What not to do

For One-Liner Wednesday, I have a quotation from the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen. This is taken from my daily book of his quotations.

We hate others and call it ‘zeal;’ we flatter people because of what they can do for us, and call it ‘love;” we lie to them, and call it ‘tact.’

Help us to not be like this but to be honest and truly loving, focusing on what we can give and not what we can get. 


Kindness matters more than you think.

— me, yesterday

This post is brought to you by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday, and I am douple-dipping with the Cosmic Photo Challenge, a few days late, because flowers matter, too. Flowers are like nature’s kindnesses! This week’s theme was From the Ground Up.

My brother put some white tuberoses from the garden in our kitchen.
More tuberoses in the garden, viewed “from the ground up.” I really like the clouds in this photo!
Bonus: leaves I saw in the garden
I think this is an herb because after I rubbed the leaf, my hand smelled really good!

P.S. This post made me happy to write. 🙂

Productive Wednesday?

I’ll  work on this today for sure.

— me, this morning and every morning, although I often to not work on the thing

I used this line as the beginning of a poem, another “Trochee 7/5,” a form which I found out about from MLMM last month. The poem is also a response for this week’s Saturday Mix: Opposing Forces.


"Work on this today for sure":
So I always say,
Yet when night comes will I write
All that much today?

Brain of mine does sometimes stop,
Poems laborious.
Yet I'll start here and go there,
Be victorious.*

           *wishful thinking? 

For One-Liner Wednesday.


Sometimes, you’ve just got to color.

I want to be reading a book. Instead, I am more often coloring or sleeping lately! 😅
I wrote a tanka after beginning to color the above picture. 

Pusheen coloring
Filled with magical creatures,
Mermaids, centaurs, more

Imagination is freed
Despite the brain and body

There’s a whole list of things I could share with you for One-Liner Wednesday, but this is today’s. 🙂 After not coloring anything for at least 2 months, I’m on a roll! A sushi roll, it seems.