Fall Nights

At DVerse, we are writing about a specific aspect of fall. I was really unsure about what to write, especially since it’s been a relatively warm autumn where I live. I ended up writing about the lengthening of the nights. Just for fun, each line has exactly 7 syllables.

In fall the nights grow longer,

The chill begins to set in,

I miss the sun and wonder

When longer days will return,

And how to find contentment

In the dark, in the meantime.

Is it truly dark, finding

The moon becoming my friend?



You Are Water

This week at DVerse, we are writing haibun about water. I’m excited about this prompt because there is so much potential in it. In fact, I will probably write a few different haibun using this theme. This is my first attempt.


(Image from Google)

Looking at molecules of water under a microscope, scientists have found that the appearance can differ, depending on the words that are spoken in the surroundings. Words have an energy, to which the water responds. The crystals look beautiful when exposed to kindness.

The human body is 70% water.

May you see springtime

In your spirit, energy 

As flowers in bloom. 

Ode to Coffee: A Rhyme Royal

Today at DVerse, Frank is challenging us to write a rhyme royal, also known as a Chaucerian stanza. It is written usually in iambic pentameter, with a rhyme scheme of abababcc. I am really enjoying this form!

I stand in line awaiting morning brew,

It’s overpriced but its aroma calls,

Anticipating dark roast, my go-to,

Especially in the morning air of fall.

Yes, coffee is the greatest drink of all,

It greets me every morning with the sun.

I hope that I can sleep when day is done!


I was rather bewildered by the poetics prompt at DVerse this week, which is about either the inside or outside of our refrigerator. My family’s current refrigerator has no magnets on it, which is a contrast with how it was in my childhood. I think this could be extended as a metaphor for children being more open and honest and people “growing up” and assimilating, at the expense of their true self. Without any further ado, here is my poem, inspired unexpectedly by my refrigerator!

My fridge has a blank chrome face,

For magnets and papers there is no place,

In childhood it was different:

We had many magnets, and assent

To show our family’s personality.

My fridge looks perfect; I prefer verity.

In Ash and Fog

This week, we at DVerse are writing quadrilles about hope. Mine is based on a true story that happened this morning.

I walked through fog this morning,

Smelling smoke-tainted air.

Ash was on the doorstep

I stepped forward, noticing

The fog was dissipating,

I could see where I was going.


Somewhere, in ash of the past

And fog of the future,

Lies, and rises, hope.


First Frost

This week’s haibun challenge on DVerse is to write about, Shimo no Koe, the Japanese term for first frost’s voice. As I live in California, I usually do not experience snow or any truly cold temperatures, so this was difficult for me, and I didn’t think that I would have any ideas. However, my grandparents live in Montana, and the rest of my family sometimes visits them. This was inspired by my first trip up there, when I was a baby.

I have no memories of a first frost. All I possess are pictures: my family at my grandparents’ house in Montana, and I’m at most a year old, probably less than that. It was an idyllic scene, a blanket of white on the flat farmland, Bridger Mountains in the distance. That year, we had a white Christmas.


Shimo no koe

Words for first frost; how to say

“When is the first thaw?”



For DVerse’s MTB this week. Our topic is sleep.

We had no constraints or guidelines as far as form or rhyme scheme, and I decided to write a haibun. 

My eyes, and your eyes, are windows through which we see souls. Connections. Hopes. Dreams. Lift the curtains of sleep. Make smaller the space between.


Blue as a clear sky,

Clean as springs from melting snows,

To see, to live dreams.