Rainy Days

There are supposed to be “scattered showers” where I live today, which tends to make things emotionally more difficult for me, but even if it is rainy, the day won’t be a disaster. It’s a good sign that I’ve already gotten through the first half of the day. 🙂

A rainy day? No need to sob.
Need some comfort? Sounds like a job
For the fluffiest robe, blanket,
Silliest rom-com you can get,
Maybe a cup of hot chocolate,
Curl up next to your favorite pet.

(Pusheen the cat doesn’t mind rainy or cold days. 🙂 )

This silly poem is brought to you by SoCS. Side note: I wish I had a dog or a cat.

Among roaring waters

This poem, made up of 2 cinquains, is for JusJoJan day 3. The word is “abundance,” but the prompt is actually optional. 🙂 I guess one could say that God gives an Abundance of grace. I was inspired by Psalm 42:7.

Deep is
Calling to deep.
Among roaring waters
Ocean waves’ torrents billowing
Is peace:

Water’s surface
Is placid quietness.
In storms, remember you’re swimming
In grace.

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Water Falls from the Sky…

It’s often hard for me when it rains, but not always. Today seems to be pretty pleasant. 🙂

Water falls from the sky,
And I get to stay inside
Drinking coffee with a chocolate cookie
(Mom made popcorn on the stove
So we might watch a movie) —
We need no gloves, but blankets
Might be nice, and maybe we
Will light the candles tonight.

Obscure Sorrows

DVerse Poetics prompt: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. As a lover of words (and of poetry), I definitely wanted to try this prompt! We are given a list of a few words from the book and are asked to choose at least one to include in our poem. Most of them are quite relatable, so it was hard to choose. This one relates to me, even today:

Craxis: the unease of knowing how quickly your circumstances could change on you- that no matter how carefully you shape your life into what you want it to be, the whole thing could be overturned in an instant.

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Joy and Sighing

Yesterday was Gaudete Sunday, which means Rejoice, and it is when the third candle, the rose-colored candle, of the Advent wreath is lit. You can see an Advent wreath (not mine) in the picture below. That inspired this décima, for Ronovan’s challenge. It didn’t rain last night, but it’s really gray out today and supposed to rain very soon. Rain tends to make things more difficult for my emotions, but we’ll hope for the best. 🙂

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