When It Rains

It starts out slowly:

A little trickle,

A touch so faint

You wonder if you really

Felt its presence —

Then, the clouds,

Which the skies embrace,

Open up slowly,

As if given permission,

To let go their tears

Into a deluge of grace.

I wrote this yesterday, inspired by the light rain that briefly became more of a downpour, and am sharing it with the Writers’ Pantry.

blurred background bokeh bubbles close up
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com


Good Medicine

This is a tribute to one of my good friends, a little late for the prompt at Poets United, but still worth posting. 

When the morning seems a little bleak,

If we meet, and over cups of coffee

Talk about most anything — not only

My difficulties but your life and His

Resurrection — you, my friend,

Your very presence is good medicine.


Soldier On

There were a few different prompts that I wanted to partake in this week, but I couldn’t write anything good in response to them yet. This poem, which I wrote a few days ago, is linked with DVerse OLN.

When troubles come, I must
Avail myself of help,
Ready to be my shield:
Refuge of gratitude, happiness
In the midst of an enemy army
On the march — I find purchase on this
Rocky path and soldier on.

Sonnet for the 5,000

I’m sharing this poem with the Writers’ Pantry #7. This sonnet is based on yesterday’s Gospel reading at Mass.

“My heart is moved with pity for the crowd” :
So said our Lord when many had pursued
Him as he taught the truth of God aloud.
Caring for them, He knew they needed food,
But what did the disciples have at hand ?
Five loaves, two fish, and they were tired too,
Unable to retreat as they had planned.
He urged the twelve to take a wider view,
Inviting them to trust, and their reward
Was being part of His abundant feast.
He was their wealth when they could not afford
to offer any more; even the least
Among the crowd did see Jesus provide:
They started hungry and left satisfied.

Welcoming Morning

At DVerse, we are asking, “What day is it anyway?”.  This poem was inspired by my usual Thursday schedule, since I have all morning to myself that day. I go to work in the afternoon and evening on Thursdays but wanted to ignore that in my poem. 🙂 

Thursday I will lose myself
In several types of books.
I will swim in a coffee cup
And be inwardly warmed up.
May the morning wake refreshed
And beautifully stretch.

What Could Happen?

Inspired by FOWC: Century.

How many changes came this century!
How much has changed in even 20 years!
Even in 5 or 10, world’s gone crazy,
Has given rise to unexpected fears.
Yet I believe in hope amid the tears.
Remember what has happened that is good,
And with a little courage — find what could.