Grant Us Peace

As Frank J. Tassone shares at DVerse for today’s haibun Monday, today is the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. It also happens to be the Feast of the Transfiguration in the Catholic Church.

In an island nation in the Pacific, a city is transfigured in a flash of light — complete destruction in an instant.

On a mountain in the Middle East, Jesus is transfigured in a flash of light — our hope of glory and eternl life.

Oh God, transfigure hearts — that we may find and bring peace.

Change may come slowly:

Tiny blossoms’ aroma,

While snowfall lingers


Begins as a bud,

Pink petals quite tightly bound,

Large flowers open

Soon, attractive sweet nectar

Leads to medicinal seeds

This was difficult, since I do not have much personal experience with peonies. For this week’s haikai challenge.


This time for DVerse Poetics, Jilly is inviting all of us to get a little wild. Unsurprisingly, this prompt was a challenge for me. I’m known for being rather inside-the-box.

Sometimes —
Even though I hate having
Wind in my hair
And dirt on my hands
And getting bitten by bugs,
I hear the wilderness
Calling like a wolf’s howl,
Chorusing like the crickets,
Shining like constellations
Showing me the way.

Sometimes —
I can’t keep walking along
Pristine paved roads,
Though I like the little
Flowers in their lines,
I must make my own footprints
Blaze a new trail
With the fire of passion
And zeal // the wilderness
Is often truer, more real.