Water’s Messages

For the weekend prompt here, we are writing about water. The original post included the research of Masaru Emoto, who observed the effects of positivity and negativity on water molecules. I was inspired by that. 

Such pretty crystals

Form from

The word “Love” —


And the molecules


“You disgust me,”

Even look unhappy.


Water is necessary

For all of life,

And each living creature


To know love.



There is water which corresponds to your thirst.
There exists some food to satisfy your hunger.
There is some happiness to fill that glass
But it’s not found here.
There is a voice speaking to your subconscious,
Leading you to this place of fulfillment.

We are using our poetic voices for the DVerse quadrille this week.


can I say with faith

“Let the waves come?”

I’d hope Yes,

but how


do they

Beat? how deep

the seas’ waters?

How deep mutual love?

I am sharing this for Forgiving Fridays, since sometimes I get upset with myself for not having a “strong enough” faith. I need to let it be what it is and not try to pretend like the life of faith isn’t difficult. Sometimes it is difficult to know that God is in control, even though I have seen God do amazing things before. Nevertheless, I think, “This time God has pushed me past my limits.” How this relates to forgiveness is that it is important to forgive myself for those times when I feel weak in faith and weak in general. 

Still Life

This was written in response to this prompt from Real Toads’ and was inspired by an old photo of me. 

The little girl sits tranquil

At five years old, looking out

At a placid lake, looking vast

As the sea, surely, to her young

Eyes —


A beautiful snapshot of a beautiful

Spot, that photo was taken

Twenty-one years ago, a mere echo —

Does her mother wonder how time

Traipsed by; does she tell her daughter

In her mind

“I like for you to be still?”


July Sky

For Frank J. Tassone’s haikai prompt of the week, which is smoldering heat (moyuru). I wrote a few haiku that fit the category.

Smoldering summer —
Pregnant clouds give birth to rain
Warm humidity

Eggs on sidewalks fry —
Humans retreat to their caves
A.C. brings relief

Temperate weather
Gives way to a huge heat wave:
California sun