School Days

We are going back to school at DVerse today. Thankfully I don’t go back to my real classes for almost 2 weeks. I am also sharing this with forgiving Fridays.

I was good at school, and I hated school. Anxiety came from a young age: I was a “perfect student” because I was scared to speak up or to give a wrong answer. I froze during a history presentation in the eighth grade. No words escaped my mouth. I wrote nothing for an essay in the ninth grade, turning in a blank page. No words were on the paper. My teachers let me — more like made me — try again. I’m grateful for that now. For their forgiveness. And my own, as I speak now, as I keep on writing now.

Forgive past silence:
Now the river flows boldly
O’er eroded stones


For Frank J. Tassone’s haikai prompt for this week, which is fire, due to the huge wildfires devastating California. This prompt hits a little too close to home (literally), since I live in southern California and am ectreextr worried about the fires and honestly about the future of this planet.

Nature is angry

Turning up heat, destruction —

I do not blame her

Forgiving Faults

For this week’s Forgiving Fridays. Note: Basil is symbolic of hatred, a fact that I learned from this DVerse post.

I yearn to show more love,

But sometimes when I try

The feelings are flavored with basil —


Maybe, what I find myself hating

Is something I dislike within myself,

And forgiveness of this fault

Is the path to greater love

For both of us.




Rage Radiation

At Real Toads over the weekend, Bjorn prompted us to write a poem about or inspired by radiation. I decided to write about an emotion that has been a struggle lately.



It is inside

Gets triggered and simply





All around and

Poisons the environment


Not defused

Although Depressed

I promise I’m an optimist —

I know there’s light somewhere

Even if it’s dark right now;

Even if I’m lost right now

I will be found;

Even if I feel exiled right now

I will be home tonight;

Even if I feel burdensome, useless

I am talented, priceless

And that is why I fight.

“Opposites attract”  at DVerse. I did have fun with this prompt. It was a good one.

Banishing Untruths

For Jilly’s 28 Days of Unreason, day 11. I am posting late but hopefully not unreasonably so. 🙂 Each day, there is a different quote from the poet Jim Harrison to inspire us. Below is our prompt-quote for this day:

“Nearly everything we are taught is false except how to read”

~  Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason

School taught me, yes, how to read,
And how to sound intelligent when speaking,
Math and science and many other subjects
But it was also subjecting
Me to too much second-guessing,
And falsities about what makes a person worthy.

I’ve had to unlearn what is untrue,
Working on it every day —
New knowledge will be here to stay.