That Dramatic Irony Though

Another repost for Fandango’s Flashback Friday, just like last week. On January 13, 2020, I posted this poem, titled “The Twenties. Linked with JusJoJan day 14.

The Twenties

This decade we return to
The roaring twenties —
Back then there were plenty
Of threats, just no one knew
About them yet.

I wonder if these twenties
Will be roaring —
When it seems more likely
That I, for one, might be
Cowering and whimpering.

“Might be” — yeah, just maybe… *RW laughs until she cries*

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Crown of Thorns

A second Quadrille for DVerse because I just wrote this and figured why not share. 🙂

They crowned Him
To mock Him,
But nothing
Could block Him
From extending grace to that crowd.
The Most High
Was never proud,
And never called angels
To take pain away:
He underwent suffering
As an act of loving,
Rose on the third day.

Coming Unglued

For Quadrille Monday at DVerse, De prompts us with the word “stone.” This is a re-working of a poem I wrote maybe 2 weeks ago, edited in order to make it into a 44-word quadrille. 

I’ve come
Like a broken
Doorway – blocked,
I’ve come
A long way,
Yet been dragged back
Into that
Same place,
I’ve come

Must come
From the weighty
Hopelessness stone.

But how to avoid
More voids?
Leave no stone unturned.

I really like this quotation!

Strange Metamorphosis

The world is ending. 

Hard to accept 

The world is looking 

Kafkaesque, and 

Its course is getting 



Will cockroaches overrun

Once microbes are done?


The world is ending.


Except, not now.

So let’s linger

Over a cold brew,

Talk ’til it’s all gone. 

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Another quadrille for DVerse, plus I’m responding to FOWC and MLMM’s Saturday Mix: Double Take. Also, there’s something about those chairs and the focus of that photo that I really like. 

How could the heart be limited

This is for DVerse’s Quadrille Monday “We {heart} Poems”, and also for the MVB prompt, since that is “Monday.” 🙂 Our word is “heart” this week. It surprises me that that hasn’t been a quadrille prompt yet!

How could the heart be limited to 44 words only?
Explain how to condense ineffable complexities and wordless yearnings, beyond
rteries and veins keeping pumped blood coming and going?
are beyond telling is each beat’s uniqueness, especially
he wonderful being that each beat animates.