Soldier On

There were a few different prompts that I wanted to partake in this week, but I couldn’t write anything good in response to them yet. This poem, which I wrote a few days ago, is linked with DVerse OLN.

When troubles come, I must
Avail myself of help,
Ready to be my shield:
Refuge of gratitude, happiness
In the midst of an enemy army
On the march — I find purchase on this
Rocky path and soldier on.


She thought she might be better in 3 days

Or maybe a week or two, she certainly

wasn’t expecting 3 months, although she

should have been expecting that, I mean,

a fellow patient in the hospital told her

“you could be a model if you gained weight”

if she GAINED weight, that’s how

messed up she was, and deep down,

buried under all the lies she knew it

somewhere in her gut, whose cries she’d

been ignoring, and it was SO HARD

to learn how to listen again and for the

longest time she wondered, “How am I

going to fit food in here when there’s

all this anger taking up the space?”

A cathartic piece for DVerse MTB.


In response to SoCS: pack/unpack, hosted by Linda G. Hill. 

How difficult it is

To unpack emotions

When returning from

A trip to denial:

Having packed them

So tightly in the valise,

How difficult it is

To loose them,

And let them go.

How simple it is

To misconstrue them,

When seeing only

The tip of the iceberg,

And none below.

I Want You To Buy Me Flowers….

Thanks to FOWC: Forever and Sanaa’s prompt about flowers for partially inspiring this new poem of mine.

I want you to buy me flowers,
Even if blooms as beautiful as
Pink carnations will be
Withered within a week —
A part of me wishes to gripe,
“Why try? We know it’s not
Forever so why create
A scenario for heartbreak?”
Another part is ready,
To take a breath, deep,
Unwilling to safety keep
When it means stifling —
To remember that we
Know not everything.