It’s Monday, which means a new quadrille for DVerse! this week we are writing 44-word poems that contain some form of the word “bounce.”

When I was a child
I collected bouncy balls,
Loving how, dropping them down,
They would rise up even higher.

I loved all the colors,
Had quite a collection,
And I still have much life
Ahead of me,
Which, having fallen,
Will rise higher.


Leap into Adventure

In order to welcome 2018, we at DVerse are writing quadrilles that include the word leap. I’m excited for this year and am hoping to let God take me on an adventure. I have found that, when I trust God, life is much happier and more exciting than I could predict.

This year, twenty-eighteen, I shall leap

Into the arms of great adventure,

A mystery, yet undoubtedly amazing,

Unknown, yet dreams have shown

The possibilities that may become alive,

The peace that might be mine,

If trust, hope and willingness

Out of my heart shine.


DVerse is taking a break until after the new year, but I still wrote a quadrille. 

A small notebook

Filled with tiny writing

Holds my soul:

In poetry and unsent letters

I show myself broken

And whole.


Many notebooks

Through the years

Have described my smiles

And tears —

Read, and you will know

Me, veritable entirety,

See my soul complete.

Finals Week

This week at DVerse, De Jackson has come up with this word to be used in a quadrille: Crunch. I’m not actually this stressed for finals, but it is true that I need to write 3 essays in French.

Finals week means crunch time

Has arrived; I need to return

From my vacation to the Procrasti-

-Nation, and write three essays

In the next few days.


Wish me luck, so that

Grades will stay afloat

And that stressful weeks

Will not crunch on me.




For DVerse’s quadrille #44, a 44-word poem of any form that includes some form of the word kick.

I’m addicted to something called

Comparison —

“She looks like this”

“I want to be the best” —

But this addiction gives me

No rest,

When it’s employed

It steals my joy,

Yet I continue to

Return to it —

I’ve got to kick this bad habit.

Walls and Doors

This week’s Quadrille Monday is about the word creak. I suppose that’s a good word this close to Halloween! My poem is more symbolic and was loosely inspired by this weekend, when I made friends and became closer and more honest with several people while we were on a retreat together. I am extremely grateful for that experience and hope to continue growing  in friendship.

My heart has walls,

My soul has fears,

Companionship calls,

But I want protection from fears.

I see your face,

Your welcoming smile,

Your kind words that help

Me while insecurity knocks

On my consciousness.


My heart has doors, I discover.

They creak open.