I Am God’s Plaything…

Possibly the first time I have ever publicly responded to MLMM’s Saturday Mix: Same Same, but Different. We are given a list of 5 words and are asked to use synonyms. Follow the link for more info. This was one of my 11 poems written yesterday.


I am God's plaything, partnering
unwillingly with Loss, as Time
flies by, wearing fleet-footed Mercury's 
sandals -- yet the fire of Life
does not die quickly
               But I love so much. 
Don't ever hurry past the greenery,
Nor the moon, nor winged things of beauty.
Photo by Nina Mace Photography on Pexels.com

Driving Dreams

It's nighttime, and I 
Am in the back seat --
Suddenly realize there is no
Driver. How is this thing
Going? How are we not
Crashing? And where
Is the destination?

It's daytime, amid much traffic.
I am driving, swerving,
Worried about crashing
But narrowly averting 
Every obstacle -- until I arrive
Safely, somewhere.

Once again daytime, and I 
Am both inside and outside 
The car, seeing a busy 
Intersection. After some
Successful swerving, we
Crash, and I'm both
Dead and alive.

Did I mention I can't drive? 

This was inspired by / in response to Paula’s dream interpretation #10 at MLMM. I have driving dreams a lot, especially for someone who doesn’t drive in real life, and most of them don’t turn out well, or at least they are very stressful.

Photo by Bruno Ticianelli on Pexels.com

Good / Evil

I began this poem yesterday for the DVerse Poetics prompt about good and evil and finished it today in order to share with Open-Link Night. It is written almost like an inner dialogue. I wanted to vary the rhymes a little bit more, but I don’t know; maybe the monorhyme for half the poem works.


Supposed to think of life as greatest gift,
But tired of trying hard to spirit life.
                                     Come and get a little lost,
                                     In the darkness, high cost.
                                     Come and listen to accusers.
Fight against that voice, that we won’t lose her.
                                      After a rest, the monster
                                      Stirs, peace it defers.
She tries to remember all that life offers.
Photo by Oyster Haus on Pexels.com


I was enchanted
By the wings of a butterfly,
By the whirring of a hummingbird,
Even today —
Summer hasn’t waved
Goodbye, just like I
Continue to try.

Yes, one might feel like a Colossal Failure, but there are still butterflies, right? *sarcasm* Happily, though, I did feel better after going to work for a few hours. The kids are sooo cute!

Joyful Hearts

A few days ago, I finished this coloring page and wrote an ekphrastic poem inspired by it. Because of the short verse, I am sharing with One-Liner Wednesday. I am curious: Does this picture make you think of anything or inspire you to write something? 

“A joyful heart is good medicine.” — Proverbs 17:22

Pierce my heart with a hole-punch, 
String it on a garland with some others; 
Perhaps we can create beauty in pain,
That amid these twisted patterns 
And circular paths, we might find
Ways to hope and cope, reasons to laugh. 

More Star-Stuff

Might as well share with you what was supposed to be the last poem on this blog, written and originally shared on September 2, 2021. I had forgotten about this one and was shocked that I could write something even remotely hopeful when I was feeling swallowed by the black hole. I intentionally wrote 31 words and responded to 2 other challenges with this poem, originally.

To thwart everything
That evil plans —
Is it possible?
Even if we can’t,
Don’t let that black hole
Pull all the star-stuff,
But let it twinkle,
Dance and keep on shining.

Where does strength come from?

This is a poem I wrote today, which I am sharing with DVerse Open-Link. We are going live today, so I intend to read this aloud. Not sure if I like the ending. It is hard to end poems well, at least hard for me to do so, so I am interested in feedback (and also wanting to use Fandango’s one-word for today 🙂 ).


Strength comes from loving.
Strength comes from sitting with others in their sorrows,
Without attempting to convince them of better tomorrows
Just sitting, being a comfort in their crying.

Strength comes from crying.
Being what society says is strong for too long,
Finally admitting that times are terribly trying
Such that it seems a curse just to be living.

Strength comes from living.
Strength comes from loving, sitting, crying, trying.
Photo by Kat Smith on Pexels.com

Embracing a Wealth of Words

Many thanks to DVerse Poetics for the fun prompt. Follow the link to discover a bunch of beautiful words. ❤ 🙂 I was going to wait until tomorrow to write for this, let alone post, but the words just needed to put themselves together into something resembling a poem. Let’s consider this a work in progress. 🙂 The prompt was to use at least 3 of the words featured in the prompt, but I embraced the challenge, or rather, multiple words embraced me and begged to be included.

This is a Danish word — I didn’t know that English had borrowed it! Since I’m currently learning Danish, I had to include it!

Not sure what to write,
Words burble out of my brain: 
Several speak to me directly,
Like a susurrus in a dream,
Wanting only to find the right space,
Their home, their ikigai --
I feel forelsket with these.
Again, don't know where they're going,
Only that I am aliferous 
And novaturient, finding 
New wings with which to fly.

Flashback Friday: August 26th

My post today is a poem that’s so old it’s new again: For Fandango’s Flashback Friday, I had a look through the archives on my blog and found this.

For a friend I recently met [in August 2018] yet deeply miss.


She has “passed away,” leaving
Unexpected damage in her wake:
Heartache, sadness, even though I believe
She is experiencing peace and gladness.
The human spirit is a hurricane,
Raging, raging, ‘gainst the dying of the light.


P.S. The original post only got 2 likes, so let’s give Cindy (RIP) some more likes. 🙂


Today I’ve been having one of those “crazy” days, especially late this afternoon and evening, so there didn’t seem to be much point in posting. Nevertheless. I have something for Fandango’s Flashback Friday. Posting it now while I can still concentrate. Earlier I was so distraught (for like NO REASON) that I could hardly focus on anything.

This poem was written three years ago today, and it seems just as relevant.

I am bouncing
Between life and death
Like a pinball
In a machine,
Destined to fall
Through the empty
Space uncaught,

I thought I was getting better…. In my poetry notebook from three years ago, on the same page as this poem, I wrote a prayer request from my church “Grandma.” Her bird was getting a hysterectomy. Yes, she apparently had the money to get her bird a hysterectomy. Anyway, I’ve been thinking that’s what I need,  even though that would bring its own problems — not the least of which is never having children. Then again, at this point I might never even get married, and I don’t want to contribute my sh*tty genes to any future children, anyway.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. ❤ Stuff like this is why I don’t give out my blog info to many of my friends; they won’t be my friends for long after seeing this.