A Question

Fandango’s response to Jim Adams’s Thursday Inspiration prompt used the above picture, and it punched me in the gut. That inspired me to immediately post the following poem, which I did not write today but did write yesterday. I am much more than moderately sad but am actually doing better than the last few days. Sharing with DVerse OLN this week.

Did you truly love me,
Or did you just love
How I made you feel?

I found out through tears
That I truly love you, 
Irrespective of your answer.

I am a broken shell
Missing the sounds
Of the ocean


Kriti has given us another LiSb prompt this week, and it is about childhood. I was inspired by the swingset that used to be in my backyard when my brothers and I were growing up.


The swingset:
     back and forth
     back and forth
     flying high
     and jumping

The monkeybars:
     back and forth 
     back and forth
     blistered hands
     and happy

The slide:
     up and down
     up and down
     climbing up
     again sliding

And always delighted

SoCS: Scene

I wrote this today for SoCS: Scene. Better late than never. 🙂


I am not an actress,
Perfectly memorizing my lines,
And I certainly can't set
Every ideal scene --

Please accept imperfection,
Do not reject me for anxieties,
I will do the same for you
And we can write a grand story.

Moving Away

Time's changes make me cry.

Loved ones moving away,
Friendship groups disbanded,
Even my hometown spreading out.
Sometimes what is happy
Only lives on in memories.

Time's changes make me cry,
Even with joy on the other side.

NaPoWriMo day 10. I skipped yesterday, in part because I was busy but mostly because every single thing I wrote was horrible. I didn’t want to skip another day. Linked with MVB: Disbanded.

At the Intersection

This poem was written today for last week’s Thursday Inspiration, the word “wrong.” I was also inspired by the picture below, found on Fandango’s post.

At the intersection of Wrong and Decision,
There lies a very tempting dilemma:
Do I continue along the current path
Or ask myself, “What about another way?”
Another day brings new opportunities,
But I could always use choosing wisely.

At the intersection of Wrong and Decision,
I nearly fear to commit to anything.
One question, and then a second:
Do I give my heart to him or not,
And has he already stolen it?

Apathy in 40 Words

Nothing sounds fun. 
Music, reading, even writing
Fill me with apathy:

So much nothing
It has a weight
In my chest and belly,
On my shoulders --

Yet still I live,
Getting older, 
Getting through drudgery,
Until life smiles on me. 

This depressing poem is brought to you by 3 prompts: FOWC: Drudgery, MVB: Fun, and Sammi Scribbles’ weekend writing prompt. One thing I’m grateful for: even though nothing sounds fun, I still can write stuff. I also sat down at the piano for 5 or 10 minutes earlier this morning.