When It Rains

It starts out slowly:

A little trickle,

A touch so faint

You wonder if you really

Felt its presence —

Then, the clouds,

Which the skies embrace,

Open up slowly,

As if given permission,

To let go their tears

Into a deluge of grace.

I wrote this yesterday, inspired by the light rain that briefly became more of a downpour, and am sharing it with the Writers’ Pantry.

blurred background bokeh bubbles close up
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com


Good Medicine

This is a tribute to one of my good friends, a little late for the prompt at Poets United, but still worth posting. 

When the morning seems a little bleak,

If we meet, and over cups of coffee

Talk about most anything — not only

My difficulties but your life and His

Resurrection — you, my friend,

Your very presence is good medicine.



In response to SoCS: pack/unpack, hosted by Linda G. Hill. 

How difficult it is

To unpack emotions

When returning from

A trip to denial:

Having packed them

So tightly in the valise,

How difficult it is

To loose them,

And let them go.

How simple it is

To misconstrue them,

When seeing only

The tip of the iceberg,

And none below.


This is shared with DVerse Open link, and I am also linking it to Heeding Haiku because I wrote this while trying to come up with a haiku about clouds.

Clouds highlight aqua sky :

Cirrus wisps whisper

Strings of gifts across

The broad expanse —

Under which imagination drifts

And daydreams dance.

I suppose I can rewrite this into a haiku!

white clouds and blue sky
Photo by Ithalu Dominguez on Pexels.com

Cirrus wisps whisper

Gifts of daytime reverie:

Clouds highlight wide sky

I Want You To Buy Me Flowers….

Thanks to FOWC: Forever and Sanaa’s prompt about flowers for partially inspiring this new poem of mine.

I want you to buy me flowers,
Even if blooms as beautiful as
Pink carnations will be
Withered within a week —
A part of me wishes to gripe,
“Why try? We know it’s not
Forever so why create
A scenario for heartbreak?”
Another part is ready,
To take a breath, deep,
Unwilling to safety keep
When it means stifling —
To remember that we
Know not everything.

Welcoming Morning

At DVerse, we are asking, “What day is it anyway?”.  This poem was inspired by my usual Thursday schedule, since I have all morning to myself that day. I go to work in the afternoon and evening on Thursdays but wanted to ignore that in my poem. 🙂 

Thursday I will lose myself
In several types of books.
I will swim in a coffee cup
And be inwardly warmed up.
May the morning wake refreshed
And beautifully stretch.