Repost: Ghazal

This is a re-post of a ghazal that I wrote a couple of years ago. I am sharing with DVerse for this month’s poetry form.

“Call Me Hagar”

I decided to write another ghazal today. I normally wouldn’t post twice in one day but was very happy with how this turned out! It was inspired by Agha Shahid Ali’s poem “Tonight”. I am not feeling this way currently but am very familiar with the struggles described in the following poem.

I feel alone, connection’s far tonight,

I see no smiling star tonight.


Even the moon has forgotten its light.

Shrouded, it makes the sky dark as tar tonight.


My mind sees a battlefield near:

What emotions will I need to spar tonight?


Depression, restlessness, fear, anxiety?

What demons come to wound and scar tonight?


Yet hope alone, even now, can fight

The darkness; complete despair I’ll bar tonight.


And in the midst of these anxieties God sees:

I sob in God’s arms. Call me Hagar tonight.

Blue Flower Moon

Congratulatory blooms —
On a May evening

May’s full moon is traditionally known as the flower moon, due to all of the new flowers this month, and a blue moon is the second full moon in one month. This week, Saturday’s moon was a “blue flower moon.” See more at Frank J. Tassone’s page. My brother graduated from college on Saturday night, and I graduated on Friday evening, so this poem is influenced by that.



She wishes for rest. She cries,

Tide-looped emotions too much, leaving her

Dust-tongued — with no more words

Yet heart-aching to be heard.


She sings, taking inspiration from

The morning she-bird, mourning dove.

Maybe one day, poppies

Will place their cradle-petals around

Her, in a moon-silent embrace.

For this week’s DVerse Poetics prompt, which was about Dylan Thomas and his love for hyphenated compound words. I used the following suggestions in my poem: tide-looped, dust-tongued, she-bird, and cradle-petals. I also invented some of my own. 


Meant to be born under a sturgeon moon,
I arrived under the strawberry moon in June:
Maybe I could not wait
For a taste of this life,
The sweetness of that first breath,
To see what flowers and fruits would bloom.

For Real Toads. Note: The sturgeon moon is the name of the full moon in August.