Between Breaths

Let spaces of silence slide

Between breaths —

May the words I do say

Shed light, bring peace

Between breaths —

Keep breathing,

Count the inhale and the

Exhale, count the pause

Between breaths —

Let kind silence live, yet

Let no voice be silenced,

Between breaths.


A quadrille for DVerse including the word “keep”. This poem didn’t begin as a quadrille, but then I decided to see if it would work as one, and I liked the result. 

Happy Halloween

Something lighthearted to muse on the topic of getting Caught….I am also sharing with DVerse OLN. Click the link to read more poems! 

Nylon spider-webs strewn

Over the living-room

Table and the coffee machine,

Hanging from the TV,

Big plastic jack-o’-lantern

Smiles upon the scene:

What a delight to be

Caught in the festivities —

Happy Halloween!

Voice of the Future

I am a little too late for this prompt at DVerse, about telling a story through the senses, but here is my poem. It also fits with this (I think).

She heard laughter.

Through the tears

She heard laughter.

She felt dreams solidifying.

She felt a smile

Curl her lips upwards.

She felt fingers

Clacking on a computer keyboard

Posting a poem

(Was she a writer?)

Sometime in the future.

The future wasn’t nothing.

She heard the voice

Of a poet, leader,

Whispering — encouraging.


Dream Music

At DVerse, we are exploring the question as poetry. I was inspired by these questions from Pablo Neruda: “Where can you find a bell that will ring in your dreams?” and, less directly, “Who sings in the deepest water in the abandoned lagoon?”

Where can you find a bell that will ring

In your dreams? Is there a voice to hear

Underneath the deepest water? Sing,

And let the questions bring no more fear.


What had been abandoned, found once more,

Due to courage, found in heart and will:

The notes will form a glorious chord

Ringing, dreams enlivened, dark voids filled.


The Written Word

For DVerse Poetics, the prompt is majesty.

The pen can hold power.

The pen can describe the world’s wonders.

The pen can inspire like a bright star.

The pen can cause people to rise

Against dynasties which had towered

As societal mountains.


Centuries of echoes are heard,

But behold the dynamite of the written word.

Two Sets

These are two quadrilles for DVerse quadrille Monday, and the word is “set.” I’m also linking to Fandango’s one-word prompt, cast.

The Play

Aspiring actors try out for the play,

The cast list is announced

The lines are slowly memorized,

And many sets are painted:

There are quirky many-dimensional

Characters, a complicated plot,

And unexpected places, as

Varied as life itself,

For “all the world’s a stage.”


The Glass Heart

Bruised and broken

(Not quite shattered)

One too many times,

She cradles like a baby

Her precious glass heart,

Sets it on a countertop

Display — but that’s not the way

Hearts need to be treated.

Not only looked at

(Not quite shattered)

But cherished.