Weighty Shame

This week’s Sunday writing prompt from MLMM is “light,” and several expressions about light are provided as examples. I didn’t use this exact phrase but was inspired especially by, Thankfully they were light enough to rescue.”  I wrote a tanka and then a shadorma.

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Much Is Missed

I am sharing this poem with today’s Writers’ Pantry. It’s a shadorma that I wrote this morning. I intended to post something else but honestly think this is the best poem I’ve written recently that hasn’t already been posted.

cast in mist,
the future’s blurry
past is missed,
and today
must be content with distance,
masks and Lysol spray

Looking at Psalm 131

Please read psalm 131 here. It inspired this shadorma in an indirect way. This poem, written after a conversation with a friend which helped to calm my anxiety, is shared with DVerse OLN.

Song of quiet trust,
Dig in deep
Stand your ground
Until reinforcements come —
Angels will arrive.