Squeezing an Idea

This is a poem. Using fragments. For Linda Kruschke’s paint-chip poetry prompt. The new one comes out tomorrow morning. So I am posting this just in time. 🙂

Journeying, searching,
Seeking a worthy muse.
Walking through desert’s
Endless dunes.

Will fresh-sqeezed
Brain juice yield an idea?
Are brain waves airy
As cotton candy,
And just as substantially
Void? See, a frown…

Look, the nose
Of a clown!

A Faraway Place

This week, we are slanting the paint chips, and I also responded to this prompt, “More than just a place.” Maybe it’s a stretch, but I think it suffices. Also, I did not exclusively use slant rhymes but tried to incorporate a few, whether within lines or at the end of them.

The moon is more than a faraway place,
She among the stars is like a beacon
In a foggy harbor: a kind face she can
Offer. A muse she can provide, kinder
Than Poe’s raven, making the mind more open.

Her presence gives nourishment; she is rocky
So she understands. Sans wheat fields
She yields soul-food, remembering what’s good.
Sometimes she even sends a moonstone,
Reminding the lonely they’re not the only one.


This Chaucerian stanza was inspired by the time I really did buy myself a carnation on Valentine’s Day. ❤

On Valentine’s she for a flower waits,
Maybe a rose? A girl can’t help but dream.
Then she decides to her own love create,
Seeing carnations red and pink and cream-
Colored, for sale; a pink one’s beauty seems
Ideal, she buys herself a long-stemmed bloom.
Kindness and love can always make more room.

Ode to a Kaleidoscope

Today’s MVB prompt, kaleidoscope, reminded me of a short poem I wrote a few months ago, about a kaleidoscope that I got in Japan. I still have it. 🙂 I haven’t shared the poem yet, so here it is.

This kaleidoscope is no mere trinket:
This kaleidoscope comes from Japan,
So it brings back memories as I turn
Its cylinder and see psychedelic beauties.
Value subjective, more than the worth of it
This kaleidoscope is a variation of vision.


Photo by Fiona Art on Pexels.com

Fresh Air

Here it is, Thursday evening again, so here is my almost-late response to both the paint-chip poetry prompt and this prompt about togetherness. I am responding to these prompts together to make it easier. 🙂 That’s not such a “daring” thing to do, is it? Without further ado, 31 words including one of these paint chips:

Sitting on a park-bench
With you, as nighttime falls,
Watching bunnies come out of
Bushes and tweeting birds retreat —
The sunset comes as we
Relax and breathe — breaths of fresh air.