Blue Sky

For DVerse quadrille today, De says “the sky’s the limit!” This is also linked to FOWC: Doleful. The sky where I am today is far from doleful. 🙂 It’s a welcome change from a week or two ago.

Looking out the front window, I see sun:
The season’s listing toward September,
And the sky’s no longer filled with embers
And ashes.
Sometimes reality crashes
Into my saccharine reveries, frowns
Find my face, but blue is not doleful
Above, in that heavenly place.


This is short and simple, but I decided to share my response to FFFC #83 with the Writers’ Pantry. I tried to write something hopeful / whimsical to combat these “ominous times.” 

This is quite a magical place:
Green grass, several paths, blue sky.
Untold adventures to embrace,
As clouds are sailing way up high.

Through the Pane of Glass

This is for DVerse Poetics, where Peter asks us to write about the view out of our window. I’m posting late because I wanted to get a really good photo, but by this morning, I was willing to settle for this. 



With the blinds open,
Yet hidden behind panes
Of glass and a screen,
I look out upon our lawn,
A pathway, trees and greenery:
The sky is blank today.
I see my neighbors’ houses
But no neighbors about.

Later I might see
Some people walking dogs,
The sun might smile.
It’s likely that I will
Stay inside, continuing
To observe the scene, writing.

In the Clouds

For yesterday’s Weekly Scribblings, I wrote this sevenling on the theme of “seeing things.”

The are shapes in the clouds
In the sky: a rabbit and
A heart, an eagle.

This joyful, cloudy reverie
Inspires me to dream, of
Magic, love, and artistry.

Hope I’m not just seeing things.

One Shining Moment

We are writing traditional haibun about “one shining moment” in our life. Green and gold were mt high school’s colors.

After four years came her shining moment: Finally she was graduating from high school, with high honors. Her grades were not perfect, but she was happier for the fact of their imperfection, since it showed that she could survive it.

The sky above the sea of green and gold smiled benignly, while the future lay ahead of her like an exciting novel, in a language she could not read.

Under blazing sun
Clouds float in their big ocean —
We toss tasseled caps


This tanka is inspired by this week’s Heeding Haiku  about raindrops, as well as this morning’s weather. 

Grey skies prophesy,

Honesty in that blank face:

Rain’s going to fall —


Cloudful suspense in the sky

Released above the garden.

When It Rains

It starts out slowly:

A little trickle,

A touch so faint

You wonder if you really

Felt its presence —

Then, the clouds,

Which the skies embrace,

Open up slowly,

As if given permission,

To let go their tears

Into a deluge of grace.

I wrote this yesterday, inspired by the light rain that briefly became more of a downpour, and am sharing it with the Writers’ Pantry.

blurred background bokeh bubbles close up
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