

happy nest
for cute little birds
quadruplets wait to be born
hopeful little eggs with a cute house —
come on, Spring

Webbed Paddling Feet

Thanks to Leyde Ryan’s post, I rediscovered the “Three Things Challenge” (3TC). The three things were the title of this post. 🙂 The first thing I thought of was DUCKS!!! and that made me so happy that I had to try to write something for it, a poem or at least a few sentences.

Turns out, the duck theme was intentional, and also, those 3 words were from yesterday, not today. Nevertheless, here is my thing. It turned into a haibun:

Just yesterday a Facebook "memory" from a whole year ago popped up: A friend and I had gone to a nearby park to look at ducks, and I had taken a few photos and even a video of our adventure. How could that have been so long ago? Thinking too much about time passing makes me sad, but seeing those pictures again put a smile on my face. 

Today that same friend sent me a message, saying that it had been a while, that we should see the ducks together again. 

on land, in water
time flows quickly yet always
happiness waddles
A photo from that day — ducks walking with webbed feet
We saw ducklings paddling with their little feet in the water

FPQ #176

Each week, Fandango posts a provocative question and invites us to answer it. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a response, but I couldn’t help it with this one. this week’s question is:

What will your last day on Earth be like?

So, without getting too dark, regular readers of this blog will understand that I’ve thought about this question quite a bit.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

“Without getting too dark,” she writes immediately before inserting a very Memento Mori picture.

If I’m lucky, I won’t know that it’s my last day, but I am hoping that it would include not necessarily much that is different from what I usually do: writing, some reading, the rosary…. Ideally, I would also get to go to Mass and sit outside in the sun for a little while. One thing I used to do quite often was go to a coffee shop and sit outside. I enjoyed watching all the little birds. Sometimes they were derpy, and they were always cute and entertaining. I would want to watch the derpy little birds and drink some really good coffee.

P.S. There are little red squiggles under the word “derpy.” “Squiggles” is a fun word. It rhymes with “giggles.” Maybe I’ll write a limerick.

My Saturday

Today I was fairly busy, which has actually become a bit of a trend for me lately because I do better if I’m not home all day. Today, I hung out with a friend for a while; we got coffee and chatted and then got mac and cheese for lunch. I got something absolutely genius: Pizza Mac! It’s macaroni and cheese, but it also has pepperoni and some marinara sauce on it. I wish I hadn’t eaten quite as much so that I could have bagged the rest and brought it home.

Instead of a photo of that glorious meal, here is the “Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday” badge. 🙂

Yesterday, when I was out with someone else, looking at ducks — they never, ever get boring, in my opinion — I saw a feather floating on the water, and this morning, while sitting in my yard before the temperature got too hot, I wrote this tanka:

floating white feather
alone on still pond-waters,
what was left behind

unneeded baggage let go
duck is more prepared for flight

Duckies and a Turtle

Today’s SoCS prompt is “-amble,” and the first thing I thought of is ambling. And ambulances. Hopefully an ambulance wouldn’t merely amble to the hospital! Sometimes I take a digital amble through some old photos on my computer and look back wistfully at the memories. Sometimes I don’t miss the past too much but look back with amusement. Here is a photo of ducks and ducklings from when I lived on campus during my time at college. The particularly amusing thing is the title I gave to the picture: “It’s Mom and Dad!”

I like that turtle on the rock, too. I have always loved ducks and ducklings, apparently.

That was a bit of a ramble,
Quite a lengthy preamble
To a mediocre poem —
But my brain’s not in a shambles.
Although posting this is a gamble…


I’ll share a better poem or perhaps a 6-sentence story later today. 🙂

Revisiting “River” (again)

I have an older poem, even though it’s not Flashback Friday. Today, I was listening to this song, linked by Andrea, and it brought back memories. I’d never heard that guy singing it, but I like the song, and I remembered that I had written a poem about the song on 12/23/2021. So I thought it would be appropriate to share it; thankfully, it was not in one of the poetry notebooks that I gave to my friends, as I wasn’t sure. 

“Revisiting ‘River'” (12/23/2021)

Here I am, listening again
"I wish I had a river, I could skate away on" --
Not so sad as I was in the past, but
"I wish I had a river, I could skate away on."
That feeling is only momentarily gone
Not sure if it will last 'til Christmas dawn,
Not sure when it comes or goes, or why --
"I'd teach my feet to fly;" 
On that river I can skate away on -- 
Notes of music flowing on and on. 
My brother took this photo a long time ago, and I really like it.