This is for Real Toads, where we are trying piggyback poems. My first and last lines come from the poem “The Horses, the Sorrow, the Umbilicus” by Maureen Hynes. Follow the link to read the original poem.

Looking to her left, looking to her right

Looking, always for someplace safe

Someplace, where she can be appreciated —

Looking even for someplace where she can be

Herself, with out being struck down like

A tree grown too tall //


She keeps looking, like a flower for the

Sun, like a wise owl gazing at the

Moon, wondering “Who, who, who?”

Looking to her left, looking to her right.


This is a ghazal for the final decastich challenge It’s hard to believe that this is the last one, but I’m glad we could do ghazals. They are rather difficult but one of the most beautiful forms. Also shared with the Tuesday Platform.

All of life is written in these pages,

Each new day will dawn to increase pages.


Come with me, my love, and greet the morning,

Let us seize the day, of life seize pages.


Let us love the noontime sun together,

We share the universe; days release pages.


Let us love nighttime sky and Sister Moon,

As her daughter stars write peace for pages.


In peace please rest, my dear, the day is done.

How this poet fights love’s decease — pages.

Hazy Moon

For Frank’s haikai challenge this week, we are using the kigo hazy moon. I’m a little late posting this, but I love an excuse to write about the moon!

Hazy moon has not
Disappeared, she’s shy, hiding,
Forgetting her light.


photo by the author

Shining in the Cold

DVerse’s latest haibun Monday is about the  winter moon, which is exciting for me because I always like an excuse to write about the moon. Also, it has been particularly beautiful lately.

The winter moon is always beautiful. A few nights ago, I looked outside and noticed its brightness. It often looks different, but the variety is what makes it amazing.

I especially admire the way it keeps shining, even through clouds.

Fuyu no tsuki

Speaking in a language one

Somehow understands 

Graceful Moon

Today at DVerse, we are writing about grace, another fitting and optimistic idea to begin the new year. There is a lot that I could write about that topic, but I decided to share this poem.

The moon’s grace is shown at night,

She rises in the sky,

She does not need to rule the day,

Her friends the stars will stay,

They glitter in her light.


The moon sometimes hides her face,

But always smiles again,

She is proud of her current place,

She knows how to embrace

Herself, no matter when.