In Ash and Fog

This week, we at DVerse are writing quadrilles about hope. Mine is based on a true story that happened this morning.

I walked through fog this morning,

Smelling smoke-tainted air.

Ash was on the doorstep

I stepped forward, noticing

The fog was dissipating,

I could see where I was going.


Somewhere, in ash of the past

And fog of the future,

Lies, and rises, hope.



Play On

If, as Shakespeare says,

Music be the food of love,

May my fingers on ebony and ivory

Piano keys sprinkle salt and pepper,

May my voice offer a variety

Of spices, creating flavor with the skill

Of a professional chef,

Blending two hearts together.


This week’s quadrille word was spice.

Free Like Birds

Flying unconstrained like birds, whether bald eagle or blithe sparrow,

Running through sunny and flowering fields or down fancy boulevards, paths not narrow,

Entering exciting newness, mind expanding beyond what was previously known, and being

Enabled to do what is right, even standing alone.

This week’s quadrille Monday at DVerse was to write a poem of 44 words that used some form of the word “free.” I decided to try an acrostic quadrille, combining two fun forms of poetry.



While at the beach on Saturday, I wrote several poems. This one is a quadrille, though DVerse did not provide the prompt. I decided to write a poem of exactly 44 words, including the word “ocean.” I have mixed feelings about the ocean because I like visiting it and being in the water, but it scares me because I am not good at swimming, and the waves can go over my head.

I can barely swim

Under the best circumstances:

If I’m in the ocean,

I’d likely drown

After being pummeled by

Big, so-called Pacific

Waves. But the ocean

Calls me, and so does

Faith; to step into

The uncontrollable currents,

Unpredictable tides,

Trusting the moon.


The Library

Today I was walking through the huge library on my college campus. There were many bookshelves with countless rows of books on them, on every topic imaginable. I was at the same time sad that I would never be able to read more than a tiny percentage of them and also amazed that the library had so much available. I was happy, just standing among all of those books.

This is a quadrille for DVerse’s bliss prompt.

I lose myself in rows of bookshelves,

Confronting mortality as I realize

I’ll never be

Able to read

All these books,

Works spanning centuries.


Let me not lose time in valleys

Of unhappiness, but right now find bliss

Among these giants,

Of enduring genius.

Quadrille: Dream

It is quadrille Monday again at DVerse! Today’s word is dream.

Dreams are strange things:

We wake,

They dissipate,

And what do they say,


When we’re asleep?


They speak,

Reaching high and loftily,

Diving deep, subconsciously,

They symbolize the keenest cries

Of Soul’s profound desires.


They wish when we awake

We light the fires.

False Evidence Appearing Real

This week’s quadrille challenge at DVerse is about fear. As always, it is made up of 44 words, using the word “fear.”

Someone told me, years ago, that fear

Is a lie, False Evidence Appearing Real.

I have lost this person — loss a great

Fear — but have gotten to the

Other side. Fear is a lie, leeching life,

But how real it appears, and hotly sears!