What Really Matters

For DVerse Poetics this week, we are using quotations about justice, peace, or human rights to compose a “golden shovel” poem, using the words from the quotation in order in the body of the poem. It took me a very long time to come up with any ideas whatsoever, so I am glad to have something to share!

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

This world is not mine, it is ours.
I could lead many lives
And not begin to live
Until love opens like a flower
And I choose to let fear end.
The day will come when each of us
Will be no more, we will become
Ghosts of what could have been.
Our voices will be silent.
So let us speak now,
About things that matter.



It’s Monday, which means a new quadrille for DVerse! this week we are writing 44-word poems that contain some form of the word “bounce.”

When I was a child
I collected bouncy balls,
Loving how, dropping them down,
They would rise up even higher.

I loved all the colors,
Had quite a collection,
And I still have much life
Ahead of me,
Which, having fallen,
Will rise higher.

Landscape Layers

This week for DVerse Poetics, we have the photos of Sharon Knight for our inspiration. I chose to use her photo “landscape layers” as the starting point for my poem.


photo by Sharon Knight

See the expanse of flat land,

See the blue sky, stretching high,

See the lovely colors and the puffy clouds,

See the possibilities, far and wide.

Shining in the Cold

DVerse’s latest haibun Monday is about the  winter moon, which is exciting for me because I always like an excuse to write about the moon. Also, it has been particularly beautiful lately.

The winter moon is always beautiful. A few nights ago, I looked outside and noticed its brightness. It often looks different, but the variety is what makes it amazing.

I especially admire the way it keeps shining, even through clouds.

Fuyu no tsuki

Speaking in a language one

Somehow understands 


Today I was thinking about how noisy my environment is. “Noise” is literal and also symbolic, as it involves any sort of clutter that distracts from what is important. That’s why it is fitting that today we are exploring silence in poetry. Aside from the topic of this senryu being silence, I paid attention to the placement and type of punctuation. The dash at the end is meant to give a sense of taking the time to be careful with words yet to speak when needed, since sometimes speaking up is definitely necessary.

Valuable as gold
Is silence, but so are words,
Given life — in time.

Graceful Moon

Today at DVerse, we are writing about grace, another fitting and optimistic idea to begin the new year. There is a lot that I could write about that topic, but I decided to share this poem.

The moon’s grace is shown at night,

She rises in the sky,

She does not need to rule the day,

Her friends the stars will stay,

They glitter in her light.


The moon sometimes hides her face,

But always smiles again,

She is proud of her current place,

She knows how to embrace

Herself, no matter when.

Leap into Adventure

In order to welcome 2018, we at DVerse are writing quadrilles that include the word leap. I’m excited for this year and am hoping to let God take me on an adventure. I have found that, when I trust God, life is much happier and more exciting than I could predict.

This year, twenty-eighteen, I shall leap

Into the arms of great adventure,

A mystery, yet undoubtedly amazing,

Unknown, yet dreams have shown

The possibilities that may become alive,

The peace that might be mine,

If trust, hope and willingness

Out of my heart shine.