A Bizarre Eulogy

I recognize the work this marker did,
Helping to color all the dino-cats,
With its quite useful hue of grayish-green.
So sad since I that hue’s decline have seen:
I’ll miss that marker, but it’s work is done.

At least it’s been used up, did not dry out,
Fulfilled its purpose, a good marker-life.
For people perhaps that could be a guide,
To find their purpose and to live it well —
To do what one was born for, fear aside.

The picture I colored that inspired me to write this poem, a tribute to my dying marker

I endeavored to write in blank verse for this one. Linking with DVerse OLN, before DVerse goes on summer break. 🙂 

Nature in Black and White

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is “nature in black & white.” None of these was taken specifically for this challenge, which might be cheating, but I found recent photos of nature that I took and applied a black-and-white filter to them. I think B&W photos look pretty cool because the contrast(s) are heightened.

New flowers in the garden a few days ago
A cute little rabbit in my yard, seen through the front window.
I stared at it for a good 2 minutes because it was so cute!

From one of the recent times when I saw ducklings + Mama Duck, flowers in foreground

Despite my writing-obsessed, poetic disposition, I can’t think of any poems to write about these photos. Leave a comment if you have an idea! 😀 

A Rainbow in Grayscale

This photo by Charley at Life in Portofino inspired me to write a poem. I was on the fence about posting it, but Charley was interested in reading it, so voilà.

Look at that magnificent sky,
Almost entirely clear of clouds,
With that expansive arc across it —

And where there are clouds,
They are at the top of the tree line,
Like foaming crests of ocean waves —

And take in the kaleidoscope
Of all those different colors
Inherent in the rainbow!

Photo by Charley, not me!

This photo struck me because it, to me, is almost a symbol of what it’s like to live with depression. People who have no idea what they’re talking about will say to “think positive” or “make a gratitude list” (as if the problem is that I’m ungrateful). However, it is true that finding little things that make me happy, little moments of beauty or cuteness (like the ducks) does help. I can recognize the sky, the nice clouds, the awesome rainbow — but often it’s like the most important part — the COLOR, the purpose almost, as well as hope — is missing. Tell me if you understand what I am trying to say, please. 🙂

Sijo: The Blue Season

This is my attempt at a Sijo for Ronovan Writes’s prompt this week. Sadly, the décima challenge has ended, but now there is a new form for us to explore! I used the words for this week and last, since I didn’t write one for the inaugural challenge. This was written a few days ago. It’s a nice thought. 🙂

Fragile snowdrops poke their inquisitive petals through ground:
Snow-covered, frozen, but the thaw is beginning mightily,
The sun comes earlier, blue season over — here comes the green.

Flashback Friday — two for the price of one!

I appreciate Fandango’s Flashback Friday because I get to go back and have my memory refreshed about some of my own writings! XD I vacillated between sharing two poems, with completely different tones. Here’s a link to the one I didn’t choose, and below I have the one that’s much happier, which was what I originally had decided to share. It was in response to a challenge to write from the perspective of a color.

Continue reading

No Wonder They Had Us Color So Much in Therapy

As juvenile as it is, I do enjoy coloring. We did it a lot in “art therapy,” so I learned to like it, and thanks to the generosity of a very good friend, I have a huge book of pictures with Bible verses (I have posted some finished pictures on here before). The activity is relaxing in itself, and the book reminds me that I have friend(s). Overall, it gives me a positive feeling, like a warm, hand-knit scarf. As the poem explains, some of its “lessons” are surprisingly applicable to life in general, so it gives me some hope, too.

Beginning with very little planning,
No way to un-color what has been done,
Perhaps it quickly looks different
From the vision when it was begun. Continue reading


I haven’t written much today, but here are the 2 short poems that I wrote, inspired by FOWC: Brilliant.

Sky afire with
Brilliant warm colors,
Before descent of

A dazzling display of color
At the end of the day —
What has the sky been hiding
All this time? Breathless brilliance —
At least that’s what I think
Tonight’s sunset was like,
I didn’t see it.

dock under cloudy sky in front of mountain
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com