Happy Spring!

For Linda G. Hill’s coloring club this month, I have another picture from my Pusheen the cat coloring book, which I hadn’t colored in in a while.

As another, bonus sign of spring, there are some strawberries growing in my family’s garden!
This was taken a few days ago. Soon we’ll get to eat them!

Wandering Lost

I have a Chaucerian stanza in response to FOWC: Direction and MLMM’s Saturday Mix, which is about using opposites.

Directionless she wanders, looking for
A signpost, to help her know east from west.
With growing trepidation at her core
She wonders if she’ll ever pass this test.
Must her hopes fade? Burdens must lighten, lest
Her eyes nevermore brighten. Soon she’ll find
A place to lay her burden — somewhere kind.

dark forest trees
Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

Storm Clouds

For today’s Weekly Scribblings at PSU, we are using the idea of a troubled relationship, and for Writing Wednesday, the prompt word is “redirected.” Magaly kind of joked about this, but my “troubled relationship” today is with the weather. I am spoiled lucky enough to live in Southern California, so there’s little to complain about the weather here, but dark / rainy days are hard for me, anyway.There are other troubled relationships I could write about, but let’s not go there today. 🙂

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Mother of Sorrows

The DVerse Poetics prompt is about paradoxes today. Please follow the link to read other poets’ submissions and lovely examples of paradoxes in poetry. One of the options we were given is to build a poem around one of the given lines, and I am choosing the line, “I am the mother of sorrows; I am the ender of grief;” from the poem “The Paradox” by Paul Dunbar. The first thing I thought of was Our Lady of Sorrows: Continue reading