For the Planet

At Real Toads, we are writing about Earth grief. I wrote this poem yesterday before seeing the prompt, and it fits the theme. Lately I have been worried about the earth, especially with all of the natural disasters happening. 

Wildfires and hurricanes,

Floods and monsoons

Coming one after another

Too soon —

Is there nothing we can do

For the planet,

Is there a point of no return

And have we passed it?


For quadrille Monday, our word is “harbor”.

Sadness is this sea, and sometimes people can be

A temporary anchor; but demons of the deep

Keep waiting for me. There seems to be

No welcoming space, no safe harbor here,

On this maritime, Odyssey-like, bold, depth untold

Journey through the fathomless mind.


For the latest DVerse Poetics, which is themed “Frustration and Heartbreak.”

Storms break upon the rocks;

Hearts break on glass promises,

Even tall walls break in earthquakes

But the worst is when the world shakes

And hope seems broken.


But hope is like

The waves that break upon the rocks:

It can get battered for a near eternity

Yet never stop trying, battling;

Hope is the only shatter-proof glass.


Fibonacci Nautilus

For Real Toads’s monthly “camera flash, the picture for which is below. The poetry form is called the Fibonacci, or fib, due to the syllable progression, which corresponds to a Fibonacci sequence.

On the
Shoreline have
Stories now to tell:
What creature lived inside a while
Ago, and what adventure is underneath the waves?
This is why shells have an echo —
It is the voice of
Old stories —
Can you


For the twisted adage challenge at DVerse.

Open the tub of ground-up beans,

Place a paper filter in the machine

And fill it with a few scoops,

Making sure the reservoir has water.

Press a button and momentarily, voila:

Wake up and smell the coffee.


For DVerse’s latest quadrille, about the earth.

Full of excelling beauty of many types,
Seas and rivers blue, hills and valleys green,
Make sure creation’s variety remains
In future generations to be seen.
Do not destroy the forest for the trees,
Nor create islands of concrete:

Nature will not accept defeat.