Hazy Moon

For Frank’s haikai challenge this week, we are using the kigo hazy moon. I’m a little late posting this, but I love an excuse to write about the moon!

Hazy moon has not
Disappeared, she’s shy, hiding,
Forgetting her light.


photo by the author


Shining in the Cold

DVerse’s latest haibun Monday is about the  winter moon, which is exciting for me because I always like an excuse to write about the moon. Also, it has been particularly beautiful lately.

The winter moon is always beautiful. A few nights ago, I looked outside and noticed its brightness. It often looks different, but the variety is what makes it amazing.

I especially admire the way it keeps shining, even through clouds.

Fuyu no tsuki

Speaking in a language one

Somehow understands 

Graceful Moon

Today at DVerse, we are writing about grace, another fitting and optimistic idea to begin the new year. There is a lot that I could write about that topic, but I decided to share this poem.

The moon’s grace is shown at night,

She rises in the sky,

She does not need to rule the day,

Her friends the stars will stay,

They glitter in her light.


The moon sometimes hides her face,

But always smiles again,

She is proud of her current place,

She knows how to embrace

Herself, no matter when.

I Love You to the Moon

Written for Jilly’s November collaboration as a continuation of Charley’s “Paean to My Love” . His words are in greenand mine are in blue. 


“She walks in beauty like the night”

She’s won my heart not just by sight! 

She’s won my heart it’s hers to keep. 

She fills my heart awake, asleep! 


She dances o’er a midnight stage, 

Stars gather ’round this brilliant sage 

Unparalleled in comeliness, 

Whose calm mystique guides me no less. 

You Make the Darkness Light

This is for Frank’s Haikai Challenge #4, which invites us to write a haiku, tanka, haibun, or similar form of poetry, using the word “darkness.” I wrote a somonka, which is made up of two tanka and usually has love as a theme. Usually, somonka are written by two people, but I wrote both halves of this one.

Light shines in darkness,

Reflected in your kind face,

You are moon and stars.

Nights elongate this season,

Opportunities to shine.


May love redeem us.

Fight with me against despair,

Uniting our hearts.

May we like leaves be willing

To let go, showing our hope.

Fall Nights

At DVerse, we are writing about a specific aspect of fall. I was really unsure about what to write, especially since it’s been a relatively warm autumn where I live. I ended up writing about the lengthening of the nights. Just for fun, each line has exactly 7 syllables.

In fall the nights grow longer,

The chill begins to set in,

I miss the sun and wonder

When longer days will return,

And how to find contentment

In the dark, in the meantime.

Is it truly dark, finding

The moon becoming my friend?