For my body and soul,
In their many weaknesses and strengths

Emotions as they come, 
Watch as they flow, and then let them go

The fullness 
Of life lies in knowing
Te value of embracing it all

Another syllabic form for NaPoWriMo day 20. I live in California, so it’s not midnight yet. 🙂


I finished a décima just now and am sharing it for NaPoWriMo day 11.


Give glory to God, all peoples,
He has restored my soul to life,
Rewarded me after all strife,
So that my joy may soon be full.

In deep darkness I felt a pull
To life, was rescued from Death's jaws --
So I would like to take a pause,
My great Deliverer to thank,
Helped me to float when my boat sank.
Give all of Heaven some applause. 


A lifesaver:
And your hands' welcome warmth
A haven which makes this life worth

I just wanted to share this little cinquain today. Tomorrow begins National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), so my goal is to post a new poem every day in April! See you all tomorrow. 🙂


Daily writing prompt
What is your favorite type of weather?

Today, WordPress asks us about our favorite type of weather. It reminded me of my least favorite type of weather: heavy rain, especially prolonged rain. This is, unfortunately, the type of weather we have been experiencing lately, which has been horrible for my mental health and at least part of the reason why I have been having such a hard time for the past 2 or 3 weeks. Today — hooray! — we had a fairly warm day with plenty of sunshine.

Upon the Earth,
Warming ground and grass:
Shine on my upturned face
To renew mind and body,
And help my hope to replenish,
For I’m thirsting for your healing rays,
That I may smile for many days to come.


there is only one of you
in all existence —
there is only one of me,
we are made purposefully

This is a pretty simple poem, but I wrote it today inspired by some prompts and thought I would share it. 🙂

I took this photo while on a walk

Apathy in 40 Words

Nothing sounds fun. 
Music, reading, even writing
Fill me with apathy:

So much nothing
It has a weight
In my chest and belly,
On my shoulders --

Yet still I live,
Getting older, 
Getting through drudgery,
Until life smiles on me. 

This depressing poem is brought to you by 3 prompts: FOWC: Drudgery, MVB: Fun, and Sammi Scribbles’ weekend writing prompt. One thing I’m grateful for: even though nothing sounds fun, I still can write stuff. I also sat down at the piano for 5 or 10 minutes earlier this morning. 


Life’s Orchestra

The prompt for JusJoJan is “complaint.” Also for MVB: Melody. Depression really is an illness, because I don’t have any real complaints about my life (other than the fact that I can’t yet drive, and it’s going to take me forever to learn well). However, I wrote this poem, thinking about how depression sucks the life out of life. If that makes sense.

All the beauty depression dims, 
Makes me sleep, when I should
Keep my eyes open:
Lack of an attention span
Truncates melodies, where
Once I would listen fully,
Sensing more than discordant 
Harmonies, and appreciating 
All the different instruments 
In life's amazing orchestral piece. 
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

Weekend Writing — Gratitude

Despite my resolution, I did not post yesterday. That’s because what I had for Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday was the following:

Once upon a time
There was a sweet little girl
And now she is dead

(I’m actually less depressed now than earlier)

Today’s word is gratitude. Great word, but I still can’t write a poem. Let’s write a gratitude list for now! 

  1. I am grateful for Mass and that I didn’t even get rained on this morning when I went.
  2. I love the feeling when I have ideas for poems. I have written a few today, and they’re better than nothing, just not really blog-worthy.
  3. I am grateful for my little stuffed cat, Squishy. It was a Christmas present from my brother, and it has hung out with me quite a bit while at home. I think it amuses my mom, too.
  4. I am grateful for the many prompts on WP, even if I don’t get a chance to respond to each one. It’s the possibilities that are so exciting and often overwhelming.
  5. Maybe this shouldn’t go on my gratitude list because I sleep too much, but I am grateful for my comfy bed and how nice and warm it gets.
This is Squishy. So named because he is very squishy.