JusJoJan day 15: Paris

When people hear that I am majoring in French, the second thing they say (after “Parlez-vous français?”) is “Have you been to France?” or, “Do you want to go to Paris?”

I have not been there yet and would not say no to a visit to the romantic City of Lights, but where I yearn to go is the south of France: particularly Provence. I’m surely idealizing but nevertheless imagine beautiful fields of lavender and idyllic countryside. France is so much more than one city.

Colorful herbs, taste
Sunshine on a stretching field
Close to creation


JusJoJan day 7, memento

Memento —
Memento mori
Moribund flowers wilt into winter,
Winter sun sleeps early,
Earlier than you think will the grim reaper come,
Come to claim your life, so —

So how are you going to live?


Meant to be born under a sturgeon moon,
I arrived under the strawberry moon in June:
Maybe I could not wait
For a taste of this life,
The sweetness of that first breath,
To see what flowers and fruits would bloom.

For Real Toads. Note: The sturgeon moon is the name of the full moon in August.

If You Forget Me…

I will move on easily,

The path lined with flowering trees

Drenched in sunlight, like spring


I will throw your photo

Into the dying fire of what

Had been our ardent love


It will be easy to let go,

To know that better things

Lie ahead, like spring —


Just kidding.

This was inspired by Real Toads’s prompt about using the title of Pablo Neruda’s poem, “If You Forget Me”.