Poetics: Beginning at the End

This poem is for DVerse Poetics and is also partially inspired by FOWC: Issue. The line I used as inspiration is below. Also linking with One-Liner Wednesday / JusJoJan for today.

“Airless and unloved, in the dank basement of the mind” L. Igloria ~ A Reparation Continue reading

Learning to Sail

For Ronovan’s décima challenge, which this week is FLOAT.

Those who keep going, I admire:
Although we walk, life is a boat.
So hard to keep the ship afloat,
The seas themselves seem to conspire.

Let hope and love be my attire,
To never let the boat capsize,
To skill in sailing realize.
Even when the waves are choppy
May they not break serenity:
Enjoy the ride, sun in my eyes.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

Positive Affirmations

I don’t usually take part in DVerse’s prosery prompts, but when I saw today’s, coupled with Fandango’s one-word challenge, I just had to write something! The “prosery” line is, “Reading what I have just written, I now believe,” and it is from Louise Gluck.

Staring at the blank sheet of paper in front of me, pen in hand, I try to think of some “positive affirmations” that don’t reek of insincerity.

“I love my body.” No, not true at all.

“I appreciate my body.” Not as much of a stretch, but still a load of crap.

“There are good things about my body.” Hmmm…. Next.

“There might be good things about how I look.” Well, maybe, but I don’t see them.

“I am willing to believe that there might be good things about how I look.” It seems pitiful, but that I can accept, and it’s a step. One painful, tiny step in the journey.

Reading what I have just written, I now believe that recovery is maybe, at least a little bit, possible.

In the Mirror

It’s one of those mornings. 🙄 I am sharing this with MLMM’s writing prompt, Tormented, because it fits the theme much better than what I wrote yesterday. 

Ugly. Fat. means

Unwanted. Failure. since

Unintelligibly. Fearful brain

Won’t let her get off this

Ubiquitous, fettering train.

44 Drums

At DVerse, for quadrille Monday, we are drumming! I have many positive associations with drums and drumming, so this was fun, but still difficult to write one that I wanted to share. Tell me what you think about this. 🙂 

Words are pounding in my mind,
They can’t sneak out of this skull,
But need a pen as a conduit:

My heart speaks nervousness
As it drums against the lungs
Like bongos :
I need to let
The words go

They’ve been muted too much.

Décima: Practice Never Ends

This is for Ronovan Writes’ décima challenge and FOWC: Practice. Also, I didn’t mean to make this poem so depressing, but sometimes one can’t help what one wants to write. 

When life gives little healing balm,
When to escape I have an itch
And would give anything to switch,
I have to practice being calm.

There’s joy and pain inside each psalm.
I must believe that joy outweighs
Despair, and waits for a surprise,
Available to open eyes —
I’m ready for it to amaze,
But practice patience since pain stays.

Caverns of the Mind

This is for Linda G. Hill’s SoCS: Cave

The human psyche’s cavernous
With many crannies and nooks —
All that’s in a single mind
Could fill up thousands of books!
Confusing it can be to map
Including hidden dangers,
Some people do not make the trek
And from themselves are strangers.