For haibun Monday at DVerse, we are writing about insects. Click HERE to join in! 

It is October first; we ought to be well into autumn by now. I think summer is hanging on, or at least the mosquitoes haven’t packed their bags. Just this morning, I felt two new bites on my legs, a persistent reminder.


Red welts or red leaves?

Sitting a bit restlessly,

Itching for a change

Blue: SoCS

This is for Linda G. Hill’s Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday, and the prompt word is “blue.”

Sitting here in a coffee shop, I see no blue object to write about. Except my own poetry notebook, which has a dark-blue cover. It is an old book, repurposed. It used to be an old novel called The House of a Thousand Candles. In this iteration, it has been reincarnated as a notebook, filled with blank pages, but some of the story’s pages have also been retained. It makes me wish that I could read the whole story.

Mysterious tale:

Candles only light so much,

Knowledge limited

A City Stands

Frank Tassone is hosting DVerse for Haibun Monday, and we are commemorating Hiroshima Day. Today is the anniversary of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima. 

Each year, on the anniversary of this horrific atomic bombing, we are reminded not only of treachery but, somehow, of peace. Stronger than the bombs is the spirit of resilience. A people survives after the fighting has ended, and a city stands again.

Fat Man, Little Boy —
Two opposites coexist —
Just like war and peace?

Magic Of Nature

A haibun (posted late) for DVerse. I wrote a free-verse poem instead of prose for the first part. 

There is something about summer:

seeing big butterflies fluttering among

the green grass and magnificent

florescence — that makes me say

“Maybe there is true beauty,” even

if I need to watch it from inside.


Magic in nature:

unexpected happiness

held in the sunshine

Summertime and a Spiderweb

The first haiku is in response to Heeding Haiku, which is about spiderwebs, and the haibun is for Frank’s fragrant breeze prompt. 

Strong intricacy:

Potential, patterned beauty

In a spider’s home

There was a two- or three-day heat wave, when even the breeze, warm as it was, brought little relief. It still feels like summer, but it’s more manageable now. Maybe I will spend time in the garden, among the flowers.

Feeling fragrant breeze

‘Midst summertime loveliness:

Happiness and peace

Written Memorial

For DVerse’s haibun Monday.

Several people gave me graduation gifts, such as special cards or generous checks. Over the weekend, I wrote some thank-you notes, put in the mail this morning. They are a memorial to kindness, and a way to pay it forward.

I like writing notes and letters, and who doesn’t appreciate receiving one? Letter-writing is a lost art, and I’d like to find it again, a memorial to times gone by, a tribute for a better future.

Handwritten missives
Flowery script cultivates
Aroma of kindness

A Walk

For Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday, using the words sole/soul. I wrote a haibun.

I walk everywhere. The soles of my feet slap the pavement. I walk to the bus, which drives me elsewhere. I walk in the arboretum among the trees and dirt (“Remember, Man, that thou art dust”), and when I cannot get to church it feeds my soul. It is in the sun, in the shade, in the midst of the many, the infinite. The ponds and the turtles, plunging into the water.

Into the water —

Is Easter coming early?

Look at the turtles