There is water which corresponds to your thirst.
There exists some food to satisfy your hunger.
There is some happiness to fill that glass
But it’s not found here.
There is a voice speaking to your subconscious,
Leading you to this place of fulfillment.

We are using our poetic voices for the DVerse quadrille this week.

A City Stands

Frank Tassone is hosting DVerse for Haibun Monday, and we are commemorating Hiroshima Day. Today is the anniversary of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima. 

Each year, on the anniversary of this horrific atomic bombing, we are reminded not only of treachery but, somehow, of peace. Stronger than the bombs is the spirit of resilience. A people survives after the fighting has ended, and a city stands again.

Fat Man, Little Boy —
Two opposites coexist —
Just like war and peace?

A Bowl of Tomatoes

This poem, my attempt at a Dizain for DVerse, was inspired by the fact that there is actually a bowl of tomatoes in my kitchen. 

A bowl of ripe tomatoes lies in wait,

To hungry stomachs fill by summer’s end,

Also one’s taste for beauty start to sate,

For look at how these grape tomatoes lend

Their bright and light-red color to the blend

Of greens upon the plate! Let us dig in,

Not only to the meal, also begin

To see the little beauties life provides —

And as the Earth continues on its spin,

May memories with happiness abide.

Event Horizon

DVerse is back from its summer vacation, so the quadrille has returned! This week’s word is “sun.” I am also sharing this with Fandango’s one-word challenge.

There is a point near a black hole
Where escape becomes impossible,
Where gravity has too strong a pull —
Not even light can run from its grip.

On the other side of this horizon
No stars shine, no suns burn
Point of no return.