Look at all the beauty
At the end of the world:
Carefully walk upon the rocks
And see, one tenacious tree;
Continue along those rocks
Following the mesmerizing moon,
The weakly-glowing, yet beckoning
Orb — the rocky path,
The end of the world,
Becomes a gate to mysterious more.

Thanks to FFFC #74 for the image and inspiration!

The May Full Moon

This is for Frank’s haikai challenge about the Flower Moon, which happens to be tonight. Also, May is the month when Catholics honor Mary in a special way, and one of the traditional activities is called a May Crowning. Here is a picture from one that I participated in last year.

5_14 Crowned Statue

Soon a May crowning:
In many-starred night-sky cloak
Flower supermoon

Morning to Night

Today at DVerse Poetics, Bjorn asks us to write about solitude. He adds, “Solitude to me is a tool to handle loneliness,” an insight that I really liked. This poem was inspired by the fact that I tend to do most of my writing in the morning, yet I also wrote this poem just now.

It is early in the morning,
No one to greet except Jesus
And the sun, prayers rising,
And pen bringing more words,
Companions into my world.

It is getting late at night,
With the moon out to play
And many people sleeping, less light,
With pen vivifying more verses
To get through this darker time.


For NaPoWriMo day 11. This poem was inspired by this week’s Sunday Wordle, and it also fits with FOWC: Moon. This is not normally my style (especially the format), but I like it! 

To stop the spread we must not leave

Our homes, unless necessary.

We battle by staying, sometimes

Sadly, inside listening to states’


Yet our lives

Wish to be lived and free; there lies

The difficulty: To flatten

The curve sans carving sanity

To pieces.

In peace the moon looks,

Waning now, at how quietly

Everything lies.

Now the battle

Begins in our pressurized minds.

I See

This haibun-ish poem is written in response to DVerse Poetics “now I can see” prompt. Follow the link for more information and many responses.Note: I wasn’t sure what to write for this prompt, but then my friend bought me coffee beans and left them on the porch with a nice little note.

When the barn has burned down,
oh, you can see the moon!
When the structure has crumbled,
soon, naturally, you can see peace.
When the churches are closed,
you realize more deeply, what
Jesus means by, “I am with you always.”
When we must stay far apart,
we find new ways to share our heart.

morning, a surprise:
friendship grows through coffee gift
outside on the porch

Happiness, Flowering

This poem is in response to paint-chip poetry #10, and I am also sharing it with Writers’ Pantry today. The photo was taken by me on my trip to an arboretum last week.


The world needs an arboretum
Full of imperfect beauty:
Where the wisteria will know it’s wonderful,
Even without the dandelion’s innocence,
Even without the roses’ alluring
Cotton-candy pink petals —
Where the sun and the full moon
Shine upon multicolored flowering.