A Real Relief

I am so happy, to be feeling happy,
It is a real relief, to feel relief:
This is a gift, and if it stays steady, 
It's sure to save everyone a ton of grief. 

The quatrain above was written right after Mass 6 days ago. Overall, my mood has stayed steady and positive (THANK YOU, JESUS!). Even some things that have worried me haven’t had too much of an impact on my overall mood.

I’d been distraught over my birthday, but it’s actually been a great one (it’s today 😊πŸ₯³). Here’s a silly little poem I wrote this morning:

Soon after Strawberry Moon,
A new year's begun:
I've gone around the sun!


Fun fact: I also have a twin brother. I call him my “Wombmate.”

A Letter, Unsent

Brian’s prompt this week is to write a letter. Sometimes my poems act as unsent letters, and I sometimes have a person in mind when I write, although I hope my poems are more widely applicable than one person or one situation. πŸ™‚ This poem was written on May 6, 2019. I found it in my drafts folder! I did have someone in mind when I wrote this cherita, so I’ll consider it a letter in poem form.

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Just Jotting

The word for JusJoJan day 18 is “cycle.”Β  I wrote a haiku about the moon yesterday using that word. The word “cycle” makes me think of my emotions and how #%@&ed up I am, but I guess it could also refer to cycling, like on a bike. That reminds me of driving because people try to reassure me that I can learn to drive; they say, “It’s kind of like learning to ride a bike” because once you know, you don’t really forget. In my case, it really is like learning to ride a bike because I never learned to ride a bike either! XD

I didn’t intend to ramble so much. I was going to share a poem. Yesterday I only wrote 2 poems (which is disconcertingly low for me; I usually write 4 or 5, if not more!), but today I have written more than that and intend to keep writing if I don’t just go to sleep really early.

The poem I am going to share is one that took me 3 days to write, even though it’s only 6 lines long. Sometimes I feel like I make God look bad, but trust me: I would be even more messed-up without Him, and He has blessed me with lots of friends (and blog readers! πŸ™‚ ) who like me! πŸ˜€

God plumbs the depths and penetrates the heart:
He made them all and cares for every one,
He made the Earth and all that it contains,
The moon to mark the months; for days, the sun.
How He can make a broken life restart,
And give new meaning to each of our pains!

The Moonlike Bubble-Egg

This poem is more like a story with line breaks. Anyway, it’s inspired by this picture, by Angela Kelly and found via MLMM’s Photo Challenge #383:

Wielding a magic wand and a bottle of bubble soap,
She blew: most bubbles floated on but one
Froze, on a bed of snowdrops. Under the sun
Its pearlescent orb shone like the moon,
While sun’s rays slowly found their way underneath.
The bubble cracked, the little girl cried —
But it became an egg, fertile as spring, with a new beginning.

A Faraway Place

This week, we are slanting the paint chips, and I also responded to this prompt, “More than just a place.” Maybe it’s a stretch, but I think it suffices. Also, I did not exclusively use slant rhymes but tried to incorporate a few, whether within lines or at the end of them.

The moon is more than a faraway place,
She among the stars is like a beacon
In a foggy harbor: a kind face she can
Offer. A muse she can provide, kinder
Than Poe’s raven, making the mind more open.

Her presence gives nourishment; she is rocky
So she understands. Sans wheat fields
She yields soul-food, remembering what’s good.
Sometimes she even sends a moonstone,
Reminding the lonely they’re not the only one.

Noticing the Flourishing

May’s full moon is on Wednesday, and it is known as the Flower Moon, as Frank, the host of DVerse Haibun Monday, says.

This month, I have noticed a wealth of new flowers in the garden: varying shapes and shades, hues of pink and yellow, almost whatever one could name. Bees are busy pollinating, and the blueberries, too, are growing and ripening from a gentle light-green. We have already picked a bowlful; soon the fruits will fill baskets. The garden is waiting to give many other fruits and vegetables as treasures.

after heat of day
buzz of all activity
rests under the moon