Unite Our Breaths

For Ronovan Writes’s haiku challenge. I wrote a somonka, which is two tankas, usually having the theme of love or loss. 

The plaintive wolf howls

At the moon; her face is mine

Missing you in night —

I see breath in chilly air

Longing for my belovèd.


I too see the moon;

She is beautiful as you

May we soon unite —

See your presence next to me

Embracing my belovèd.

Choose Faith

For Ronovan Writes’s challenge to write a haiku using the words Choice and Faith or their synonyms, here. I wrote a tanka.

Faith in the unknown,

Based on what’s already known:

Choose to see the grace,

Grace has brought me safe thus far.

Travel bravely onward — home.

My Long-Ago Room

I met two prompts at once this time. First, it is for Ronovan Writes’s “shy and sweet”challenge (except I wrote a tanks instead of a haiku). Also, it is for a prompt on Real Toads about a poem by Maya Angelou which mentions long-ago rooms.

In long-ago rooms,

Porcelain dolls gaze out shyly,

And pink walls look sweet.

These were times of innocence,

Memories still dear to me.

Hope and Magic

This week’s Ronovan Writes challenge is to use the words “hope” and “magic” in a haikai poem. I have 2 to share.


Children believe in

Magic, and the word “hopeless”

Is not known to them —

Why do adults turn away

From wells of ageless wisdom?

Coming and going,

Hope is not a magic spell.

How I love her face,

How her presence saves from hell,

Nothing else can take her place.