Foggy Future

For DVerse’s quadrille Monday #56, for which the word is muddle. I’m not quite as lost as the poem suggests, but this is semi-autobiographical.

Foggy Future

So many voices muddle the meaning

Of my life, unprompted opinions

Coming in, dimming my soul’s light.


Or trying, for I’m fighting.


Even in my own mind the options try

To compete — which one’s for me?

The past is a morass — the future foggy .



Fruits of Our Labor

This week’s quadrille has us all “gather”ing to write poetry!

Sunlight shining in the backyard garden,
Lovingly cared for home-grown
Tomatoes ripen on the climbing vines,
Ripe blueberries and read strawberries
Gathered when it is time:

We have tended these plants for many months,
The fruits of our labor
Are a fresh summer feast.

I will not zip my lips

This is my offering for DVerse’s lastest quadrille prompt. This week’s word is some form of the word “zip.” For once I tried to make my quadrille rhyme. Join us here. This is also for NaPoWriMo day 10.

I will not zip my lips

When truth bangs on the door,

Why hide behind the lies?

Courageously explore

What it is like to let friends in,

An unknown shore —

But one that’s filled with ripe fruits,

Behold the harvest that truth can produce!


For Poetics Tuesdaywe are writing about superheroes. I am not really interested in superhero movies or comics, so this was a challenge, but I thought of a good hero. This poem is also a quadrille.

What never stops working

And is always beating,

Making pathways possible

For blood full of oxygen?

What will tirelessly provide

For years and years of life,

And does not mind

To break and mend and break again?

The human heart: hero without a cape.


Update: I just missed the link up for DVerse but am still happy to have written and shared this. Also linked to Forgiving Fridays, since I think there’s nothing more forgiving than your own heart, always trying to keep you alive, no matter what you have done. This poem also refers to healing from a broken heart and forgiving the hurt and having courage to love again.

Ode to Hot Sauce

This week at DVerse, we are “firing up” our quadrille-writing skills, making sure to include a form of the word “fire.” This poem is just me being silly.

When life is bland, you make it flavorful,

When recipes need something, you make them whole,

Whether red or green, I choose to go

Ahead with smothering my food in habanero

Hot sauce, and I never tire:

You set my mouth and heart afire.



This Monday at DVerse, we are writing Quadrille that contain the word burn. I wrote a few, but most were too dark, so here’s a more fun one.

Nighttime bonfire on the beach,

Flames leap

Laughter rises

In and out the tides keep time.

Friends gather

Flames flicker

Around a marshmallow on a stick,

Also wanting to eat

This sweet treat —

It is the only time

I put trust in burning fire.


This week we are exploring various murmurings at DVerse. I have actually written 3 quadrilles using the word “murmur” today; it was much more enjoyable and versatile than I expected. Here is one that I feel comfortable sharing.

The little stream murmurs to the water in my body:

You are so much larger than yourself,

And that’s how it should be.

There is life inside of you,

That reaches to embrace all of nature

And humanity — set it free, don’t go quietly.