Magical Garden

This poem was written in response to this prompt on MLMM, and I am also sharing it with JusJoJan day 13. I subscribe to Linda’s blog and am enjoying all of January’s prompts. 🙂

Planting words I hope for growth,
What wonderful blooms might bloom soon?
What vibrant colors could vivify,
With even the weeds becoming pretty?

Making friends with poetry creates an Eden,
However tiny, that need never end.


The Happiness of a Sunflower

Her face turns, the petals stretch toward the sunlight,
She stands tall, and ready for the nascent day,
Already seeing that the possibilities are bright —
She teaches me by showing, as her silent words say,

Stand, bloom, let worries not destroy,
The true light on your face will impart joy.



I could not resist writing a poem about this sunflower that I saw in the garden this morning. Shared with the Tuesday Platform.


This week, Chèvrefeuille invites us to write about friendship. Also, today happens to be the birthday of one of my dearest friends. 

Sprung from daisy chains
And friendship bracelets, spending
Girlhood together —
Becoming women beside
One another, love still strong.