An Affirmation

Linking up with FOWC: Figment, even though I have actually been working on this for 3 days. For whatever reason, it was rather challenging for me to finish.

In this moment all is well,
Calling me to peace.
All my worries letting go,
Tension can release.
Now is no disaster near,
Figment of my worries.
Dealing with anxiety
Is part of the journey.
What’s to come? A mystery.
But for now breathe peacefully.

peace word carved in wood
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Out of Air (plus SoCS!)

A tight space
With walls so close
Threatening to crush
I cannot breathe
I’m running
Out of

I aspire to post again today because there are plenty of other prompts, and this one is rather dark, kind of like yesterday’s. While writing it this morning and again when typing it up just now, I physically felt the constriction and some difficulty with breathing freely. I also aspire to allow the emotions to come through in my writing, and to write on subjects that do not expire but can stay relevant, no matter when the poem is read. With any luck, I will be inspired to write several more poems today or at least to finish the 4 that I have started. 🙂

SoCS: aspire/inspire/expire


I barely wrote any poetry today, which is extremely rare. Maybe, after yesterday, the majority of my creative juices were used up. That’s disappointing, but I respect the fact that I can’t have that kind of output every day. Here’s a sestet that I just finished.

How much has changed, at times extreme,
In the course of just a few years!
So optimism’s tough: it seems
Few options lead to good. Fear sears
And burns as dream to nightmare turns,
Too often nonexistence yearns.

The Storms

This is an old poem, posted for Brian’s prompt, “Slam.” He challenges us to write something that “could be delivered as spoken word, maybe even at a poetry slam.” I wrote this poem on April 3, 2019, at a weeklong Christian conference after studying part of the book of Mark. Later in the week, there was an open-mic, where anyone could share anything, and at the last minute (literally, during the event), I decided to sign up and share this poem. Although I am still a novice at poem-writing and was even more so then, my poem was quite well-received. 🙂

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It’s Sunny Outside the Pit

I wrote this décima for this week’s challenge: Sunny. I also used the word from last week because I had forgotten to post anything for that one. Also linked to MVB: Temptation.

When tempted to think woefully,
When stuck too long inside the brain
With thoughts a scary maze, sans gain —
Look outside. The day is sunny.

This day has opportunities
That might be hard to see. Never
Stop trying, although worries spur
Paralysis — stuck in a pit.
Stuck in a maze? Ways out of it
Exist. Some happy days concur.

Flashback Friday: Nocturna

For Fandango’s “Flashback Friday,” I found a few different poems on my blog written on September 24th of past years. There are actually 3 of them that I liked (out of 5, I think). The one I’m reposting is this one because I appreciated being reminded of the “Nocturna” form. I recommend that you browse the archives of my blog and read the others, but I won’t lecture you about it. 🙂

low angle photography of full moon under silhouette of tall trees
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What am I doing up at midnight?

What is this haunting raven for?

I wish she’d raged against the dying of her light —

My maiden beautiful and fair,

My maiden lost too soon, Lenore,

Whose memory is ever there

In the bleakness of December snows,

Amidst my tomes of forgotten lore,

“Nevermore,” the raven croaks — he knows! he knows!