Coming Unglued

For Quadrille Monday at DVerse, De prompts us with the word “stone.” This is a re-working of a poem I wrote maybe 2 weeks ago, edited in order to make it into a 44-word quadrille. 

I’ve come
Like a broken
Doorway – blocked,
I’ve come
A long way,
Yet been dragged back
Into that
Same place,
I’ve come

Must come
From the weighty
Hopelessness stone.

But how to avoid
More voids?
Leave no stone unturned.

I really like this quotation!

Strange Metamorphosis

The world is ending. 

Hard to accept 

The world is looking 

Kafkaesque, and 

Its course is getting 



Will cockroaches overrun

Once microbes are done?


The world is ending.


Except, not now.

So let’s linger

Over a cold brew,

Talk ’til it’s all gone. 

brown wooden chairs and table
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on

Another quadrille for DVerse, plus I’m responding to FOWC and MLMM’s Saturday Mix: Double Take. Also, there’s something about those chairs and the focus of that photo that I really like. 


A stream-of-consciousness cherita for SoCS: Puzzle and also for FOWC: Between.

A puzzle: choosing between two options.

They both have potential happiness and drawbacks,
Difficult to compare which is better or worse

They are just different. And even small differences now
Can lead to a wildly changed life, later down
The road, which hopefully goes to a happy home.



This is for Linda G. Hill’s SoCS; the prompt word is “where.”

Where is the map?
The map which shows where to go,
Where to go now,
Now that the world is upside-down?

Down go the emotions,
Emotions as volatile as the world unpredictable

Has become — where is this map
Map that no one has?

Old Film

I wrote this for MLMM’s photo challenge #381, and also for yesterday’s one-word challenge, although it’s too late to link up to it at this point.

No contemporary movies
In this old, abandoned place,
Yet how many stories
Might that light retrace?

Which ghosts of the past
Still fill those rows of seats?
Sans knowing these stories,
Is the present complete?

Photo courtesy of Jonny Joo, One Big Photo.

The Mind-Stream

I am finally participating in DVerse’s prompts again! Today it is Quadrille Monday, and our word is “stream.” I also wrote this for FOWC: Lonely.

Welcome to the stream of consciousness:
No idea where we are going today,
Whether the water will be placid
Or choppy (how quickly I become lonely)
Whether we will swim blithely.
Will you join the current with me?
Hoping it’s a pleasant place to be.