This is a page for all of my favorite poems that I have written. Because I have over a thousand posts on this blog, a friend suggested to me that I make some kind of category for my favorites. Well, here it is! I hope you enjoy. It has been interesting to curate this page because I have been rediscovering poems that I really like, which I had forgotten about! I will keep adding to this page as I keep writing and looking back on 5 years’ worth of poems.

My Name Is Thirst: Although I wrote this one when I was 14 for a language-arts assignment, it remains one of my favorites. On a similar theme, there is this poem: Water.

Ghazals: Call Me Hagar, Folly, To Me, this ghazal, and I also need to add Lost in Translation because it is the only ghazal that I have written in French. 🙂

White Rose

Water Under the Bridge

This untitled poem, not only because I like the poem itself but also rereading how the poem came about!

This décima: Was Blind But Now I See

I wrote this sestina in response to a paint-chip poetry prompt and was pretty nervous to even try the form, but it turned out quite well: Sestina: Springtime

Written on March 17th and also in response to a prompt: BOOM!

This poem, “Something Inevitable,” not only because I like it but because of the encouraging comments and the fact that people think continuing to share my story could help others.

This cherita: “I Want to Write…”