For Fandango’s flash fiction challenge #24, which uses this photo for inspiration: 061d30a5-5861-4fd9-b97f-0168eea77a31

An atlas is open, made of paper —


A man points with index fingers

Attached to weathered hands: “Here.”


I post this from a smartphone —

Atlas carries the changing Earth

Does that place exist anymore?


“Abraham your father rejoiced to see my day;
he saw it and was glad.”
John 8:56

The faith of Abraham was strong enough for sacrifice.

She wants the fire of burning love
But does not know how long faith will suffice.

O happiness! O joy! Their susurrations
Swish inside her heart, hiding, she seeks —
Trying to rediscover what is without price.


A cherita for NaPoWriMo day 14, inspired by a portion of the Gospel reading from a few days ago.


At Real Toads, we are invited to write about wistful sadness, or in Japanese, mono no aware.

I will let you pass through the checkpoint.

This is your flight, not mine.
Only those with a boarding pass may enter.

I have no pass; it is not my time.
But one day it will be my flight.
One day I will leave behind unknown others.

Poor Widow

For Real Toads this weekend, we are trying the cherita form. It is like a story in 6 lines, and the lines can be any length. This was inspired by yesterday’s Gospel reading, about the widow who put in just a tiny bit of money into the treasury (Mark 12:38-44).

She put in everything.

Two coins a bigger offering
Than the rich ones’ wealth.

All she has to live on:
Trust, profound hope in God
Are the rich ones poor?