Décima: Dreaming of Music

I combined two prompts for this poem, Linda’s paint-chip poetry for the week and also Ronovan’s Décima challenge using “dream.” I hope this is good because I wrote 4 or 5 décimas in the past few days but didn’t feel confident sharing any of them.

Saxophone solo, smooth as dreams,
Piano keys accompany —
Both ebony and ivory —
Talent rare as saffron, it seems.

Courage in a lion heart gleams:
New life imbued into spirit,
Rocking the boat but fine with it,
The boat was sinking anyway.
A living spring will gush today:
Music shall play, songs not tacet.


By RWJHughes – taken from my sheet music, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=19344310

The Lost Sock

This décima is silly, but that’s okay for today.

The weekly laundry is a chore
That I am happy to complete,
On Saturdays I’m glad to greet
The morning, for what is in store?
Detergent which I like to pour,
And through its magic soon create
Clean clothes, so closets can restock.
Only unfortunate when socks
Are separated from their mate —
Dryer’s hunger is hard to sate.

decima challenge image

Décima: Practice Never Ends

This is for Ronovan Writes’ décima challenge and FOWC: Practice. Also, I didn’t mean to make this poem so depressing, but sometimes one can’t help what one wants to write. 

When life gives little healing balm,
When to escape I have an itch
And would give anything to switch,
I have to practice being calm.

There’s joy and pain inside each psalm.
I must believe that joy outweighs
Despair, and waits for a surprise,
Available to open eyes —
I’m ready for it to amaze,
But practice patience since pain stays.

Décima: Dammed Anger

This is for Ronovan Writes’s third décima challenge, using the word MAD. Note: I am not saying you should complain about everything to all or even most people. It’s crucial to be honest with yourself and maybe a few other, trusted people, though. I have learned that through experience.

Anger is dammed, but I’m still mad:
Woe to the one on which it flows!
Hidden inside, it’s poison — throws
A soul into a pit, dark, sad —

Anger can’t be trashed, must be had.
Let it flow through blood and body
Giving valuable energy
When it is not locked in the heart.
Let it out slowly; make a start,
And find freedom in honesty.


NaPoWriMo day 27: I wrote two poems in response to Ronovan Writes’ haiku prompt. The first one is rather bleak, so I intentionally wrote a happier one afterward!

Stick behind donkey
Prodding to an unfree end —
Carrot is a trick

white and brown dog standing atop brown donkey carrying basket
Photo by Hrishikesh Deshkar on Pexels.com

Finding a suitable picture for this was highly enjoyable:

Owner throws a stick
Dog delights in bringing back,
Puppy loves the trick!

adorable animal canine cute
Photo by Jim Scharff on Pexels.com

Décima: Hope

This is written in response to Ronovan’s challenge and is partially inspired by FOWC: Express. This is for NaPoWriMo day 24.

Strong as the grave are love and hope:
May hope carry all to the end,
Holding weak hands as a God-send,
Saving maybe more lives than soap.

Beyond four walls widens the scope
With hope as faithful companion;
We see more loving expressions
Reaching out in ways we’re able,
Hope and friendship keeping stable.
At the end, let’s begin again.


Décima: Thankfulness

Many thanks to Ronovan for the introduction to this poetry form and the accompanying challenge! I am also sharing this with the Writers’ Pantry. For NaPoWriMo day 19.

To thankfulness we dedicate,
Reminders needed quite often,
Remember goodness even when
Glad feelings prove hard to create.

We find in small things what is great :
We might have practice in the fall,
Yet it’s a skill needed for all
Days, weeks, and seasons in the year —
Especially when one’s prone to tears,
Though difficult — we heed the call.