Revisiting “River” (again)

I have an older poem, even though it’s not Flashback Friday. Today, I was listening to this song, linked by Andrea, and it brought back memories. I’d never heard that guy singing it, but I like the song, and I remembered that I had written a poem about the song on 12/23/2021. So I thought it would be appropriate to share it; thankfully, it was not in one of the poetry notebooks that I gave to my friends, as I wasn’t sure. 

“Revisiting ‘River'” (12/23/2021)

Here I am, listening again
"I wish I had a river, I could skate away on" --
Not so sad as I was in the past, but
"I wish I had a river, I could skate away on."
That feeling is only momentarily gone
Not sure if it will last 'til Christmas dawn,
Not sure when it comes or goes, or why --
"I'd teach my feet to fly;" 
On that river I can skate away on -- 
Notes of music flowing on and on. 
My brother took this photo a long time ago, and I really like it.

Right Now

Today’s prompt from NaPoWriMo day 25 didn’t really speak to me, so I’m sharing a ghazal from Saturday. Don’t worry; I did write some poems today, just nothing worth much of anything. 🙂 The line about my stream-of-consciousness being the River Styx from my SoCS post inspired this ghazal. With my luck, I would not be surprised if ghazals are tomorrow’s NaPoWriMo prompt!

Once again hope is gone. Life cannot fix right now.
My stream of consciousness is the River Styx right now.

I’ve gone through this before, and will again
Pull through – Reminder: mind is playing tricks right now.

I will pull through again only to fall –
Can’t my feet under the Earth number six right now?

Won’t this journey be worth it in the end?
What kind of future waits? Too much to nix right now.

I’ve walked into a wall that’s always there,
Built years before if not at birth – too much, these bricks right now!

Maybe a demolition’s good, and birds can fly:
A Sparrow tries to fit her song into the mix right now.


Despite having about a dozen poem ideas today (more if I really tried), I have barely been able to write so far today, and at this point I may not be energized enough to write even half of those poems! Nevertheless, this being the month of April, the poetry calls. 🙂

Today’s prompt on the NaPoWriMo site is to use an obscure word from this Twitter account. I never use Twitter, but this shows me that it could be good for some things after all. There were so many cool words that I got overwhelmed, but I love the word GLACITATE — to honk like a goose. I could not find “to quack like a duck.”  Continue reading

The Healing Depth of Love

It’s time for Fandango’s Flashback Friday again! However, I’m posting an old poem that I have not posted before, so as to not be repetitive. 🙂 This was untitled in the original notebook; it took me a little while to come up with a title for this post. Also, this post has helped me complete the mission for JusJoJan day 21. 😀

Sustain the weary with a word:
Allow their pain to now be heard,
To usher in a note of peace,
Like the song of a little bird. Continue reading