44 Drums

At DVerse, for quadrille Monday, we are drumming! I have many positive associations with drums and drumming, so this was fun, but still difficult to write one that I wanted to share. Tell me what you think about this. 🙂 

Words are pounding in my mind,
They can’t sneak out of this skull,
But need a pen as a conduit:

My heart speaks nervousness
As it drums against the lungs
Like bongos :
I need to let
The words go

They’ve been muted too much.


We are writing quadrilles using the word “slip.”

How effortless it sometimes is
To slip into a false persona,
Just because it is expected —

How difficult it sometimes turns
When the truth inside you burns,
To engulf walls you’ve erected —
And the mask you’ve selected.

Too tired to keep trying,
You slip.

greyscale photo of masks on a stick
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

Hopelessly Romantic

This week’s quadrille prompt is “fix.” Inspired by true events. *laughs*

She often reads intentions
Which do not exist
In her male friends’ actions:
This hopeless romantic
Might be melted by a smile
Or any surprising kindness,
The distance twixt her daydreams
And the truth being miles.
Her sometimes-silly
Unguarded heart needs to be fixed!

stone artwork
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Silly Putty

Today at DVerse, we are mixing a bit of silliness into our quadrilles.

When anxiety hits,
Silly Putty is my weapon:
Taken in my hands
And squeezed, it frees
All that emotion.

Once, a friend, said
“Can I see it
For a minute?”
He drew a smiley,
Which transferred to the putty,
Put smiles on my face.



This is (finally) my response to DVerse’s Quadrille Monday. Our word is “flush.”

When I look at you and smile,

Do my cheeks flush pink?

Are my feelings written boldly

In their shyness, like all this ink?


When my heart becomes a-flutter

Like a hummingbird, will it nectar drink?

Promise me this buoyant feeling

Will not sink.


For NaPoWriMo day 7, and also in response to DVerse’s quadrille Monday, a day late.

The day closes to open again:
This we take for granted often.

Any time we can hug our friends:
There comes a time when this ends.

There were people sick and suffering before
This rocked the world to its core.

This poem’s for them.

Are Leprechauns A Good Idea?

Today at DVerse, our quadrilles are filled with magic!

If people could 3-D print their nightly dreams,
Wouldn’t that be a fantastic kind of magic?
We could walk outside and see real
Camaraderie, and imaginative connections.
Unicorns and leprechauns could be real.

Then again, I still dream of work:
Let’s print fewer nightmares.


Today at DVerse, we are stirring up quadrilles. I am also combining this with FOWC. 🙂

Stirring words will set the soul afire,

If ears are open, listening to truth,

Ambition combines with desire,

Even if one has long since left youth.

To take a step toward dreams

Is possible, more than it seems,

Stoke the dreams’ embers too-soon retired.


Ode to a…

Hot pizza steaming,
Fresh from the oven
On a pizza peel,
Aroma appealing:
Tummy rumbling hungrily,
Can’t wait to eat,
Cheese is looking lovely,
Melted with pieces of meat
And several vegetables —
Senses buzz with delight,
Crunching into golden crust
Of pizza so glorious.

This is brought to you by DVerse quadrille prompt and the fact that I was really hungry when I sat down to write a poem.