Shining in the Cold

DVerse’s latest haibun Monday is about the  winter moon, which is exciting for me because I always like an excuse to write about the moon. Also, it has been particularly beautiful lately.

The winter moon is always beautiful. A few nights ago, I looked outside and noticed its brightness. It often looks different, but the variety is what makes it amazing.

I especially admire the way it keeps shining, even through clouds.

Fuyu no tsuki

Speaking in a language one

Somehow understands 


Persistent Life

For DVerse’s latest haibun Monday, hosted by Frank Hubeny, we are writing about pleasant surprises. I wasn’t going to share this poem, but here it goes. 

I share my mind with a monster that wants to kill me. If it has taken a break these last 13 years, it has only been biding it’s time before biting back into my life. A short reprieve does not mean that it will leave. It has tried to take me down now more times than I can count. The pleasant surprise is that depression has not won: I am still alive.


A persistent light

Illumines a cliff; darkness

Has not overcome.


A haibun for Frank J. Tassone’s newest haikai challenge, for which we could write about either first snow or ever green (or both!).

My brother arrives, and my family all enjoy putting up and decorating our Christmas tree. He is taking his decorations to his new place, yet we put plenty of baubles on our own tree. Photos in macaroni frames and souvenirs from family vacations bring back memories, which I hope will stay evergreen.

Last year’s leaves are gone

Tree and decorations stay

This belongs to us

Writing Plans

For DVerse’s haibun Monday, we are prompted to write about our plans for our writing. Join us here!

My writing is generally unplanned. I look for inspiration in everything around me and am open to its poetry. So my plan is to continue letting it speak through me.

As importantly, I will share these words. I am human, and as a human I deserve to be heard. I have grown like an acorn into an oak tree during this past year, and I plan to continue reaching for the sky.

Planting seeds in spring 

Leads to an abundant crop

Not only my own. 


For this week’s Haibun Monday on DVerse, we are being asked to write about owls. To be honest, owls kind of scare me (I’ve watched one too many scary movies), but this prompt made me think of a very special person in my life, my maternal grandmother.

My grandmother loved owls. I once counted how many owls — figurines, pictures, stuffed animals — she had in her house. This was over a dozen years ago, so I don’t remember the exact number, but there were well over a hundred. Over a hundred owls in one house. And all of their wisdom couldn’t cure cancer.

Owls’ heads turn backwards;

What could we have done? Nothing

Who, who are you now?

Life-saving Kindness

Written for DVerse’s haibun Monday, for which we are reminiscing about kindness.


What constitutes kindness? A quick note, a smile, a song, words affirming worth. Even someone simply saying my name, telling me “I see you;” or someone placing a blanket gently over my body while I am nearly sleeping. Or someone calling me after a desperate text-message cry for help at 10:30 at night. I’m alive because of all these acts of care and kindness.


Winter chills my bones.

Keep me warm with your own coat,

My heart perseveres.


You Are Water

This week at DVerse, we are writing haibun about water. I’m excited about this prompt because there is so much potential in it. In fact, I will probably write a few different haibun using this theme. This is my first attempt.


(Image from Google)

Looking at molecules of water under a microscope, scientists have found that the appearance can differ, depending on the words that are spoken in the surroundings. Words have an energy, to which the water responds. The crystals look beautiful when exposed to kindness.

The human body is 70% water.

May you see springtime

In your spirit, energy 

As flowers in bloom.