One Shining Moment

We are writing traditional haibun about “one shining moment” in our life. Green and gold were mt high school’s colors.

After four years came her shining moment: Finally she was graduating from high school, with high honors. Her grades were not perfect, but she was happier for the fact of their imperfection, since it showed that she could survive it.

The sky above the sea of green and gold smiled benignly, while the future lay ahead of her like an exciting novel, in a language she could not read.

Under blazing sun
Clouds float in their big ocean —
We toss tasseled caps

And Dust Will Rest

This is what happens when I attempt to clean. I get distracted by partially-formed, existential poems that need to be written! *laughs*

Update: linking to DVerse open-link because I actually really like this one and hope that more people see it!

And dust will rest on everything:
Dust will rest on once-pristine
Photo frames, and images of saints.
Dust will rest in the corners, by the
Floorboards, and on high shelves.
Dust will comfort the furniture,
As if it needs dust’s thick gray
Blanket when it is so neglected.

And dust will rest on everything:
Dust will rest on what I just
Dusted yesterday, thickening layers.
Dust will rest on my matryoshka
Dolls and the lucky manekineko cat.
Dust will read the many books
That I have stacked high, and one day
Cover every journal that I write.

Caverns of the Mind

This is for Linda G. Hill’s SoCS: Cave

The human psyche’s cavernous
With many crannies and nooks —
All that’s in a single mind
Could fill up thousands of books!
Confusing it can be to map
Including hidden dangers,
Some people do not make the trek
And from themselves are strangers.

Novel Reality

NaPoWriMo day 22. This post was inspired by FOWC: Crazy and the current Weekly Scribblings.

I am not sick enough
To lie in bed all day,
But to keep me
From going crazy — maybe
I shall retreat into fiction
Or fantasy, reading,
This situation for a day renouncing,
My head on a fluffy pillow:
A respite from the novel
Reality we now know.

Welcoming Morning

At DVerse, we are asking, “What day is it anyway?”.  This poem was inspired by my usual Thursday schedule, since I have all morning to myself that day. I go to work in the afternoon and evening on Thursdays but wanted to ignore that in my poem. 🙂 

Thursday I will lose myself
In several types of books.
I will swim in a coffee cup
And be inwardly warmed up.
May the morning wake refreshed
And beautifully stretch.

A Wish For Joy

It is JusJoJan day 2! We are prompted to write about a photo taken in the past week. This was taken the afternoon of December 31st, when I went to Starbucks to write and read. It was quite a productive time, since I wrote several poems and finished reading a book! In the photo, you can see my poetry notebook and a glimpse of what I have been writing.


I might as well share the poem with you!


Water to wine on a wedding day,

Jesus cares for their celebration.

When joy is fleeting forget not to pray,

For the Lord cares for His creation. 

Cana cradled a miracle, bringing joy

To the heart of every attendee;

May Jesus His power mercifully employ,

To bring joy to man, and reminders to me. 



My Story

I wasn’t going to post my response to this prompt, but I kind of like the resulting stream-of-consciousness poem. We are using the following image as bits of inspiration. The picture is called My Story and is by Karina Llergo.

One book, flipping open across my spine,
Flapping facing backward, paper wings:
Another tome hovers like a hummingbird
Open away from my face.
What I have read is printed on
My body, this paper-thin skin,
As a magnifying glass scrutinizes
My hip. I have closed my eyes.
My legs are turning into rain,
With water-drops becoming red,
Becoming relief for a tree, becoming ink.
I write what I have read.
I give what I have lived.
But I plant one tree, one tree:
Growing a little more beauty.

Update: I am sharing this with DVerse Open Link Night.

The Written Word

For DVerse Poetics, the prompt is majesty.

The pen can hold power.

The pen can describe the world’s wonders.

The pen can inspire like a bright star.

The pen can cause people to rise

Against dynasties which had towered

As societal mountains.


Centuries of echoes are heard,

But behold the dynamite of the written word.