Talking Too Much and Doing Too Little

This is a butterfly cinquain for today’s SoCS: “pin.” It’s no masterpiece and won’t garner any prizes, but I figured might as well post it, especially after having skipped yesterday.

The exact cause
Of one’s present troubles —
It won’t necessarily help to
Take it
Endless talking through the past is
Helpful, up to a point
But soon we need

Is Hope…?

This was inspired by someone I know, who said the other day, “Don’t wait to have hope.” In some ways, that’s easier said than done, but I had sort of forgotten that you, by definition, don’t have to wait for better times in order to have hope.

Update: shared with DVerse’s OLN on 8/19/2021

Is hope
Something that must
Be gone ’til better times?
The need for it climbs the worse things
Become —

Don’t wait
To dig deep, find
That precious, priceless pearl.
That little flame of hope can save
One’s world.

Something to Remember

I’m having trouble finishing almost all of the poems that I started today, so here is one that I wrote yesterday, no prompt. It is a butterfly cinquain. 🙂

O Heart!
Remember God
Created my being,
The reason for my existence
Unknown —
But Love
Nevertheless keeps on calling,
“Cor ad cor loquitur,” *
In a language


* Latin, “Heart speaks to heart”

Hidden Treasure

This is a little silly, but it happened the other day. I may have hundreds of dollars in unused gift cards at this point. For FOWC: Redeem.

Gift cards waiting
Hidden, to be redeemed:
Forgotten in my old wallet
Now seen.


woman holding fan of us dollar bills
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P.S. Before posting this, I was thinking about how I’m kind of surprised I didn’t write anything about Jesus. 🙂 “Redeem” is an easy word to use on that topic. One of the major themes of Christianity is redeeming a broken life (and we all have a broken life to some extent) so that even one’s mistakes, when admitted, can be used for good. (see Romans 8:28). Okay, my sermon is over. 🙂


Today has been a wonderful day! I got to see my “grandma” for the first time since last March. I wanted to write something about that, but I’m not getting inspired to write very much today. Here is a cinquain I wrote: After I baked brownies, I figured they needed an ode! XD Shared with the Writers’ Pantry at PSU. The picture is not of my brownies, unfortunately.

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An Orange

For DVerse Poetics, we are to use the inside and outside of a fruit as inspiration. Unexpectedly, I ended up writing something, and though it’s no masterpiece, I think it works.

Sturdy, thick skin
Can be scraped to make zest,
Can get under sharp fingernails
Which peel

Open —
Citrus juice spills
Over hands which hold soft
Segmented flesh out, sweet and tart
To taste


Despite some good prompts (including the paint chips), all I’ve got this afternoon is a cinquain for FOWC.

To write today —
The words themselves have a
Lackadaisical attitude,

Flowing Water

This poem was inspired by this prompt about meditation. There are several different methods of meditation. The one I do most often is probably the rosary, which, more than the prayers themselves, is really a meditation on the events of the life of Jesus Christ, especially through the eyes of Mary. However, like many people I also enjoy being in nature and feel a lot of peace around flowing water. I went to a park today that has a pond and some tiny waterfalls in it and enjoyed taking in the peace of nature there. 🙂

Water —
I am alive,
Experience stillness,
As I listen to it flowing,

Person meditating on tree platform
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