Scary Paranormal Stuff

This is a Chaucerian stanza inspired by FOWC: Paranormal, and underneath that is a quick cinquain about what I most fear, for FDDA day 11. As I don’t like to dwell on disgusting things, I wrote it in about a minute, so I’m not putting the second poem in its own post. 🙂

In haunted houses do true ghosts exist?
Some disembodied spirit stuck in pain?
Cannot move on, relinquishing resist,
Stuck in between eternal and Earth’s plane?
One need not die; regrets can haunt the brain
Like much more hungry ghosts, which will devour:
Horrors of past may push into this hour.

Now, for my next “masterpiece”….

Spawn of satan
Disgusting wormy things.
Don’t even make me think about
Them now.

My Heart

Shared with the Writers’ Pantry. I wrote this one over a week ago but haven’t shared it yet. This form is a butterfly cinquain, I think. Happy Sunday to all!

I would
Rip out my heart,
Bestow it still beating
Into your patient, waiting hands.
I would
Run that risk to give all of this,
It might be worth hurting
To discover


This is for DVerse Poetics, where we are exploring the concept of mermaids and related mythical creatures. I liked an image in the original post, so here it is:

Half-human creature with a fish’s tail,
She’s tempted many mariners with song:
Desire impels them to go right along
Into grave danger as they swiftly sail,
Enticed by light shining off each fish-scale.

Chaos Is Fun!

A poem about chaos for JusJoJan day 31, which doubles as an example of alliteration and consonance / assonance for DVerse MTB. Bjorn instructed us not to use too much of it, but I didn’t see that until after writing the poem, so too late. 🙂 I was going for a humorous piece, anyway. 



Pissed Pandora’s plaything,

Ushering in unfailing angst —

Please! Peace!