A Fun Reading Spot

A little poem inspired by the picture for MLMM’s Photo Challenge #387. I’ve been trying to write something not-so-short all week, but something is better than nothing. What’s best is when you can combine multiple prompts together into one post. πŸ™‚

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Flashback Friday: Nocturna

For Fandango’s “Flashback Friday,” I found a few different poems on my blog written on September 24th of past years. There are actually 3 of them that I liked (out of 5, I think). The one I’m reposting is this one because I appreciated being reminded of the “Nocturna” form. I recommend that you browse the archives of my blog and read the others, but I won’t lecture you about it. πŸ™‚

low angle photography of full moon under silhouette of tall trees
Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels.com

What am I doing up at midnight?

What is this haunting raven for?

I wish she’d raged against the dying of her light β€”

My maiden beautiful and fair,

My maiden lost too soon, Lenore,

Whose memory is ever there

In the bleakness of December snows,

Amidst my tomes of forgotten lore,

β€œNevermore,” the raven croaks β€” he knows! he knows!

Uncomfortable Truth

For FOWC: Macabre.

“Memento Mori” isn’t always too macabre
But it is truth we’d rather not touch.
A stack of books with skull atop
Reminds that one will never read so much,
And what’s the use if knowledge isn’t used?
“Memento Mori” means we’re not confused
About all of mankind’s eventual end,
Nor the type of life to which we ought to tend.

white skull on white wooden table
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Voracious Reader

Inspired once again by the prompt from yesterday, I wrote this tanka about reading. I make time to read every day — it’s kind of like eating a meal to me, not optional like a dessert — but there’s still never enough time to read as much as I wish I could, or if there is enough time, then I use too much of it on other things, such as watching videos on Youtube.

My home library:
Full bookshelves are prepared for
Reading with gusto

If only there was enough
Peace, and quiet time waiting

Full Bookshelves

For FOWC: Rue and My Vivid Blog’s prompt: Library. I volunteer weekly at my local library and love it when little kids come in with their families! ❀

May every child know the wonder of a library:
Stories bound beautifully, everywhere to see.
I do not rue the advent of e-books,
Yet nothing compares to how a full bookshelf looks,
Nor the opportunity to browse throughout —
Who knows what one may come to read about?
To the community, these books are such a boon,
But much more than one can read anytime soon!


Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com


Today’s stream-of-consciousness Saturday prompt is “collect.”

Obviously, I thought of the verb “to collect” something, which led to the things that I used to collect, most notably stickers. I remember very proudly counting all of my stickers, one by one, and finding that I had over a thousand! I also used to collect stuffed animals (I still have a collection, but now my collection is down to a couple dozen and not a couple hundred!). I guess you could say that I collect books now, because I have many, many books on my bookshelf, which I may never read again, and despite the sheer number of books that I have yet to read, I still get tempted to buy more. So, I collect books, and they tend to collect dust. I think what I collect most is WORDS — my own and other people’s. Between all of my journals and notebooks, plus every book, I have probably collected millions of words. πŸ˜€

Also, every day we’re alive, we collect more memories, even as some memories are lost to the flow of time… I will stop my stream-of-consciousness before I get pulled into the whitewater rapids of melancholy.

varied memories
stickers, books
fluffy things
some of which has gone away
much collecting dust