Flashback Friday.

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but Linda’s challenge tells us to “Just Jot It,” JusJoJan 7, so here is something. I wrote this exactly 3 years ago:

Memento —
Memento mori
Moribund flowers wilt into winter,
Winter sun sleeps early,
Earlier than you think will the grim reaper come,
Come to claim your life, so —

So how are you going to live?

Better Is Possible

A sevenling for FOWC: Better and as a response to MLMM’s Saturday Mix, which is about using opposites today (Well, not today, but over the past weekend — I’m late with my response again). “Mend/break and order/mess” are our given pairs, but I fit in another pair of opposites as a fun bonus. The picture is just one that I liked, which I took in my garden a couple of years ago. I tend to think of flowers as hopeful things. 

Messy room must be
Put in order, lost job
Found again, broken heart mended.

Lessons taught take time,
Miracles might not be
Immediate, healing can be heavy —

But “better” is possible.

On the Way Home

The flower I found on Friday

I found a flower on the ground
And heard grace whispering: a sound
Of gentleness consoling me,
I feel lucky.

I feel not only lucky — blessed,
To have the bloom of beauty rest
Before my eyes, a color deep,
Kindness to keep.

A flowering of hope renewed,
Of happiness and gratitude,
And when the petals’ beauty fades,
God’s presence stays.


I wrote this poem yesterday and today, inspired by the flower I found on the sidewalk while walking home from the library on Friday. To me, the flower was like a present from Jesus. Shared with this week’s Writers’ Pantry.


This Chaucerian stanza was inspired by the time I really did buy myself a carnation on Valentine’s Day. ❤

On Valentine’s she for a flower waits,
Maybe a rose? A girl can’t help but dream.
Then she decides to her own love create,
Seeing carnations red and pink and cream-
Colored, for sale; a pink one’s beauty seems
Ideal, she buys herself a long-stemmed bloom.
Kindness and love can always make more room.