Blue Flower Moon

Congratulatory blooms —
On a May evening

May’s full moon is traditionally known as the flower moon, due to all of the new flowers this month, and a blue moon is the second full moon in one month. This week, Saturday’s moon was a “blue flower moon.” See more at Frank J. Tassone’s page. My brother graduated from college on Saturday night, and I graduated on Friday evening, so this poem is influenced by that.


A Seed Is Buried…

A poem that incorporates repetition and is about rebirth. This is a cascade poem. 

A seed is buried in the ground:

Potential life that seems to die

Is getting ready for rebirth.


Preparing soil for planting:

In hopeful anticipation

A seed is buried in the ground.


And autumn leaves turn brown and red,

Fall to the ground and leave trees bare:

Potential life that seems to die.


Keep calm; exhale the frigid air,

Remember that nature’s cocoon

Is getting ready for rebirth.


It’s NaPoWriMo day 23! Here is a garland cinquain. Click the link to know more.

Filled with verdant
Plants, greening surroundings,
Many butterflies brightening
The day.

The day,
Though shade-trees congregate,
Welcomes people into nature’s

On ev’ry side,
Delighting eye and heart —
White clouds peek through the leafy trees
A dream.

A dream,
Eden evoked
By a babbling stream,
Daffodils by the water’s edge,
Joyous —

Loveliness beckoning,
Understand water’s babbling:

Delighting eye and heart —
Daffodils by the water’s edge:

Celebration of Blooms

For NaPoWriMo day 21, I am responding to this prompt from yesterday. Happy Easter! Also, I am sharing this with Frank’s  haikai prompt because 2 of these 3 haiku are about Easter lilies.


Lively white lilies —

On Easter morning hoping

For beautiful life


Lilies intertwine

Around a wooden twig wreath:

Crown of thorns redeemed


Vibrant red petals

Announce the coming of spring —

Amicable blooms


This is inspired by the abecedarian poem prompt for NaPoWriMo day 19. This is also micro poetry for Real Toads.

Amicable blooming,

Cultivated dearly,

Elegant flowers give

Hospitable inclusion:

Joy lifting merrily.


Lively jonquils

Imply heart-warmth:

Gratitude flowers

Effervescently, delivering

Courage, beauty amplified.



Palm Sunday

For Real Toads, as I was inspired by the Matsuo Basho quote. I didn’t really incorporate any of the photos, though. This is also for NaPoWriMo day 18.

“The temple bell stops, but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.” — Matsuo Basho


Palm Sunday: We heard it read that, though some wished to rebuke the jubilant crowd, Jesus said:

“If these were silent, even the stones would cry out!”

Later, the words of consecration said, the Eucharist elevated, the bells ring — and even when they stop, God’s presence causes souls to sing.