Not bored when writing

Today’s SoCS prompt is board / bored.

I’ve been a little bored today. I wanted to go to a café and do some extra writing, and then go pray at the church and go to Confession, but that was not possible this afternoon. Now I’m just resting a lot, sleeping, waiting for tomorrow (Sunday) morning to come around. But what comes after that? Waiting for the next morning, when I get to go to work. What’s the point of my work? I do like my work, simple as it is, and I like getting paid, but for what am I saving or using my money?

It’s times like this that I get a little extra depressed (by the way, this week has been fine on that front, thankfully). I also eat too much and get anxious….

Maybe I should find a piece of cardboard and my collection of cutouts from magazines and make a collage. I used to do that a lot but don’t remember when I made the previous one.

Even just writing this little thing has made me cheer up a bit.

Virtual and Mental Labyrinths

Today for FDDA, Fandango asks us to write about our daily routine. This is, thankfully, not a comprehensive list of what occupies my days! I’m posting this at the end of the day, so it might be too late.

These COVID times I daily find
My joy in staying mostly home.
I can’t find work of any kind,
So internet is where I roam.
I wander corridors of my mind
Soon to compose another poem.
To help me through I drink coffee —
Pandemic of insanity!

Not A True Story — Yet

This was inspired by Linda Kruschke’s paint-chip poetry #11. To see the words and to join in, follow the link! Also, I just realized that I did not follow the prompt very closely, but I’m linking anyway. 🙂

These days repeat on grayish monotony,
Mined from the same quarry
As Sisyphus’s boulder, repeating
Tired as an old barn, paint peeling.

Some ruby slippers to free me
From this anti-Oz would be appealing.