Feeling Loved

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Many thanks to my friends and to all those who have made me feel loved and valued. ❤ Linked with One-Liner Wednesday / JusJoJan.

Favorite Quote from Fulton Sheen

For One-Liner Wednesday, I can’t resist sharing another quotation from the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen with you! This is probably my favorite quote from him, and that’s saying a lot.

But when finally the scrolls of history are complete, down to the last word of time, the saddest line of all will be: “There was no room in the inn.” The inn was the gathering place of public opinion, the focal point of the world’s moods, the rendezvous of the worldly, the rallying place of the popular and the successful. But there’s no room in the place where the world gathers. The stable is a place for outcasts, the ignored and the forgotten.

— from the book The Wisdom of Fulton Sheen, emphasis added

Friends’ Hearts

For this week’s One-Liner Wednesday, I have this quotation from the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen, found in my book of his quotations. 

In every friendship hearts grow and entwine themselves together, so that the two hearts seem to make only one heart with only a common thought. That is why separation is so painful; it is not so much two hearts separating, but one being torn asunder.

I think this is applicable to any true, deep friendship and does not have to be a romantic relationship.

Fortune-Cookie Wisdom

“Life’s greatest privilege is being able to help someone in need.”

— fortune-cookie fortune that I found on the floor

Often, I have been that “someone in need.” In fact, I am more often the help-ee than the help-er. I do agree with this fotune-cookie wisdom and, by the way, pray that God rewards all who have helped me. ❤

For One-Liner Wednesday,

Pythagoras Approves!

For today’s One-Liner Wednesday, I have another Midweek Meme! 😀 I’ve known of this one for quite a while but haven’t gotten over it and probably never will.

“Every triangle is a love triangle when you love triangles.”

The tortilla chips that my family bought the other day reminded me of this because they were described on the bag as “Hint of Lime Flavored Triangles.” I do love those triangles.

Cute but Fierce :)

For One-Liner Wednesday, I have another “Midweek Meme.” For whatever reason, I found this hilarious and cute!

Sometimes I feel like that little kitten when I have to fight against depressive thoughts and feelings. I’m the little kitten, and the depression and related difficulties are like a full-grown lion.

I am glad to be able to inform you (all 10 or 15 of you 🙂 ) that I made some necessary appointments today that I’ve had to do for months but haven’t seen the point until now. It is a small step but still something I am sort of proud of, something to “celebrate,” even if everyone else would expect more.