Dandelion Wish

She blew on all the dandelions
In hopes that her wish would come true. 
Hey, it worked for that flower:
For even a little so-called weed
Is good at least for wishing.

I hear that dandelions are actually really good for you, too. I don’t believe that enough to start eating them, though. 

Linking up with belief / disbelief. I’m not sure if I did that right. 

Photo by Nita on Pexels.com

Colorful in Its Time

I’m working on a coloring page that is quite detailed, more so than I generally like, but I love the Bible verse so much that I have been working on it. 

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. ” — Ecclesiastes 3:11, picture taken before I started this morning’s coloring session

I am not a very patient person when it comes to finishing projects like this, but it’s a consolation to paraphrase that Bible verse. I think, “He has made everything colorful in its time.” Furthermore, the “time” may not be too far away. 

Picture of the coloring page after working on it this morning — it almost looks almost done!

Partway through the coloring this morning, I noticed that I was telling a story through the colors. I’m an INFJ, so I see meaning in everything, but nevertheless I think this is cool: The greens represent (A LOT of) growth. The browns represent soil, and I also colored small portion in the lower left corner to look like stacked bowls. The red-and-orange portion represents fire (destruction?), and the gray in the upper right is stones (obstacles?). However, among those there is a lotus flower, which is a symbol of new life and resurrection, along with plenty more green and a light blue “sky” surrounding the lotus. 

I see a lot of my own life reflected in the way that I colored and interpreted this, as well as hope for the future (!!!). No wonder they had us do so much coloring in “art therapy,” haha. 🙂

A sijo inspired by the picture:

Out of the flames of adversity, from rocks of difficulties,
After eternities of growth, without even seeing seedlings,
Rise pink petals of the lotus, under peaceful heavens

What do you see in the picture?

From the End of September

The last photo from September is this orchid flower. My brother, who works at a gardening shop, must have done some sort of Orchid Rescue Mission, as we have about 8 orchid plants throughout our house all of a sudden. 

P.S. I am having a bit of an existential crisis because it is October. The passage of time has haunted me since I was a little girl. I had some pretty heavy journal entries for a 9-year-old! Monthly challenges such as this are a bright spot. 🙂


This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is “as summer fades.”

You can’t see any rain in this picture, but this was taken a few days ago around sunset, while it was raining, which rarely happens.
This evening, I noticed this flower. I don’t think summer is going anywhere anytime soon, especially not in California.

I’ve got nothing for a poem this evening (even though this is usually the time of week when I share a Sijo), but I don’t want to force it. The theme for this week’s Sijo is persistence, though, so maybe….

Nothing coming, ideas stuck like a truck broken down,
Carrying precious cargo; fix the engine and let it go
Break through barriers, and with persistence reach the destination

Strong Towers

This poem, written in blank verse, was inspired by this page that I colored today. Yesterday some exemplary friends helped me. It was the kind of situation where I couldn’t be left alone, but they went out of their way to help me and show me love. 

Flowers with a Bible verse
The name of God is like a tower strong,
There's safety found within its stalwart walls, 
And mercy gives a multitude of gifts. 
True friends have come, responding to the call
Of great distress, have kept me loved and safe, 
Have seen the gravity of pain and fear --
Yet also have assured that they stay near. 


My photo for Last on the Card for the month of August:

Coloring 8_31

I didn’t really like how this coloring picture turned out, but having started it, I figured why not “carry it on to completion?” It’s an off-center photo too, but oh well.

If you want, post a link to your own coloring or drawing!

An Achievement

My sijo for this week.

Little purple flower petals open from a tiny bud:
It is not much of an achievement to anything around,
But for the flower it opens a world — and also for the bee.

Inspired by the fact that I went to work and stayed today, despite really not feeling like it. Happy thing: a little boy waved at me, awww!

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image

Bonus poem: because of FOWC: Mosquito, here is a haiku I wrote last week.

Summertime danger:
Itching ankles, bumps from bites
Mosquito magnet

(I am one)

The Third Wheel

picture taken in my backyard in mid-April

For MLMM’S Saturday Mix: Lucky Dip, the poetry form is called a Septolet. It is 14 words over 7 lines, in 2 stanzas. Finally, I have written something to go with this photo; I’ve had a draft for 4 months!

"Third Wheel"

Forlorn flower,
Unchosen third wheel

Never preferred 
Second choice
Sees happy couple --

This form was fun, so I write a second one (about a not-fun thing).


Sustained assault
Sucking life dry

Vampyric leech
Underneath skin
Parasites away life --

SoCS: Unfold

Today’s SoCS prompt is to find a word that starts with U and use it in the post. “Bonus points if it’s the first word in your post,” Linda says.

Unfold the paper flowers you gave me — three lilies — 

And the paper vase they cams in — so pretty! —

Stack all the pieces in a pile and 

Set them on fire

Disclaimer: no origami was harmed in the making of this poem.


Kindness matters more than you think.

— me, yesterday

This post is brought to you by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday, and I am douple-dipping with the Cosmic Photo Challenge, a few days late, because flowers matter, too. Flowers are like nature’s kindnesses! This week’s theme was From the Ground Up.

My brother put some white tuberoses from the garden in our kitchen.
More tuberoses in the garden, viewed “from the ground up.” I really like the clouds in this photo!
Bonus: leaves I saw in the garden
I think this is an herb because after I rubbed the leaf, my hand smelled really good!

P.S. This post made me happy to write. 🙂