The May Full Moon

This is for Frank’s haikai challenge about the Flower Moon, which happens to be tonight. Also, May is the month when Catholics honor Mary in a special way, and one of the traditional activities is called a May Crowning. Here is a picture from one that I participated in last year.

5_14 Crowned Statue

Soon a May crowning:
In many-starred night-sky cloak
Flower supermoon


NaPoWriMo day 27: I wrote two poems in response to Ronovan Writes’ haiku prompt. The first one is rather bleak, so I intentionally wrote a happier one afterward!

Stick behind donkey
Prodding to an unfree end —
Carrot is a trick

white and brown dog standing atop brown donkey carrying basket
Photo by Hrishikesh Deshkar on

Finding a suitable picture for this was highly enjoyable:

Owner throws a stick
Dog delights in bringing back,
Puppy loves the trick!

adorable animal canine cute
Photo by Jim Scharff on


This haiku is for Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille, found here. I wrote it as a slightly-humorous but mostly-serious reminder for myself during this time. 

connected distance

thank God for technology