July Challenge: Humming and Beeping

This is my completion of NoSaintAugustine’s poem for the July Challenge. It was hard for me to write. I came up with a few different ways to complete the first half, but nothing seemed quite right. This is what I finally chose to share.

Memory is a prison

A refrigerator buzz

While I make tostadas

A hum over mumbling

Mobsters on the box

A-wandering, mapless

A baroque Sicilian plot


Memory is a prison


Long hallways

Footsteps echoing

Hospital machines beeping

While waiting, waiting

For Fate’s verdict:

Am I free?


Memory is a prison.

July Challenge: San-San

This is another first-half of a poem for Jill’s July Challenge. It is in a form called a San-San, which comes from the Japanese word for three because it uses three words or ideas three times each. It is an 8-line form with the rhyme scheme abcabdcd. I have actually completed this poem but will post only the first half because I am curious about how you all might complete it.

How I would love to see a crystal ball,

But since the future’s not yet writ in stone,

Impossible to see it in advance,

I only listen to its crystal call.

July Challenge: Sail

This month, since DVerse is going to be “closed,” Jilly’s is hosting a challenge about collaborative poetry. I already completed another poet’s poem here, and this is my first half. Inspired by Jeren, my first half is also in Tanaga form, with 7 syllables per line and a rhyme scheme of abba cddc.

The ocean’s waves are choppy,

Yet how I yearn to sail there,

To feel the sun and fresh air,

Cold, yet new, unknown and free.


Will I find uncharted land?

Following Polaris, bright

Star, I go beyond my sight,

After leaving home’s safe sand.

July Collaboration Challenge

This month, Jilly’s is hosting a challenge to write the first half of a poem and then write the second half of another poet’s poem. I haven’t written my original first half yet, but I completed Jerennazuto’s Tanaga. Hopefully I did it justice. The original is in blue, and my  addition is in purple.

If love or lust, you did ask

I would jump up & down to say

That love is where my mind lay, 

Not heart, body, I could mask.


But you split minds like devil,

Gave two heaven, which to miss,

I treasure the days of bliss, 

To make a choice, void of will.


I sit on the windowsill, 

Through the window looking out,

Haunted by this inner shout.

Regret is a bitter pill.


This became a special hell, 

Self in two directions stretched,

Are the keys to heaven fetched? 

Dear, eternity will tell.