We Make Plans…

A short poem today, for FOWC: Repeat and also inspired by the FFFC #125 picture (below). I also used the words for Ronovan Writes’ haiku challenge, even though I wrote a Lune rather than a haiku, so am linking to that. 🙂

we make plans —
time repeats tick-tock
as clocks laugh

Hopes Gleam / New Dreams

This is for Ronovan Writes’s décima challenge this week (shockingly 🙂 ). I started it 2 days ago but only finished it 2 minutes ago.

Ten years ago expansive dreams
Existed for my future plans,
And I believed that my two hands
Could grab them. How wrong that now seems.

In childhood I saw hopes gleam
And thought them gold. But what a shock
When they were pyrite: foolish rock.
Somewhere there still might be a stone
To find, a gem, not one alone —
Maybe next time I take a walk.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

Christmas Shopping is Super FUN!

Day 21 of the Christmas challenge is FUN! This is an easy word to use in a post because the Christmas challenge itself is fun, as are many other prompts and challenges and, to me, almost any sort of creative writing. These haiku that I wrote today for Ronovan Writes overlap with the FUN prompt, making it even more fun. 🙂 I’m also sharing with the Writers’ Pantry.

Children open gifts —
Adults discover solace
Watching kids have fun

All the craziness is worth it (I hope). Shopping hasn’t been as “crazy” as in previous years because I’ve done almost all of it online, but I still need to order one or two things. To a certain extent, I liked shopping in the stores because I could browse and find a good idea for a gift that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Frenetic prelude —
Open presents, seek solace
Silent night at last!

A Knock on the Door

This décima is for Ronovan’s current challenge, with the word “knock” in one of the A lines.

Open up your constructed box,
Open up your exhausted heart:
God does not want to stay apart,
Jesus stands at the door and knocks.

On the outside there are no locks
Nor even a knob, for Him to turn —
To eat with you He always yearns,
Yet waits for you to let him in.
It’s never too late to begin,
No willing soul He ever spurns.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image