My Peace

I wrote this poem a few days ago, in the arboretum by my university. It is inspired by Psalm 23 and shared with DVerse’s latest open link night. come visit us and read more poems!

Here are green pastures in which I sit,
Here are quiet waters, flowing —
Here is a slice of soul’s refreshment,
Here is Jesus, guiding wherever I’m going.

Now is a table, richly arrayed,
Even here, in a dark valley —
Now God is with me, shall I be afraid?
Even here, I can taste eternity.

Fill Emptiness With Song

For DVerse MTB, where we are playing with repetition. I actually wrote this poem back in July but never posted it until now. 

The glass is half empty,

The glass is half full —

The glass is refillable.


Fill emptiness with song.


Even the rim of the glass

Can sing, with one

Unique and lovely note.


Fill the emptiness with song.


The glass is a God-made soul,

The glass has a voice

With strings which resonate,


Always filled with song.

For the Planet

At Real Toads, we are writing about Earth grief. I wrote this poem yesterday before seeing the prompt, and it fits the theme. Lately I have been worried about the earth, especially with all of the natural disasters happening. 

Wildfires and hurricanes,

Floods and monsoons

Coming one after another

Too soon —

Is there nothing we can do

For the planet,

Is there a point of no return

And have we passed it?


For quadrille Monday, our word is “harbor”.

Sadness is this sea, and sometimes people can be

A temporary anchor; but demons of the deep

Keep waiting for me. There seems to be

No welcoming space, no safe harbor here,

On this maritime, Odyssey-like, bold, depth untold

Journey through the fathomless mind.