Ode to a…

Hot pizza steaming,
Fresh from the oven
On a pizza peel,
Aroma appealing:
Tummy rumbling hungrily,
Can’t wait to eat,
Cheese is looking lovely,
Melted with pieces of meat
And several vegetables —
Senses buzz with delight,
Crunching into golden crust
Of pizza so glorious.

This is brought to you by DVerse quadrille prompt and the fact that I was really hungry when I sat down to write a poem.

The Twenties

This decade we return to
The roaring twenties —
Back then there were plenty
Of threats, just no one knew
About them yet.

I wonder if these twenties
Will be roaring —
When it seems more likely
That I, for one, might be
Cowering and whimpering.

DVerse’s quadrille prompt is “roar” this week. I’m kind of scared for the future….

All Aglow

This week’s quadrille prompt is the word “glow.”

Backdrop is the unlit room
On this chilly winter night:
Christmas tree is all aglow
With ornaments reflecting lights
And memories to give delight,
Despite some tastes of bittersweet.
See also branches, candy canes
Hanging from evergreen pines.
Regard the sweetness this season finds.

close up of christmas decorations hanging on tree
Photo by Miesha Moriniere on Pexels.com

The Crack Of Dawn

Linked to Poets United midweek motif about awakening, and a second crack at a quadrille for DVerse. Also, though I did not use all of the words, this was inspired partly by The Sunday Whirl for this week.

The crack of dawn
Birds commence their rhythm
For day is imminent:
A single (natural) tweet brings
To the hearer some inner healing;
Stretch arms up
Like branches
To wake up to creation,
Embracing the sun’s light
Till it dawns whole,
Unminced for eternity.

Cracking Eggs

I used to be afraid
To crack eggs against
The rim of a mixing bowl —
Baking or making pancakes
Was a difficult task,
Loath to let the egg guts gush
Everywhere —
Unable for a while
To create the delicious finished
Cooked food, and smile.

This quadrille, containing the word “crack” is based on a true story. However, I am glad to report that I am no longer afraid to crack eggs! It’s kind of an embarrassing story, but it makes me glad that just about anything can become inspiration for a poem.