At DVerse, we are using brand names in our poetry. Join in here! I used the list of perfumes for inspiration.


I just want to be


It takes a long time

To realize the allure

Is not worth the


The weight weight

Weight of my sin

Is much more than

Whatever fat I wish

To lift from my

White shoulders,

Negativity waits in

Ambush, as a

Midnight poison

Keeping me awake,

Keeping me in chains

As addictive as opium —

I just want to feel






This week’s haibun Monday is about compassion, but we are to write about it without explicitly stating it.

Many people suffered with me willingly, giving positivity, thoughts, prayers, being there for late-night phone calls and parked-car conversations. They modeled true friendship, which I can never forget. They saved my life in body, and even more in mind and spirit.

Winter’s frost is thawed.
Friends are the warm cup of tea,
Comfort like blankets.

The Experience

The waterfall need not be
A precipitous, dangerous
Drop : Dance,
Underneath the flowing
Waterfall, and feel
The mist’s gentles kisses,
Drinking the experience.

Written for DVerse’s latest Poetics prompt, about what we are still learning. I am learning to enjoy every experience of life and to find good things, even in a less-than-ideal situation. Life doesn’t have to be easy to be good.

Foggy Future

For DVerse’s quadrille Monday #56, for which the word is muddle. I’m not quite as lost as the poem suggests, but this is semi-autobiographical.

Foggy Future

So many voices muddle the meaning

Of my life, unprompted opinions

Coming in, dimming my soul’s light.


Or trying, for I’m fighting.


Even in my own mind the options try

To compete — which one’s for me?

The past is a morass — the future foggy .



This time for DVerse Poetics, Jilly is inviting all of us to get a little wild. Unsurprisingly, this prompt was a challenge for me. I’m known for being rather inside-the-box.

Sometimes —
Even though I hate having
Wind in my hair
And dirt on my hands
And getting bitten by bugs,
I hear the wilderness
Calling like a wolf’s howl,
Chorusing like the crickets,
Shining like constellations
Showing me the way.

Sometimes —
I can’t keep walking along
Pristine paved roads,
Though I like the little
Flowers in their lines,
I must make my own footprints
Blaze a new trail
With the fire of passion
And zeal // the wilderness
Is often truer, more real.

A Very Short Walk

This week’s haibun Monday is about taking a walk. I usually love taking walks, but as I’ve been sick so far this week, it hasn’t been possible.

Being sick, I haven’t been able to take a walk, besides down my house’s own tiled hallways and (slowly) up and down the carpetted staircase. But I see potted plants throughout the house, as well as cheery yellow lemons on the tablecloth. Best of all, there’s hope for tomorrow.

Rest now, walk later

During a sunny day; wait:

Make lemonade now.


We at DVerse MTB are taking inspiration from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam today. Stanzas are 4 lines long with the rhyme scheme AABA. Generally, the lines are written in iambic pentameter, but we are allowed be creative with the precise form today. I often like to write rubai, so it was nice to see the form featured.

The days fall down like rows of dominoes,

And who will know the way the future goes?

May I make wise decisions in this hour,

And steer this boat well, as the river flows.