I decided to respond to this prompt, from DVerse poets,  about writing a “postcard poem.” This is a poem that could fit on a postcard (a maximum of 12 lines) and is written as if it were a postcard to someone. Today, I spent some time in the arboretum and highly enjoyed the sun, flowers, butterflies, plants, and nature in general, so that experience inspired this poem.

The trees provide their gentle shade,

A respite from the heat of day,

Then, walking along the dirt path,

I drink up a lovely view:

Pink, orange, yellow flowers of every hue;

A small stream which brings

Life-giving water with its babblings;

And tall stalks of bamboo.

Through them I peer, imagining,

And wishing I could see you.


Sometimes I have to laugh

And smile at life, despite

Any hardships in my way.

Especially when the sky looks gray

I need to find a ray of light,

Thankfully they are not hard to find,

There is always a smile or laugh

Somewhere along my path.


Science means knowing.

It does not mean

Only quantifiable data

Matters and anything

Else does not exist,

All else is nonsense.

Why can’t you see

That there are other

Ways of knowing —


Can you measure

Love in numbers?


Can you measure

The depth of yearning

In your heart

In feet or meters?


Can you measure

The light of God

In kilowatts?


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a nocturne. I decided to write a nocturna, which is a nine-line poem with a certain rhyme scheme and a nighttime theme.

Regarding the starry sky,

In the light of the moon,

To find some peace I try

To find some loving guidance.

My mind’s illuminated like noon:

To love the day and night’s dance,

It changes every day —

I will accept this soon —

This constant change is the best way.


We are being built

Into a city,

The new Jerusalem,

With a strong foundation

Of faith

In our heavenly King.

We are being built

Into a city,

White stones upon

The chief cornerstone,

Jesus, God’s only

Son, who frees us

And finishes the work

He has begun.

“Call Me Hagar”

I decided to write another ghazal today. I normally wouldn’t post twice in one day but was very happy with how this turned out! It was inspired by Agha Shahid Ali’s poem “Tonight”. I am not feeling this way currently but am very familiar with the struggles described in the following poem.

I feel alone, connection’s far tonight,

I see no smiling start tonight.

Even the moon has forgotten its light.

Shrouded, it makes the sky dark as tar tonight.

My mind sees a battlefield near:

What emotions will I need to spar tonight?

Depression, restlessness, fear, anxiety?

What demons come to wound and scar tonight?

Yet hope alone, even now, can fight

The darkness; complete despair I’ll bar tonight.

And in the midst of these anxieties God sees:

I sob in God’s arms. Call me Hagar tonight.


Because it is the middle of April, today’s prompt was to write about being in the middle of something. In my life, I feel like a lot has changed for the better, and I am finally becoming the person I am supposed to be, yet there is still a lot more to be done and to be experienced.

It has been a long time since I’ve begun

This journey toward wholeness and unity,

Perhaps even longer until I’ll be done.


It is still necessary to face depths of fear

And find stillness, even in its midst:

Hoping to find some poetry even here.

He Changed Everything

In honor of Good Friday…

He was born humbly,

And lived 30 years in obscurity;

For three years he preached

To people and revealed God to them:

He made his way to Jerusalem,

Where with palm leaves people welcomed him.

But in less than a week, the Pharisees

And chief priests nailed him to a tree,

He was crucified, and painfully died.

Then after 3 days, he rose again

From the grave, hope and life bringing:

Jesus Christ changed everything.


Today’s prompt from the NaPoWriMo web site was to write a ghazal. The ghazal is an Arabic form of poetry that is made up of several couplets, and in the first couplet, both lines end with the same word. The other couplets end with that same word. Also, each couplet is a complete statement. This is my attempt at writing a ghazal.

There is no greater treasure than friendship.

Worth more than gold and rubies is friendship.

I remember we would play on the swings,

Laughing, we preserved our friendship.

All through high school, studying together,

We expanded our minds and our friendship.

Off to college, our lives diverged,

Yet we still meet, rekindling our friendship.

I remember you would visit me, supporting,

Because suffering together is also part of friendship.

Tree (Bop Poem)

Yesterday’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a Bop poem, which contains 3 stanzas of 6, 8, and 6 lines, and each stanza is separated by a one-line refrain. I also used some alliteration and assonance, in keeping with today’s prompt.

Through life I’ve felt rootless,

Looking for meaning in every passing thing,

A quest that’s been fruitless;

I still have deep longing,

And all my life’s length,

I have been looking for true strength.


A tree’s trunk and leaves welcome me.


It stands tall while I shrink inside,

It offers its leaves for shelter,

It is confident in its natural beauty,

While I from that reality wish to hide.

And when my life feels helter-skelter,

I seek solace in controlling my body,

Which does not give its promised recompense;

It does not aid at all with confidence.


A tree’s trunk and leaves welcome me.


Its leaves, bathed in sunlight, provide shade,

Its trunk is like a sturdy wall,

It is content with how it’s made,

The tree makes no comparisons at all.

It shows me there’s a place of safety,

And that I can rest in how I’m meant to be.


A tree’s trunk and leaves welcome me.