Graceful Moon

Today at DVerse, we are writing about grace, another fitting and optimistic idea to begin the new year. There is a lot that I could write about that topic, but I decided to share this poem.

The moon’s grace is shown at night,

She rises in the sky,

She does not need to rule the day,

Her friends the stars will stay,

They glitter in her light.


The moon sometimes hides her face,

But always smiles again,

She is proud of her current place,

She knows how to embrace

Herself, no matter when.


Persistent Life

For DVerse’s latest haibun Monday, hosted by Frank Hubeny, we are writing about pleasant surprises. I wasn’t going to share this poem, but here it goes. 

I share my mind with a monster that wants to kill me. If it has taken a break these last 13 years, it has only been biding it’s time before biting back into my life. A short reprieve does not mean that it will leave. It has tried to take me down now more times than I can count. The pleasant surprise is that depression has not won: I am still alive.


A persistent light

Illumines a cliff; darkness

Has not overcome.


Written for DVerse’s Poetics Tuesday, to which I have made it just in time! We are writing about visits. I wrote a rondelet, which has 7 lines with a rhyme scheme of AbAabbA, with a syllable count of 4/8/4/8/8/8/4. 

A visitor

Returns and knocks upon the door,

A visitor,

As like a stew emotions stir

From which I’d tried to run before.

But this is me, this is my core,

A visitor.


I let her in,

The person who I used to be,

I let her in.

Acceptance slowly I begin,

Listening to what she tells me.

She’s wanted to be heard and free:

I let her in.

In the Mirror

What do I see when I look in the mirror?

A child that Christ created,

A girl that God gifted,

A soul whom the Holy Spirit heals.

Weeping will soon turn to drying tears,

Slavery for freedom traded,

A downcast countenance lifted,

A hopeful promise, which faith seals.

One thing that I am grateful for this Thanksgiving week. 


Shared with DVerse’s latest open link night.

What makes the real me keep fighting

Against the whispers of the monters in my head?

Why do I often keep forgetting

That they are not my friends but want me dead?

Why do both sides return day after day,

Yet I do not feel as if I’m cursed?

Somehow courage returns, even if it’s been away:

In hope is the strength of the universe.

Ode to Those Who Keep Fighting

An ode for DVerse’s MTB. I wrote it as a Chaucerian stanza, 7 lines in iambic pentameter with the rhyme scheme ababbcc. 


Courageous one who gets up every day,

To fight again the monsters of the mind

Puts on armor, and lifts a sword to slay

Indwelling demons, every day unkind,

I laid you, for you always courage find.

I lift you up, for when your mood is low,

The way to daily persevere you show.

Voice in My Head

At DVerse we are writing about real-life monsters. I couldn’t think of anything more terrifying than mental illness, especially how persistent it can be.

You creep.

You crawl.

You catch

Me in your spider’s web,

I try to fly,

I am a fly,

You wrap me in


Silky threads.

I push.

I pull.

I persevere

In breaking free.

But you



Have a slimy hold on me.