Celebration of Blooms

For NaPoWriMo day 21, I am responding to this prompt from yesterday. Happy Easter! Also, I am sharing this with Frank’s  haikai prompt because 2 of these 3 haiku are about Easter lilies.


Lively white lilies —

On Easter morning hoping

For beautiful life


Lilies intertwine

Around a wooden twig wreath:

Crown of thorns redeemed


Vibrant red petals

Announce the coming of spring —

Amicable blooms

In Order To Rise Again

For NaPoWriMo day, which happens to be Holy Saturday

Christ suffered, died and was buried,
In order to rise again:
Christ underwent His passion, but help did not tarry
In the plan of salvation.
Nor was suffering senseless; Christ died
In order to rise again,
No hurt is left without a purpose, decide
To live by grace and rise again.


This is inspired by the abecedarian poem prompt for NaPoWriMo day 19. This is also micro poetry for Real Toads.

Amicable blooming,

Cultivated dearly,

Elegant flowers give

Hospitable inclusion:

Joy lifting merrily.


Lively jonquils

Imply heart-warmth:

Gratitude flowers

Effervescently, delivering

Courage, beauty amplified.



Palm Sunday

For Real Toads, as I was inspired by the Matsuo Basho quote. I didn’t really incorporate any of the photos, though. This is also for NaPoWriMo day 18.

“The temple bell stops, but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.” — Matsuo Basho


Palm Sunday: We heard it read that, though some wished to rebuke the jubilant crowd, Jesus said:

“If these were silent, even the stones would cry out!”

Later, the words of consecration said, the Eucharist elevated, the bells ring — and even when they stop, God’s presence causes souls to sing.


She wishes for rest. She cries,

Tide-looped emotions too much, leaving her

Dust-tongued — with no more words

Yet heart-aching to be heard.


She sings, taking inspiration from

The morning she-bird, mourning dove.

Maybe one day, poppies

Will place their cradle-petals around

Her, in a moon-silent embrace.

For this week’s DVerse Poetics prompt, which was about Dylan Thomas and his love for hyphenated compound words. I used the following suggestions in my poem: tide-looped, dust-tongued, she-bird, and cradle-petals. I also invented some of my own. 

Poetry As Catharsis

For Real Toads. NaPoWriMo day 16. 

Poetry is like a lava flow, so that I don’t explode.

Poetry is the heartbeat, from the center of me.

Poetry is the rain outside, pouring, and the shy sun when it peeks through clouds.

Poetry is the salve on my heart, saving my sanity.

Poetry is the firefly that makes even the darkest night a little lovely.


The Cathedral

Posted with sadness for NaPoWriMo day 15.

I heard that Notre Dame was burning.

800 years of history, up in flames

I heard the spire collapsed.

Someone took a video of the flames

Consuming it — I couldn’t watch it.


All the famous photographs —

Someone was the last to snap

A photo of its majestic beauty,

Before it turned to fiery fury.


Imagine the rose window exploding

From the inside out, Our Lady crying —


I heard that Notre Dame was burning.

Never thought it possible

800 years of history, up in flames.


“Abraham your father rejoiced to see my day;
he saw it and was glad.”
John 8:56

The faith of Abraham was strong enough for sacrifice.

She wants the fire of burning love
But does not know how long faith will suffice.

O happiness! O joy! Their susurrations
Swish inside her heart, hiding, she seeks —
Trying to rediscover what is without price.


A cherita for NaPoWriMo day 14, inspired by a portion of the Gospel reading from a few days ago.

O Blood and Water

A crown cinquain for the 5-line poem challenge, as well as for NaPoWriMo day 13.

Of mercy flows
From out His piercèd side,
Fountain of love which is the hope
For all.

For all
Who eat this bread
Will have life eternal,
Forgiveness flowing from the heart
Of God,

Of God
Who reigns always,
Who reigns over ev’ry
Aspect of heaven and the earth,
The king.

The king
Who rains mercy,
On all who thirst for it,
Wanting ev’ry people to come

The mercy seat
Unafraid, for He calls
You friend, inviting you to this