Between Breaths

Let spaces of silence slide

Between breaths —

May the words I do say

Shed light, bring peace

Between breaths —

Keep breathing,

Count the inhale and the

Exhale, count the pause

Between breaths —

Let kind silence live, yet

Let no voice be silenced,

Between breaths.


A quadrille for DVerse including the word “keep”. This poem didn’t begin as a quadrille, but then I decided to see if it would work as one, and I liked the result. 

Two Sets

These are two quadrilles for DVerse quadrille Monday, and the word is “set.” I’m also linking to Fandango’s one-word prompt, cast.

The Play

Aspiring actors try out for the play,

The cast list is announced

The lines are slowly memorized,

And many sets are painted:

There are quirky many-dimensional

Characters, a complicated plot,

And unexpected places, as

Varied as life itself,

For “all the world’s a stage.”


The Glass Heart

Bruised and broken

(Not quite shattered)

One too many times,

She cradles like a baby

Her precious glass heart,

Sets it on a countertop

Display — but that’s not the way

Hearts need to be treated.

Not only looked at

(Not quite shattered)

But cherished.


Cash Extinction

For Fandango’s one-word prompt, “cash”, and the DVerse quadrille, where we are supposed to use some form of “extinction”. This is a little silly, but I hope you like it. 

Pulling out my credit card to pay

For something costing only $3.05,

I wonder where my cash has gone

And if cash will survive.

Pennies have already nearly gone extinct,

Many other coins are on the brink,

And wallet space for dollar bills unfilled.

Seaside Tranquility

For this week’s quadrille prompt at DVerse, we are focusing on “tranquility.”

Watching the salty waves go in and out,

As lungs breathe in humid, tropical air,

And all ten toes snuggle into sun-warmed sand:


To stay here on this island beach, even

Until the magnificently colorful sunset, is

Pure tranquility, even if only for today.


There is water which corresponds to your thirst.
There exists some food to satisfy your hunger.
There is some happiness to fill that glass
But it’s not found here.
There is a voice speaking to your subconscious,
Leading you to this place of fulfillment.

We are using our poetic voices for the DVerse quadrille this week.

Event Horizon

DVerse is back from its summer vacation, so the quadrille has returned! This week’s word is “sun.” I am also sharing this with Fandango’s one-word challenge.

There is a point near a black hole
Where escape becomes impossible,
Where gravity has too strong a pull —
Not even light can run from its grip.

On the other side of this horizon
No stars shine, no suns burn
Point of no return.


Shall I fret if the future is in mist?

Is the path happy even without seeing?

Can someone guide, grasping gently my wrist,

Pulling me forward, when I am hesitating?

Shall the guide leave, perhaps as a surprise?

Is there mist in my eyes?

For DVerse’s Quadrille Monday, where the word of the week is “fret,”  and including Fandango’s word of the day, “mist.” I’m not sure if I should change something about this poem, but I hope you like it.