A Short Attention Span

This is in response to Angie Trafford’s Writing Wednesday prompt, which this time is “unfocused.”

My brain is that butterfly
That I can’t help noticing
Out the window, taking time
To stare at its mesmerizing wings —

My brain is that butterfly,
Fluttering from one idea to the next,
So many flowers so little time
To drink all the nectar before wings

Of whimsy take my brain away;
My brain is that butterfly,
Which wishes to explore infinitely
But not for long to stay.



Rosemary is hosting this Sunday’s Writers’ Pantry.
It’s an unprompted link-up, but she did talk about Shel Silverstein and shared one of his poems. That inspired this cherita, since I was a fan of his children’s poetry when I was in elementary school. I had forgotten about that until Rosemary helped me remember. ๐Ÿ™‚

As a child in the library, I read his books of poetry:

Those whimsical, silly rhymes planted poet-seeds,
Also containing lessons waiting to germinate.

Today, encountering these words, they speak to me
Of truths I have only just begun learning,
Of letting the words start blooming.

Image Credit: https://art-sheep.com/20-of-our-favorite-shel-silverstein-poems/

Look at Those Faces

For DVerse MTB this week, we are trying our hands atย verbing. I do this a lot with friends in my non-blog life, but finding a good idea for it in a poem was unexpectedly hard.ย 


Look at those faces:

They sunflowered for a few weeks,

Nature summered for a few months —

See the birds use their beaks

To peck the seeds from what once

Loved the sun’s embraces.


The Garden Is Growing

For Quadrille Monday this week, Victoria asks us, “How does your garden grow?” I’m a day late with this, but here is mine. I might add pictures later.

Everything that she touches dies.
So the garden in front of these eyes
Was planted by her brother’s loving hands.
Her heart such beauty understands,
In awe of God and human skill
Under the sun, her spirits rise.
Gratitude and peace her worries still.

Garden Tableau

This is a Tableau poem for the Saturday Mix “lucky dip.” Sitting outside in my family’s back yard, I wrote this. I’m not sure about the final line; the poem got kind of dark, but anyway, I’ll stop rambling ๐Ÿ™‚ and let you read it.

In the breeze, swaying
Sunflowers, whirring
Hummingbird, coming
And going between
The floral faces
Withered, shriveled here.

I really like this photo, which I took last August.


For DVerse Poetics “Flights of Fancy” and inspired by something I saw in my family’s garden yesterday.

The finch perches
On the back of a sunflower,
As she awaits her turn
At the filled feeder:
She finds her chance
And when she flies
The flower dances springily back,
In true sunflower fashion;
The finch uses the free
Surplus of birdseed
To fuel more of her
Flight and avian dreams.

Love Story

A short story-poem for FOWC: Pergola, a word which I had to look up, so if I used it wrongly, that is why.

Under the beautiful pergola,
With vines entwining, lives entwining
We made our vows of lasting love:
White trelliswork and roses witnessed
Our kiss, our happiness that day.
We said “I do” and still do today.

To a Sunflower

Shared with the Writers’ Pantry this week. Magaly talks about keeping a sense of hope, and I wrote this even before reading that.

You are slowly opening:
Hope in nature’s bloom,
Showing what it is to wait,
And to give growth room.
Yellow petals reaching out,
Pretty little flower,
Like a set of open hands
With surprising power.
Captivating littleness,
Sowing seeds of your greatness.

photo taken by me a few days ago