For Fandango’s Flashback Friday, I have a poem from June 17th, 2019 (still exploring that particular poetry notebook). It turns out that this was a Quadrille, a 44-word poem, so I might have posted it the day it was written. if it was a response to a DVerse Quadrille Monday. Also linking to FOWC: Possible.

Shall I fret if the future is in mist?
Is the path happy even without seeing?
Can someone guide, grasping gently my wrist,
Pulling me forward, when I am hesitating?
Shall the guide leave, possibly as a surprise?
Is there mist in my eyes?

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I’m not fine
I am never fine,
Dare to peer in this brain of

Look at me,
Does anyone care,
Beyond a few words and one

Seem static,
Going nowhere while
Brain runs off a cliff or it


Good time to reprise this photo

My thought process before this: “Okay, I finally finished that happy poem from last week. Let’s let out the other stuff.” MVB: Shock. FOWC: Anybody (close enough?). Then I started writing and realized I could make it into a Quadrille for DVerse; the week’s word is “static.”  I’m not linking this up with it but figured I’d give credit for the inspiration. 🙂  At least I’ve written more now!!

Being Salty

We are writing salty Quadrilles at DVerse today, hosted by WhimsyGizmo. Mine is also a sevenling. I wrote a draft in my notebook and then typed it into a Word document to play around with getting it to have exactly 44 words. It’s been difficult to write anything today, but writing is an indelible part of me, so… here you go.

There is much one could write about:
The salty irresistibility of snacks like
Pretzels, popcorn (forget movies), chips Continue reading

That Dramatic Irony Though

Another repost for Fandango’s Flashback Friday, just like last week. On January 13, 2020, I posted this poem, titled “The Twenties. Linked with JusJoJan day 14.

The Twenties

This decade we return to
The roaring twenties —
Back then there were plenty
Of threats, just no one knew
About them yet.

I wonder if these twenties
Will be roaring —
When it seems more likely
That I, for one, might be
Cowering and whimpering.

“Might be” — yeah, just maybe… *RW laughs until she cries*

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Crown of Thorns

A second Quadrille for DVerse because I just wrote this and figured why not share. 🙂

They crowned Him
To mock Him,
But nothing
Could block Him
From extending grace to that crowd.
The Most High
Was never proud,
And never called angels
To take pain away:
He underwent suffering
As an act of loving,
Rose on the third day.