When All Else Fails…

This was meant to be just for Linda G. Hill’s coloring club this month, but then I realized — shockingly — that I could also write a poem inspired by the picture. Linking to the Weekly Scribblings, where we explore “when all else fails.”

Coloring 6_17When I feel like I’m drowning,
When my lungs pound to be let out
Of their cage, I find a place
Where I can breathe underwater.

When all else appears to fail,
Find where cats with mermaid tails
Play and swim, and simply dream:
For a moment flow with the silly whim.


Cheerful Coloring

Hoping to spread some cheer with my coloring!

I had to choose between 2 pictures this month, and I continue to color more pictures, as this chapter of staying at home and social distancing is not yet finished. I hope the world is not too chaotic and that things can get back to normal (or better than “normal!”) soon.

Coloring 5_13

Waiting for the Sunrise

I wrote this acrostic this morning at about 5:55 a.m. It is also related, though unintentionally, to the picture I colored yesterday, which I am sharing with Linda’s Coloring Club.

Sweet birdsong
Understands the
Nearness of night’s end,
Revealing sun’s approach:
It is still a ways off and I don’t
See it – it seems delayed yet song
Extends the rays of hope.

Coloring 4_5
My orange marker was running out, but I kind of like the effect it had.

March Coloring

Linked to Linda G. Hill’s coloring club. I’ve colored a few pictures this month, the one below being the most recent one (I finished it about 20 minutes ago 🙂 ). I like this one because I say the Lord’s Prayer every day, yet how many times have I said it without REALLY meaning “Thy will be done?” These last couple of weeks have been an eye-opener because my will is just obliterated, and I am forced to concede, “Okay, Your will be done.” I’m not sure how many of you are having the same kind of experience, but it’s showing me that I still have a ways to go as far as truly being a faithful disciple of Christ.

I didn’t intend to write so much, but anyway, here is my picture!

Coloring 3_28