On January 2nd

early departure

Christmas decor packed away

right after New Year


wise men looking for the star

see its light through bubble wrap

frozen soap bubble against sky during sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This is for Frank J. Tassone’s haikai challenge, and I am also linking it with JusJoJan day 18.


Rex Gentium

The King of all the people’s has come near,
Rex Gentium — this is the name we laud,
The name belonging only to our God,
Who tells us that we never need to fear
When His great scepter our life wholly guides.
To Him belong all power and control,
Authority and means to make us whole
And love, even when consolation hides.

The One come near can live inside of all
Who will to take upon themselves His yoke:
His yoke is easy and His burden light.

He comes to everyone who deigns to call,
To stoke the flame of love, and in grace soak:
Regard the precious infant born this night.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

Some Questions

Why are there blueberries in winter?

When I bite into their sweetness,

Ought there to be a bit of bliss?

Why does discontentment stir,

When there are blueberries in winter?


Why do we string lights on Christmas trees?

When the land outside blanches,

Kept beneath evergreen branches

There is a hope that no eye sees.

Why do we string lights on Christmas trees?

This poem was inspired by the fact that I ate blueberries with breakfast yesterday, and that really should be amazing to ponder. The two stanzas could be read separately, but in a way I think they kind of fit together. Sharing this with Poets United.

Winter Transformation

Here are two tanka poems on the theme of transformation, for Heeding Haiku

Ordinary pine
Evergreen bedecked with lights,
Festive sentiments
Ornament memorials —
A shelter for wrapped presents

macro shot photography of christmas stockings ornament on a christmas tree
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Thermostat heightened,
Scarves adorn shiverers’ necks,
Apple cider held
In hands ready to receive,
Leaning into winter’s day

All Aglow

This week’s quadrille prompt is the word “glow.”

Backdrop is the unlit room
On this chilly winter night:
Christmas tree is all aglow
With ornaments reflecting lights
And memories to give delight,
Despite some tastes of bittersweet.
See also branches, candy canes
Hanging from evergreen pines.
Regard the sweetness this season finds.

close up of christmas decorations hanging on tree
Photo by Miesha Moriniere on Pexels.com

Walk By

This poem is partly inspired by Fandango’s one-word challenge, which is “daily.” I am also sharing with Poets United pantry. 

Her shopping cart is filled, not with new gifts,

But with necessities, all that she has.

She shuffles down the sidewalk without home,

And passersby won’t look her in the eye.


I wonder if she shivers in the cold

And cry that she can’t find room in an inn.

Daily we walk by images of God

In people’s faces, without taking note. .

Christmas List

A sevenling inspired by Fandango’s one-word challenge: “task.”

Tasks to tackle before Christmas:
Finish gift purchases, and wrap
The presents, placing them under the tree.

Before that must unbox the tree
(Artificial but beautiful), decorate
The boughs with baubles, light candles…

It is necessary too, to savor rest.

unlighted red advent candles on table beside green gift boxes
Photo by Alex Fu on Pexels.com


At DVerse today, Bjorn wants us all to write sonnets. I enjoy sonnets and wrote this one shortly before Christmas. 

God came to us, and shared our sad estate,

Although glory supreme was His true right,

To live and die and rise, to confound fate,

To save His people from the darkest night:

For this He came, in time He intervened,

That all might be adopted as God’s sons,

Through Jesus’ blood all faithful souls are cleaned

And need not fear, for Father to them runs.

It matters not what happened in the past,

But only what the soul would wish today,

God wants to give to all a life that lasts,

And life on Earth in which we ever pray.

Now look upon the Lord in manger laid:

God-is-with-us, and He has always stayed.