Source and Summit

There’s no excuse not to write something for the last day of Just-Jot-It January. 🙂


God with us,
Both human and divine,
Remaining until the end of time

God with us,
Emmanuel by name,
"I AM," always merciful, the same

Thanksgiving for the gift,
Source and summit healing every rift

The Clocks, Destroyed

As much as I would have liked to share something brand-new with you, I didn’t write anything good today, so for Flashback Friday I have a poem from 3 years and 1 day ago. I called it “Imagine,” and it’s a bit of a stream-of-consciousness but I like it; I like bringing it into “the eternal now.”


Imagine, sweetheart
The clocks walking
Time halted
The clocks // destroyed
The eternal now

Morning Light

A few of my brother’s cacti and plants. My favorite is the one in the little blue pot on the right.

This is my very late response to the Cosmic Photo Challenge, for which this week’s theme is In the Morning Light, so I took these photos in my back yard this morning at around 6:15.

Sometimes there are many clouds in the sky, but I only saw these little ones. Nevertheless, they were inspiring!

Psalm 103 inspired this cinquain:

Give thanks
For everything:
Morningtime is hopeful,
Looking up at sunrising sky
With clouds

Wanting to extend this theme, I wrote a Chaucerian stanza next:

The clouds of morning bring with them a hope:
A cotton-candy pink like sweetest blush
Colors their face, as languidly they lope
Across the sky, amidst the gentle hush
Of morning. Currently there is no rush.
I hear birds chirp and revel in the sound,
Hope beauty is unclouded, evening-gown’d.

Among the Trees

A six-sentence story, also inspired by this week’s WDYS prompt from Sadje.

Leaving her house, leaving her city — it feels like coming home, to be immersed in fresh air and delightfully lost among the trees. Do the flowers and birds live at the same ever-hastening pace as humanity?

This place allows her to, for the first time in a while, inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Her lungs drink in the pure forest air like a thirsty man after days in the desert.

What a wonderful and necessary respite — unfortunately too brief. She glances at her phone and sees that she has 3 hours before she needs to get back to so-called “real life.”

I enjoyed writing this little story because, although I don’t exactly go on hikes, I do greatly enjoy long walks in nature. There is an arboretum on the college campus where I went to college, and I would often take walks there, or even simply find a bench to sit on and relax next to the birds / plants / lizards.


I Am Tired

Today has not been particularly inspiring for me, but because it is April, I need to post something. 🙂 Day 4. I am tempted to go to sleep, even though it is well before 8:00 p.m. where I am. Maybe I can make myself a cup of tea instead.

Take some time to relax.
Imagine peace. It’s okay to
Release the day, no need to be
Energized constantly. It
Doesn’t mean you’re broken.

mug with teabag placed on wooden railing of forest house balcony
Photo by Helena Lopes on

Another Dawn

It always gives me joy to write poetry and to finish a poem that I am proud of, even if it’s a day late (the poem uses 2 word prompts from yesterday). 😀 I also experimented with an uncommon (for me) rhyme scheme.

In but an instant life here can be gone.
How wise is it to any moment rush?
This will seem precious at another dawn,
When all that’s left is memory — a hush
Falling upon the current act and scene.
Only Eternity is evergreen.

Take Care

On this Sunday, I am linking to the Friday Writings, which has an optional and interesting prompt, but you can link up pretty much whatever you want. My décima poem is for Ronovan Writes’s current challenge. I forgot about last week’s so didn’t want to forget this time!

Take care when turning on the news:
Don’t take in too much tragedy,
Sensationalized on TV,
And words of fearmongers refuse.

It’s difficult, but let us choose:
The world today is full of fear,
But we need peace, and hold it dear.
Uncertainty over what will
Be is likely to make one ill,
So let us rest in Who is here.


For JusJoJan day 2, our word is “gobbledygook” (Glad to have spelled that right).

I’m going
To stay —
Even with
Emotions going
Up and down and
God’s plan looking
Like gobbledygook —
It’s a language
I haven’t learned.

Too often I speak
Fear and exhaustion,
Despair — but God
Is there to teach,
And He invites me
To listen.

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