I wrote this poem today and am sharing it with DVerse’s open-link night. Special thanks to Abigail Gronway for directions about how to use the form. I had never heard of the Rhyming Wave before, but it’s a fun one. 

Lord Jesus looks with tender love,
With tender, tender, tender love,
You are His fair one and His dove,
You are loved into life.

Today may be with suff’rings rife,
With suff’rings, suff’rings, suff’rings rife,
But He will comfort in the strife,
But He will come anew!

Perhaps you think you’re always blue,
Are always, always, always, blue.
Outside of time, He shares His view,
Outside of fear’s quicksand.

He will hold you in helping hands,
In helping, helping, helping hands,
You need not go to other lands,
You need not run away.

Lord Jesus looks with tender love —
You need not run away.

Look Up

This is for DVerse Poetics, and it is inspired by a painting by Jackie Hurlbert.


Flowering Mindscape, J. Hurlbert

She is wearing blue,

Her pale face fades

Into the background,

A lighter blue,

She retreats into

Her mind, but even that

Fertile soil seems

Blue — at first.

So she looks up

A little higher.


I won’t whitewash the darkness

That invades my mind:

Sometimes I wonder if life’s

Worth living, if God is kind —

Yet something tells me

The one who seeks will find

What she is looking for:

Life has a bright and warm core.

Shared with Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform.

Changing Thoughts

For DVerse’s Quadrille prompt about the various facets of change. I really missed Quadrille Monday and am glad that it is back. Also shared with JusJoJan day 14, for which the prompt word is “reflection”.


Looking at my reflection in the mirror,

Right in the eye, saying:

“I am a beautiful

Child of God, and He

Loves every part of me,”

It helps for about a minute,

And I don’t know if it will change

Anything, but we’ll see.

Revived Writer

For JusJoJan day 3, hosted by Linda G. Hill. We are to write about our blog: why we started and how it has changed our life. 

It took a long time for me to start a blog, over a year after my friends first started encouraging me to share my poetry. Finally I did, after sharing a poem with some friends I met while I was very sick with an eating disorder. Hence the name Revived Writer, since I was literally given a second or third chance at life. Writing this blog has made my life richer, too, and helped me to respect my own point of view. It has enabled me to find my voice, which was silenced by the eating disorder. I greatly enjoy trying new forms, responding to prompts, and reading the poems of others. The DVerse community has been great! I hope that Revived Writer can be here for many more years, continuing to grow as a poet and as a person.


For DVerse’s invitation to try creating a metaphor.

She plays the piano
For twenty-five years straight,
She can make
Wonderful melodies and harmonies
With two hands, ten fingers
And she can take,
And even let linger
the dissonances —
But she is wait
-ing for a tonic chord
In this music
She is waiting for
The real resting place

Piano My Hands
(photo by the author)

Above the Circus

At DVerse today, we are visiting the circus.

In one ring are the lions

And the lion-tamers,

The second ring is housing

The acrobats that

Contort themselves into pretzels,

And do tricks just to please

The crowd.

The third ring contains the

Elephants, with gentle and sad eyes.

And lastly, above all this,

Above the three-ring circus,

Is someone balancing expertly

On a tightrope, yet with a net

Capable of catching.


I am the tightrope-walker.