Linda G. Hill’s “stream of consciousness Saturday” (SoCS) is about art. There is supposed to be very little planning or editing, so here goes. 

I hated art museums but had to go to one for a college class when I was a freshman. Wandering through the hallways, trying to find some pieces to write a reflection on, I wandered into the religious art section. Some paintings, such as one of David slaying Goliath, portrayed familiar stories, but as I was not a Christian or any sort of religion at the time, most of the depictions were foreign to me. Still, one painting spoke to me, beyond what I ever expected: Saint Cecelia by Guido Reni captivated me, and I could barely pull myself away. After several minutes, some friends and I moved on, but I made sure to visit the painting again before leaving, and I bought a print from the gift shop and framed it. About seven years later, it remains displayed in my room.

I wrote a poem about this painting a while ago. Work of Art

To Be Free

For DVerse’s Open Link Night, the first of the new year. I wrote this about 2 weeks ago and am also posting it to Real Toads. The prompt has to do with creating a better world. 


To be free we must speak,

Fearing nothing

More than the silence.

To be free we must speak

Louder than the voices

Which call for maddening violence,

To be free we must speak

Kindness, love others

Peace shall be our recompense.



DVerse is back with a haibun Monday about January! Also linked to Forgiving Fridays.

A few years ago, I wrote a poem to January and called him a “two-faced bastard.” Now here he is again. It seems like I cannot escape the gray days, even though it is sunny outside. I’m still working on accepting every season, forgiving life for not always shining beautifully. Sometimes there is nothing I can do. How can Janus change his face?

Maddening dancing
Non-acceptance reappearing
Chilly winter wind

Revived Writer

For JusJoJan day 3, hosted by Linda G. Hill. We are to write about our blog: why we started and how it has changed our life. 

It took a long time for me to start a blog, over a year after my friends first started encouraging me to share my poetry. Finally I did, after sharing a poem with some friends I met while I was very sick with an eating disorder. Hence the name Revived Writer, since I was literally given a second or third chance at life. Writing this blog has made my life richer, too, and helped me to respect my own point of view. It has enabled me to find my voice, which was silenced by the eating disorder. I greatly enjoy trying new forms, responding to prompts, and reading the poems of others. The DVerse community has been great! I hope that Revived Writer can be here for many more years, continuing to grow as a poet and as a person.

3 a.m.

For this

Once upon a 3 a.m.

I gave birth to

Raw, personal poetry —

So tired, the words were

Uncensored, defenses

Were down, even

Around myself.

Raw honesty had

Been uncommon, but

Since then I’ve tried

To make these words

Transparent — so that

I might be seen.