O Blood and Water

A crown cinquain for the 5-line poem challenge, as well as for NaPoWriMo day 13.

Of mercy flows
From out His piercèd side,
Fountain of love which is the hope
For all.

For all
Who eat this bread
Will have life eternal,
Forgiveness flowing from the heart
Of God,

Of God
Who reigns always,
Who reigns over ev’ry
Aspect of heaven and the earth,
The king.

The king
Who rains mercy,
On all who thirst for it,
Wanting ev’ry people to come

The mercy seat
Unafraid, for He calls
You friend, inviting you to this


Your yoke is easy with burden light,
This I believe (help my unbelief!)
Though I have to keep fight
-ing; in midst of grief,
May hope have a sighting.


A quick poem for NaPoWriMo day 10

The Greatest Good

For Abigail Gronway’s challenge of cinquain swirls. Follow the link to learn how to do this form and try to write one yourself!

More than silver,
Greater than gold or stones,
Greater than fame, prestige — solely
True love; above
All else ephemeral,
Release what is transitory
The greatest gift:
Lift it like a medal
Inside the mind and heart, it holds

Monarch Butterfly

For Abigail Gronway’s challenge for this week, the butterfly cinquain, I decided to share this one about butterflies. I know that butterflies have a special meaning for many people but still wanted to post this one. 


Symbol of hope,

A sign to say, “This is

The way, so do not be afraid.”

My eyes

Remain open to its presence,

An abiding figure

Which represents



mirror cinquain for Abigail Gronway’s five-line poem challenge. This is actually a 10-line poem because it is a cinquain and then its mirror image. 


Light from darkness,

Each of the four seasons,

And dry land from the deep waters.

Do not


Human race arbitrarily:

We were all created

To live in love,

To live.


Candle Light

Shared with DVerse open link night, here. This is also another “insane cinquain”.

Candle-light bright
Though tiny, flickering,
Its scent fills the room:
It fears not to darkness fight,
Hope’s return it is hastening.

It has not the brightness of days,
Yet it enough faith equips:
Lit with a quick match
Wick holds the flame always
Though the wax drips.


4 Cinquains

This is a collection of Crapsey cinquains for Abigail Gronway’s challenge. This form, with a syllable count of 2-4-6-8-2, was originally what I thought a cinquain was, but I am learning that there are many different types. 

Today’s newness,
There is hidden beauty
Opening unexpectedness,
A gift


One breath:
Cold rushing in,
Warmth releasing, rising —
Pacific moments calm the storm


Little and loved,
Watered in the garden:
I’m looking forward to springtime
To bloom


Presence comforts,
words unnecessary.
Take time with the suffering for

Puddles and Loving

One of these 2 poems was inspired by the word of the day from Fandango, puddle. The form comes from Abigail Gronway’s insane cinquain challenge, which really was a challenge. Lastly, I am sharing this with Real Toads.


After the rain
Ground is damp, air is cold
The sky remains gray —
But water washes the stain
And a new beginning unfolds.

Colorful rainbow brings back light
In all its manifold hues —
Eyes look with soft joy —
Hope is revealed to sight
And will not lose.



Loving is light:
Being with Belovèd
Is true happiness,
Knowing I’m precious, held tight —
I want no one else in his stead.

We live heart to heart, face to face,
He knows, loves me just the same —
And I love him too.
This is a sacred space,
Love is a flame.