Love: A Trianglet

Thanks to Linda Luna for posting a form called a trianglet. Her poem was the first time that I had encountered this form, and I decided to try writing my own. Trianglets are 10-line poems with a syllable count of 1/2/3/4/5/5/4/3/2/1, and their rhyme scheme is AbcxddxcbA.



Safe, always

Taking a risk,

Be vulnerable.

Jump into the whole

Experience —

Nights and days




He Walked By

Because he walked into my life,

I have true happiness,

Although he moved away from here,

I do not love him less.

I’m grateful that our lives have kissed,

Although I may ne’er see,

The person whom the future holds,

The man he is to be.

Shared with DVerse OLN #210. I’ll miss posting and interacting with my fellow poets during the next 2 weeks! 


Jill has challenged us to write a poem inspired by  “The Raven.” I actually wrote several, and below is my favorite. It is written in a form called a nocturna, a nine-line poem with the rhyme scheme abacbcdbd and a nighttime theme.

What am I doing up at midnight?

What is this haunting raven for?

I wish she’d raged against the dying of her light —

My maiden beautiful and fair,

My maiden lost too soon, Lenore,

Whose memory is ever there

In the bleakness of December snows,

Amidst my tomes of forgotten lore,

“Nevermore,” the raven croaks — he knows! he knows!

My White Shoes

A reflection on my shoes, inspired by DVerse’s Poetics prompt. I actually wrote 3 poems about shoes. Who knew they could lead to so much poetry? There is poetry in just about anything, for those who are open to seeing it.

My white shoes are dirty from use,

From providing protection that my feet need,

From for miles and miles walking

And faithfully taking me places

I need to go. My shoes know

Where I’ve been and will be

My companions when I step into tomorrow.


This poem was inspired by the Wikipedia page about daisies. I have been interested in the meaning of flowers for a while and for some reason felt drawn to explore daisies. Note: Their Latin name is Bellis perennis. Shared with DVerse’s OLN #202.

Flower of children and innocence,

Bellis perennis, 

May you grow and love

Your yellow center and

Pure-white petals.

May you be rooted deep,

And do not weep,

But know your name:

Your everlasting beauty.


I Am Part Blackbird

This poem was inspired by day 21 Jill’s “28 Days of Unreason” challenge. Thank you for sharing the quotations with all of us; it has been a lot of fun to write in response to them! Today’s quotation is, “Like many poets I’m part blackbird and part red squirrel and my brain chatters, shrieks, and whistles.” ~ Jim Harrison

I am part blackbird,

Singing in the dead of night,

And I am part raven,

Croaking nevermore’s dark blight.


I am part peregrine,

A pilgrim, flying south,

And I am part sparrow,

Sweet chirping fills my mouth.


I am part peacock,

With feathers as my fame,

And I am part phoenix,

Rising in a burst of flame.