Quadrille: Dream

It is quadrille Monday again at DVerse! Today’s word is dream.

Dreams are strange things:

We wake,

They dissipate,

And what do they say,


When we’re asleep?


They speak,

Reaching high and loftily,

Diving deep, subconsciously,

They symbolize the keenest cries

Of Soul’s profound desires.


They wish when we awake

We light the fires.

False Evidence Appearing Real

This week’s quadrille challenge at DVerse is about fear. As always, it is made up of 44 words, using the word “fear.”

Someone told me, years ago, that fear

Is a lie, False Evidence Appearing Real.

I have lost this person — loss a great

Fear — but have gotten to the

Other side. Fear is a lie, leeching life,

But how real it appears, and hotly sears!

Outside My Window

Today’s poem is inspired by DVerse’s Looking Out / Looking In poetics challenge. I took a photo this morning from inside my room, looking out the window and this quadrille is what came out of it. I think that this prompt might inspire many other poems as well, as many poems as there are windows!

Outside my window I see morning light,

And colors of the soft sunrise,

With clouds floating by like a greeting;

This day I need to decide to fight

For happiness, for peace, for presence

For each passing moment of

This lovely gift called Life.


Quadrille: Flicker

Today, DVerse returns from summer break! I am delighted that the weekly challenges and sense of community will return. Today’s prompt is to write a quadrille using the word “flicker.”

There is a flicker of light in the darkness:

A star, millions of miles away — its wavelengths

Reach out like cosmic arms. No harms

Will come this way if eyes stay looking up

At the friendly star whose eyes

Kindly look down to earth.

Quadrille: Pepper

Today’s quadrille prompt was to write a poem of exactly 44 words, one of which is the word “pepper.” It was a bit of a challenge to think of a topic for this one, but I ended up writing about how my family used to make jalapeño poppers using the jalapeños from my brother’s garden.

We’d take the jalapeño peppers

From the garden and make jalapeño poppers:

Carefully cut and seed them,

Stuff them with cream cheese and

More cheese and coat them with

Corn flakes, bake them and eat

Piping hot, with our family —

The spice of life.

Storm — Quadrille

A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words that includes a specific word. Today’s quadrille uses the word “storm.” The poem does not have to rhyme, but mine does because sometimes I like to challenge myself a little bit.

Rage on, fearsome storm, my Captain steers!

Howl, shout loudly, assail my ears,

For calling on my Captain frees from fears.


With Him as guide, what matter other voices?

On seas of life, He knows the ideal choices,

And so my stormy soul rejoices.

Quadrille: Sound

Today’s poetry adventure is to write a quadrille using the word “sound.”

I reread your letters, drinking your words

Like clean and deep well water.

I see your looping purple ink

Which describes your life, and reaches out to me.

I miss you the way winter misses spring.

I miss the sound of your bird-song voice.