Banishing Untruths

For Jilly’s 28 Days of Unreason, day 11. I am posting late but hopefully not unreasonably so. 🙂 Each day, there is a different quote from the poet Jim Harrison to inspire us. Below is our prompt-quote for this day:

“Nearly everything we are taught is false except how to read”

~  Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason

School taught me, yes, how to read,
And how to sound intelligent when speaking,
Math and science and many other subjects
But it was also subjecting
Me to too much second-guessing,
And falsities about what makes a person worthy.

I’ve had to unlearn what is untrue,
Working on it every day —
New knowledge will be here to stay.



The key
To my heart:
It wants to be
Loved deeply, for itself, like anyone.

For Real Toads. A tetractys. This poem has a syllable count of 1-2-3-4-10.

Little Bird’s Song

At DVerse, inspired by Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” we are “getting personal”. This was fun to write, as I really was not sure how it would turn out.

I am a little bird who always loved to sing,

Went into hiding at the first frost,

At the first sign of danger, hiding anger

At being silenced, yet eventually I agreed

With this false idea of me.


I am a little bird who always loved to sing,

And I’ve been coming out of hiding,

Touching clouds and tree branches and ground

And everything in between, flying, slowly,

Learning to love my own two wings.


I am a little bird who greets the dawn

And knows that the bright day is breaking,

Healing years of a hurting heart.

I search for another sparrow to go on

This journey with me; listen to me sing.


Water, to me

Has always been a metaphor

For love —

How I looked

In my life’s desert

For something that would satisfy!

How deeply I one day drank

From the well of forgiveness

And grace,

Wanting ever since then

To never stray from that

Source —


Yet how I sometimes,


Feel parched.



Is a dry season.

I suppose I can even

Forgive this.

For IGWRT’s “Water Under the Bridge” and the latest Forgiving Fridays. Also shared with DVerse open link night.

Loving Deeply the Day

You are
My happiness —
Simply to stay with you
Is peace, is freedom, is loving

Is sadness:
When we even feel
Far away, too slowly comes

For DVerse, we are working on contrapuntal poetry. I am not sure if I did it right, but my intention was to take 2 poems and put them together into a third poem. Each stanza can stand alone. I also tried to provide contrast both in the subject matter and form of both stanzas: The first is a cinquain, and the second is an oddquain.


At DVerse, we are using brand names in our poetry. Join in here! I used the list of perfumes for inspiration.


I just want to be


It takes a long time

To realize the allure

Is not worth the


The weight weight

Weight of my sin

Is much more than

Whatever fat I wish

To lift from my

White shoulders,

Negativity waits in

Ambush, as a

Midnight poison

Keeping me awake,

Keeping me in chains

As addictive as opium —

I just want to feel





This week’s haibun Monday is about compassion, but we are to write about it without explicitly stating it.

Many people suffered with me willingly, giving positivity, thoughts, prayers, being there for late-night phone calls and parked-car conversations. They modeled true friendship, which I can never forget. They saved my life in body, and even more in mind and spirit.

Winter’s frost is thawed.
Friends are the warm cup of tea,
Comfort like blankets.