Yesterday to Tomorrow

The bridge between two days is called “Today,”
The past and future merge when it is Now:
Although this moment cannot ever stay,
And in a blink will need to take a bow
Without an encore, let Hope allow
A smooth transition to the moments new.
A brand-new land waits barely out of view.

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Poem for My Birthday

I wrote this preemptively, 3 or 4 weeks ago, but I didn’t want to forget about the idea I had. The way things have tended to be during the past year or so, I felt that it was okay to congratulate myself in advance. 🙂
Update: linked to the Writers’ Pantry on 6/20/2021.

 I have done it:
I have gone around the sun again.
I have gone many thousands of miles per hour,
Seeing a variety of seasonal scenery,
Only to arrive back in the same place.

There is no way I am the same person.
I have fought and won
Bloody, but currently
That has to be enough.


I colored this picture last October.


A free-verse poem for FOWC: Hack. I decided to post this, even though it’s a little late. Side note: It may have taken me longer to find a picture for this post than to write the poem.

She has half a mind
To hack off all her long hair,
Dye it black, switch to contacts
And try some dusky
Eyeshadow — to follow
That strange, strong desire
To fashion an entirely
New persona, renamed,
Restarting this screwed-up game.

stylish woman with bright makeup resting on lawn
Photo by Thu1ec3 Phu1ea1m on

Treasure Hunt

This is a décima for Ronovan Writes’s current décima challenge: Gold.

A sailor sets out, brash and bold,
To venture into the unknown
Sea towards where his dreams have shown.
To find a treasure chest of gold.

His map is faded, brittle, old
Yet with great trust he starts to sail,
As nascent dawn makes the sky pale —
Adventure, not only gold, gleams:
Happy to be following dreams
Knowing that courage cannot fail.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image