If I Am Persephone…

I was inspired to write this by extending the metaphor a bit from yesterday’s poem. My poor mom.

Persephone gone so much of the year —
Her dear daughter — gone, there is no more Spring,
The leaves also fall as descend her tears,
Then winter wind imitates her wailing.
That missing presence causes constant stings.
She mourns her daughter lost down in the dark,
Small pomegranate seeds have left their mark.

I wanted to spin some words into something positive, but even though some pleasant things happened today, this is the best poem that got written.

A Letter, Unsent

Brian’s prompt this week is to write a letter. Sometimes my poems act as unsent letters, and I sometimes have a person in mind when I write, although I hope my poems are more widely applicable than one person or one situation. 🙂 This poem was written on May 6, 2019. I found it in my drafts folder! I did have someone in mind when I wrote this cherita, so I’ll consider it a letter in poem form.

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In Darkness, Searching

I am once again spelunking in the cave of my previous notebooks for Fandango’s Flashback Friday. 🙂 I wrote this poem, titled “Nonet at Vespers,” on September 16, 2020.

“Even darkness is not dark for You” —
So I read in one of the Psalms,
The same Psalm which declares that
I thank you for wonder
Found in my being —

You must see light
In my soul,
While I

silhouette of tree under starry night sky
Photo by Nico Obsieger on Pexels.com

A Quiet Kind of Mayhem

The real mayhem isn’t that I’m always acting “crazy.” This insidious darkness is craftier than that. Sometimes I feel perfectly fine; much of the time it “merely” saps my day to day energy, like a leech that no one can see, or a leak that no one ascertains. It most often manifests as what looks like laziness to those around me. Part of me believes I really am that lazy, pathetic person, that I’m just blaming the depression for a problem it’s not causing. If they could see my thoughts, though… maybe they would understand. I’ve tried to speak, have also taken actions but they’ve come to nothing. I’ve tried to fight thoughts but it’s like a war which I win if I just don’t surrender, but when you’ve been at it day after day for half your life, with no end in sight, all you want to do is raise that white flag.

Sat down at my computer keyboard and this is what came up. I’m fine as far as actions are concerned (the bar is set REALLY low), but the thoughts are loud tonight.

woman behind the plastic
Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

I Made a Remix

I’ve been wanting to write a Found Poem for a while, so today I wrote a Terzanelle using lines from a few of my favorite poets. I jammed 4 poets plus me into 19 lines (and also jammed the MVB prompt word into that sentence). Shared with the Writers’ Pantry on 10/24. 

I wake, and feel the fell of dark, not day
I wake to sleep and take my waking slow,
Hoping that dreams to better life give way.

What better life to see? I do not know,
Besides that mystery past Heaven’s gates —
I wake to sleep and take my waking slow.

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It’s Sunny Outside the Pit

I wrote this décima for this week’s challenge: Sunny. I also used the word from last week because I had forgotten to post anything for that one. Also linked to MVB: Temptation.

When tempted to think woefully,
When stuck too long inside the brain
With thoughts a scary maze, sans gain —
Look outside. The day is sunny.

This day has opportunities
That might be hard to see. Never
Stop trying, although worries spur
Paralysis — stuck in a pit.
Stuck in a maze? Ways out of it
Exist. Some happy days concur.