Mercy: A Ghazal

Shared with DVerse open link night.

Our God made manifest, His name is Mercy.
One of His greatest claims to fame is mercy.

Jesus of Nazareth, both God and man,
The biggest reason why He came is mercy.

He has authority to forgive sins,
He showed in healing the blind and lame, His mercy.

He is the one Good Shepherd, saving souls,
The force with which He stakes on hearts a claim, is mercy.

He warned of hell, but listen now to this:
God is a fire of love; even the flame is mercy.

“Go and do the same,”He says, and so I’ll try,
He calls this Writer by her name, in mercy.




can I say with faith

“Let the waves come?”

I’d hope Yes,

but how


do they

Beat? how deep

the seas’ waters?

How deep mutual love?

I am sharing this for Forgiving Fridays, since sometimes I get upset with myself for not having a “strong enough” faith. I need to let it be what it is and not try to pretend like the life of faith isn’t difficult. Sometimes it is difficult to know that God is in control, even though I have seen God do amazing things before. Nevertheless, I think, “This time God has pushed me past my limits.” How this relates to forgiveness is that it is important to forgive myself for those times when I feel weak in faith and weak in general. 

A City Stands

Frank Tassone is hosting DVerse for Haibun Monday, and we are commemorating Hiroshima Day. Today is the anniversary of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima. 

Each year, on the anniversary of this horrific atomic bombing, we are reminded not only of treachery but, somehow, of peace. Stronger than the bombs is the spirit of resilience. A people survives after the fighting has ended, and a city stands again.

Fat Man, Little Boy —
Two opposites coexist —
Just like war and peace?

Rich In Love

For DVerse’s quadrille, a poem of 44 words and containing a specific word. This week, we are all “rich.” Also shared with Forgiving Fridays because I think that forgiveness is being rich in love, for yourself and other people, and unforgiveness blocks love.

Material wealth can be true poverty,
Without in love becoming rich:
Possessions can a cage begin to be,
If someone clings to them, is selfish,
Believing he needs no one else.
To let another in, to share is sweet,
and it makes life complete.

Bring Us Back Again

This is basically Psalm 80 rewritten as a sonnet. Shared with the Tuesday platform at Real Toads. 

O God of hosts, come bring us back again,

Save us with light shining from Your face,

Why do You frown upon our plea? Soften

Your gaze, and every sorrow please efface.

As bread we have been given tears to eat,

And still more salty tears to be our drink,

We feel from enemies naught but defeat

As day by day our souls more and more shrink.

You planted a vine out of Egypt’s land,

Let boars and beasts ravage the vine no more!

Listen, give life and strength with Your right hand,

We call upon Your name and now implore!

Defeat and destitution now oppress,

But we believe in lasting happiness.

O Blood and Water

A crown cinquain for the 5-line poem challenge, as well as for NaPoWriMo day 13.

Of mercy flows
From out His piercèd side,
Fountain of love which is the hope
For all.

For all
Who eat this bread
Will have life eternal,
Forgiveness flowing from the heart
Of God,

Of God
Who reigns always,
Who reigns over ev’ry
Aspect of heaven and the earth,
The king.

The king
Who rains mercy,
On all who thirst for it,
Wanting ev’ry people to come

The mercy seat
Unafraid, for He calls
You friend, inviting you to this

Rebuke the Rain

NaPoWriMo day 6. This is a villanelle based on what happened on the retreat this past week and what we talked about in the Bible studies.

He who rebuked the winds and calmed the rain,
Possesses careful hands, and he will heal —
He may let die and bring to life again.

Stand from your mat, where you had always lain,
And walk, to understand that healing’s real:
He who rebuked the winds and calmed the rain

He wants to wash away all of sin’s stain,
Suffering’s meaning thereby to reveal:
He may let die and bring to life again.

Come close to him in brokenness and pain,
Know you’re his child; he gave you a seal
He who rebuked the winds and calmed the rain.

“She’s only sleeping?” They thought him insane,
Compassion, power, he did not conceal:
He did let die and brought to life again.

He fed five thousand on a grassy plain,
There is enough despite what you may feel:
He who rebuked the winds and calmed the rain,
He may let die and bring to life again.


NaPoWriMo day 3. Inspired by Psalm 65.

Stay with us Lord, and let the tumult still;
O God the savior, our only hope today,
Fill us with joy, and lead us through all ill —
Our heavy offenses, You wipe them away.
Blot out not our life, but rather dry our tears!
The waves rise high, let saving help appear!

New Beginnings

Shared with Forgiving Fridays. Also, this poem is to celebrate the first day of NaPoWriMo 2019!

Scorn not the sunrise, 

Mourn not the morning,

For to eager open eyes

New joy is forming.


Tear not to pieces

Hopes for new beginnings,

Despite the creases

On the face, smiles are winning.


Hold not the hatred,

Let go of resentment,

Grudges are never sated,

But soon can come contentment.


So scorn not the sunrise,

Mourn not the morning,

For to eager open eyes

New joy is forming.